How to get a date from a few days ago or a few days after Linux

In the Linux environment to get a few days before the time just usedate-d "x days Ago" +%y%m%dX is replaced by a number, if it takes a few days before the direct write positive, if a few days after the date directly write negative numbers can

3 Modes of cloud computing learning Linux Cloud computing operations

in the era of cloud computing, more and more Internet companies began to use the cloud, then what mode to choose? How many models does cloud computing have?Depending on the business model, cloud computing is divided into three main categories:

Linux Set time zone

How to change the Linux server system time zone and timeEntry: Cd/usr/share/zoneinfodirectory, you can see many time zone files, we select "UTC-7" for the time zone.1, first delete the old time zone configuration: (best backup before deleting)Mv/etc/

03-linux System basic Commands

System directory Structure/root 这是系统管理员(root user)的目录。/bin 这里存放了标准的(或者说是缺省的)linux的工具,比如像“ls”、“vi”还有“more”等等。/etc 系统重要配置文件, 以及常用服务配置文件/var 存放系统引导启动时产生的可变文件,文件通常动态更改的,例如: 缓存目录,日志文件/run 系统启动后, 运行的程序产生的运行时数据,

Linux User and file management

Help commandsWhatis command #显示命令的简短功能Man command #查看手册页和命令描述Command--help #适用于外部命令Help command #适用于内部命令Type command #查看命令内嵌还是外部File Management location judgmentAbsolute path: From/startRelative path: in . or . Started withFile ManagementTOUCH/MKDIR/

Collection of Linux system commands the first part

File and directory operations (40 commands)"Command Action" lists the contents of a file or directory"Command Syntax" ls [options] [parameters]"Common Options"-C Multi-column displays the listed files and content (default option)1 single-column

Copy of soft link file under Linux


It is not possible to copy the problem when compiling the LIBNL library for copying to other machines, because the SD card is the FAT32 file system format, and the file system does not support ln soft link file under

Embedded Linux system learning embedded Linux system knowledge outline carding

To learn embedded knowledge, embedded Linux, you need to learn the embedded Linux system infrastructure knowledge, according to the plan to learn, now let the small taping everyone familiar with the embedded Linux system basic concepts. Things

Linux LVS Introduction

Lvs:linux Virtual server,4 layer router, compared to 7 layer agent, 4 layer agent process is not limited by the number of ports, because not to the application layer, Ipvs on the input link to the strong forwarding message to the route, there is a

Linux under the signal

Signals and interrupts are very similar, except that one is a hardware interrupt and the other is a soft interrupt. Interrupts are the system's response to an asynchronous event.The simple understanding is that the interrupt source sends the

First week of Linux Foundation

first week of Linux FoundationFormat of the commandCommand option (option) arguments (parameter) consists of three parts, which require a space intervalThe Options option enables a feature of the command to change the function of the

Solution to the QT program cannot input Chinese in Linux (connect with below)

Before installing the QT Integrated Development Kit, you need to install both the build-essential and Libncurses5-dev development tools and libraries, the Libncurses5-dev library is a library of graphics functions that are widely used under

Knowledge of the Linux package series (attached: Ubuntu16.04 upgrade to 18.04 case)


Linux Basics: Https:// see friends still apt-get update upgrade, very puzzled, later found that he just know this update command but do not know its meaning, so every time you install a package will

Linux Operations Engineer Growth process

Original address: 78059331Beginner's articleLinux OPS Common tool topology see:1rsync ToolsRsync tools are often used in many places to implement synchronization effects on several servers. Our company is using this tool to complete the server game

Linux average load average meaning "turn"

Article Source: Linux average load average meaningThe meaning of load averageThe average payload (load average) refers to the average utilization of the operating queue of the system, or it can be considered as the average of the operational

Linux OpenSSH OpenSSL

Linux OpenSSH OpenSSLNote Date 20180524DirectoryOpenSSHConfigure SSH key-based authenticationServer-side configuration filesBest Practices for SSH servicesOpensslThree componentsPki:public Key InfrastructureEstablish a private CACertificate

Get Linux command Help information and how to use the man manual

Types of commands in Linux The command types in Linux are divided into internal commands and external commands.Use type commands to determine internal and external commands, as shown in the following example: [[email protected] ~]#

Linux (ii)

Files and directories Common command target View Catalog Contents ls Switch directories cd Create and delete operations touch rm mkdir Copying and moving files

Udev under Linux

If you've been using Linux for a long time, then you know that Linux has changed several strategies in the case of device files. Early in Linux, the device files were just plain files with the appropriate set of attributes, created by the Mknod


ThreadsWe all know that the execution of a program is done by the process, while the actual execution of the code in the process is a thread to complete, it is the real execution flow. Usually a program is called a thread (threads) in a line of

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