Common terminology for Linux networks

One OSI seven-layer model: 1 OSI Reference Model produces background:Since the 1960s, the computer network has been growing rapidly. In order to dominate in the field of data communication networks, major manufacturers have launched their own

Linux system Time

Command-line modeDate: Displays the current timeDate +%s: Display timestampDate command:The general format is: Date [options] display time format (start with +, followed by format)Option parameters:-d Displays the date and time that the string

A detailed description of the route command under Linux

In order for the device to access another subnet, you need to increase the routing to the sub-network in the device, here are some information. The basic operations are as follows:In general, to be able to access other subnets to set up the route,

Linux Learning Diary (common commands)

Susudo passwd reset PasswordSystem InformationThe processor architecture of the Arch Display machine (1)UNAME-M Display the processor architecture of the machine (2)Uname-r displaying the kernel version in useDMIDECODE-Q Display hardware system

Linux file system, System Management class commands, bash basic features

File systems for LinuxRoot file System (ROOTFS) root FileysystemLSB,FHS (Filesystem heirache Standard) file system hierarchy criteria such as:/etc,/usr,/var,/root,/home,/dev/boot: Boot file directory, kernel file (vmlinuz), Boot loader

Grub legacy Practice of making small Linux

1.add a new disk to CentOS 6, the command is reasonable, good to remember;2. then, in the system, enter echo "---" >/sys/class/scsi_host/host2/scan, this line of command, let the system re-read the SCSI interface disk ;3. check to see if the disk

Linux in ~/cut/argus/

1.Linux Shell intercepts the first 8 bits of a character variableThere are several ways to implement this: Expr substr "$a" 1 8 echo $a |awk ' {print substr (, 1,8)} ' Echo $a |cut-c1-8 echo $ Expr $a: ' \ (. \ \). echo $

Linux under the/etc/sysconfig directory file detailed

Today to add firewall rules to the server, accidentally deleted a rule, and then my remote connection is broken, my boss suddenly asked me iptables configuration file path where, at that time, I really do not know because all are command to add a

The lb LVS of Linux clustering technology

Date: 2018.3.1Li QiangReference: man,info,magedu handouts, Universal InternetLab environment: VMware? Workstation Pro, Centos 6.9,centos 7.4,securecrt Version 8.1.4Statement: The following English is purely personal translation, English Class B,

2018/03/10 cksum of a linux command daily

Daily one Linux command 2018-03-10Linux command Cksumcksum [File]  Today downstairs, an aunt died, not only sigh, now, really and before the same, upstairs downstairs do not know who live?   The Cksum command is used to check that the file's CRC is

CD command, Linux CD command detailed and usage

The command in the CD command-linux to switch the user's current directory is the change directory abbreviationGrammar. Represents the user's current directory,.. Represents the upper-level directory of the current directoryCD (options)

The construction of rsync service for Linux cluster construction

Rsync Service SummaryDirectoryRsync Service Summary 1The 1th Chapter Rsync Introduction 31.1 What is rsync 31.2 Rsync features 31.3 Rsync Common Options 31.4 Rsync Three modes of Operation 41.4.1 Local Mode 41.4.2 SSH Channel mode (shell mode) 41.4.3

33 Tips for troubleshooting and handling Linux operations frequently

As a Linux operation, more or less will encounter such problems or failures, from which to experience, find problems, summarize and analyze the cause of the failure, this is a Linux operations engineer good habits. Every technology breakthrough, are

How do I view the Linux home directory hidden files?

Linuxsystem, how do I see a lot of hidden files and folders, in addition to storing a lot of visible files and folders? What's the use of these hidden files? View Linux home directory hidden files can be implemented by running Ls–a, for hidden files,

Memcached Installing Notes on Linux

The first kind of yum Mode installationMemcached supports many platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS, or Windows.The first step Linux system installation memcached, first install the Libevent libraryUbuntu/debiansudo apt-get install libevent

Linux under the Disk Management Artifact LVM command use and TCP protocol

I. Introduction of LVMLVM (Logical Volume Manager) is a logical Volume manager for Linux kernels and is a mechanism for partition management of disks in Linux environments. Introduce several nouns about LVM first1, PV (physical volume) can be a disk,

Linux iSCSI Configuration

iSCSI is a SAN device and the SAN device is primarily a space for providing Server storage. iSCSI (Internet SCSI) is an ip-based data storage device compared to a traditional SAN, which is a fiber-optic transmission medium. It makes it easier for

Complete steps for Nginx installation on Linux servers

1. Environment Preparation:Server System version: CentOS 6.5Nginx software version: nginx-1.13.92. Resource Preparation:Nginx: Installation steps:You can perform an installation of all missing

linux-Offline Installation Nginx

1, installation of Nginx and related components 1.1 openssl installation #  problems make[2]: *** [md5-x86_64.o] error 1make[2]:  leaving directory  '/root/lamp/openssl-0.9.8e/crypto/md5 ' make[1]: *** [subdirs] error  1make[1]: Leaving directory  '/

"Find and Awk Linux"

One, find command findExact lookups, which are searched according to the conditions or combination conditions provided, traverse all files, and are therefore slower.Grammar:Find Directory Condition actionThe default directory is the current

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