Linux configuration Git Operation free login SSH public key

CD ~/.sshSsh-keygen-t rsa-b 4096-c "[email protected]" then enter three combo ...You can see two more files in the current directory and Id_rsa with a public key, without a private keyVim Open Public key, copy all content

Installing Nginx under Linux

Prior to using Nginx on Windows system, today try to install Nginx under Linux (CentOS7.2) success. Record it.Nginx's DownloadNginx Bag: Dependency Package (to download the corresponding

Summary of Common Linux commands

1. View the process: Ps-ef or Ps-aux2. View network status: Ifconfig3. Filter: grep filter content file path (filter content under the change file)Grep-r Filtering the content path (filtering the contents of the path)4. Dynamic display of the most

Installing SSH2 extensions in Linux systems detailed Linux skills learning

 in the Linux Server The SSH2 extension is deployed in the environment to compile the SSH script commands in the PHP file , and is configured as follows, if it is run directly in a formal environment, It is recommended that you do a backup. 1.

Linux Chkconfig Service Registration (Service registration script description)

Some services on Linux are restarted and started with the system boot, and can be registered as a service via Chkconfig as Windows. You need to have the corresponding startup script in the/etc/init.d/directory of Linux when registering chkconfig.I.

The awk of Linux

Brief introductionAwk is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports. To put it simply, awk reads the file line-by-row, using

The FTP of Linux

FTP的内容File Transfer ProtocolFTP is a file transfer in the Internet Protocol, based on the client/server mode, the default use of Port 20, 21st, where Port 20 (data port) for data transmission, Port 21 (command port) to accept the client issued the

Use LibreOffice to transfer Office documents to PDF under Linux

Under Linux, you can convert common Office documents to PDF files via LibreOffice, with the following steps:1, installation LibreOfficewget zxvf

Linux: Help commands, man, info

The note reads as follows:1, built-in command and external command of the Division2. Use and difference of help, man, info commandBuilt-in commands and external commandsThere are some tools for viewing help that are treated differently on built-in

Linux operating System 2 common Linux commands

Knowledge Content:1. Directory and file operation2. Command line edit shortcut keys3. User management and user group management4. Redirection, piping5. System commands6. Other commandsI. Directory and file operations1.lsDescription: LS is a list

Linux Common commands: Watch command

Watch is a very useful command, basically all Linux distributions with this gadget, like the name, watch can help you monitor the results of a command, save you to manually run over and over again. Under Linux, watch is the periodic execution of the

linux--User and file Rights management

Through the first lesson, you should already know that Linux is a multi-user login operating system, such as "Li Lei" and "Han Meimei" can both log on the same host, they share some of the resources of the host, but they also have their own user

The first chapter on Linux history

a lot aboutLinuxBooks in the previous chapters have written a whole bunch of things to introduceLinux, but the reader has not officially started to enterLinuxof the world, which led them toLinuxlost some interest, and threw a thick book away.

Linux Common basic Commands (mkdir)

Mkdir:Role: Create directory (make directories)Command format: Make [option] Directory1, create the directory, when the directory exists, re-create the prompt file already exists[Email protected]:~/linux/mkdirls[email protected]:~/linux/mkdir$

Linux (11) Rights Management

11.1 rwx Permissions Detailed 11.1.1 rwx effect to file(1) "R" stands for readable (read): Can read, view.(2) "W" for Writable (write): Can be modified, but does not mean that the file can be deleted, deleting a file if you have write permission to

Linux up and down line speed test tool SPEEDTEST-CLI

SPEETEST-CLI is the Linux next up and down network test tool, which is a command line script written in Python.Requires python2.4-3.3 support.GitHub Project Address:HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/SIVEL/SPEEDTEST-CLIThere are a number of installation methods:1,

The Linux CP folder is slightly over the directory of resolution

$ cp file1 FILE2CP: Skip Directory "File1"parameter to add a-r copy$ cp-r file1 file2Prompt again:or sudo su password: # cp-r file1 file2Replication succeeded.Here are two points to note: one is the CP copy directory to add-r parameter, the MV

Linux Basics (v)

Add the previous chapter about alias, the method of canceling alias is, Unalias + aliasUser Login Process1. When logged in, the user will call some files (note here, is the user login, not boot)/etc/profile/etc/profile.d/~/.bash_profile~/.bashrc/etc/

Linux command Line Daquan

Date Displays the current time and date Cal displays the current month of the Calendar DF View the number of free memory on the disk in the available PWD print current working directory CD switch directory LS list Folder contents absolute path:

Linux Operations Three Musketeers awk will knowledge-patterns and actions, inner arguments, statement blocks, arrays

Linux command The Three Musketeers awkabout awkAwk is the boss of the Three Musketeers, and the power of awk is that it's not just a command, it's a language, it's very powerful. The report generator, which is displayed after formatting, can

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