Common commands for Linux

Linux under the use of VIM to open the configuration file garbled, in the terminal input: "lang=" can be.To see if the port is occupied:NETSTAT-ANP | grep PortNetstat-ltnLsof-i:portShell script Command list:$# is the number of arguments passed to

Common commands for Linux

Linux under the use of VIM to open the configuration file garbled, in the terminal input: "lang=" can be.To see if the port is occupied:NETSTAT-ANP | grep PortNetstat-ltnLsof-i:portShell script Command list:$# is the number of arguments passed to

Basic Linux protection measures

1. Case 1:linux Basic protection measures2. Case 2: Assigning administrative rights with Sudo3. Case 3: Improve SSH service security4. Case 4:selinux Safety Protection1 Case 1:linux Basic protection measures1.1 QuestionsThis case requires practicing

The SYSTEMD mechanism of Linux initialization

SYSTEMD is an init software under Linux, developed by Lennart Poettering, whose development goal is to provide a better framework to represent the dependencies between system services, and to implement parallel start-up of services when the system

Linux Common command function Daquan

Linux common shortcut keys (6) CTRL + U: before the clip cursorCTRL + K: after the clip cursorCtrl + Y: PasteCTRL + R: Find commandCTRL + Insert: Copyshift+ Insert: Paste Online Enquiry and Help commands (2) Mans View command Help, Dictionary of

Self-study linux shell13.2-option handling (main getopt, getopts command)

The Bash shell provides a number of different ways to get data from users, including the following 3 methods: Command line arguments (data added in the back of fame) command-line Options (single letter with modifiable command behavior)

Linux signal signal usage explanation and precautions

A signal is a software interrupt, an asynchronous communication method that handles an asynchronous event. For example, we run the program in the terminal, by pressing the keyboard "CTRL + C", you can send a SIGINT interrupt signal to stop the

The-linux character set and garbled processing of Linux learning

Linux character set and garbled processing1, the character (Character) is a variety of words and symbols of the general name, including the national text, punctuation, graphic symbols, numbers and so on. The character set (Character set) is a

linux-after reading this Linux basic operation will be

Objective Only a bald head can become stronger. This semester opened the course of Linux, teaching teachers are more responsible for one. In general, it is more systematic to learn a bit of Linux ~ ~ ~This article mainly summarizes the

Examples of POSIX semaphore usage details for Linux interprocess communication

POSIX semaphores differ from the set of System V semaphores, and the POSIX semaphore is a single semaphore, divided into known semaphores and nameless semaphores.POSIX-known semaphores are semaphores with POSIX IPC names that can be used for

System v Shared memory and code examples for inter-process communication between Linux

Shared memory is the fastest and most efficient form of interprocess communication, and when shared memory is mapped to the address space of a process that shares it, the data transfer between processes is no longer involved in the kernel, and the

linux-chmod:changing permissions of ' XXXXXX ' operation not permitted

Workaround:sudo chattr-i fileIn the Perform chmod operation:sudo chmod a+x filechattr command to change file propertiesGrammar:Chattr (option)8 modes:A: Let the file or directory for additional purposes only; B: Do not update the last access time of

Linux compares two files differently (6/21)

CMP command: Compare any two types of files, and the results output to the standard output, the default file is the same output, different file output differencesNecessary parameters-C Display different information-l list all the different

Basic Operations Summary 丨 Linux

This document incrementally updates the cumulative 1. Wildcard characters: Parameters meaning * Represents any number of characters in a file name, or it can have no LS te* find files

Linux Yum Command detailed

Https:// Yum Command detailedYum (full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat and SuSE. Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically

Linux system modification system time and time zone

Reference from: we have a problem,My MySQL table has a field that is, Send_acode_timestamp, the default value is: Current_timestamp.The resulting value is in the format: 2018-06-12

Build LNMP Environment under Linux

premise: Assume that readers who read this article already have basic Linux usage skills to solve system installation problems and software installation techniques. Note: This article involves the main installation package (need to

Create and delete soft and hard links under Linux

Create and delete soft and hard links under LinuxIn a Linux system, the kernel allocates an Inode (index node) for each newly created file, each with a unique inode number. The file attributes are stored in the index node, and the index nodes are

Linux System Management Summary (user, permissions, files ....) A complete summary)

Linux System ManagementDoes the terminal font become larger?? CTRL + SHIFT +? Change the size of CTRL +-become smallerLS shows what file the current path hasPWD Displays the current path/: root directory, only directory under the general root

Linux thread Programming 2.0--thread synchronization-Mutex lock

When we need to control access to shared resources, we can use a simple lock-up method to control. We can create a read / write program that shares a shared buffer and uses a mutex to control access to the buffer.  The function pthread_mutex_init ()

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