Absolute path to the executable file for the current process in the Linux kernel __linux

The headline is very clumsy. These two days in the toss of the matter, the toss of the results recorded. First of all, in the application layer how to do this thing, very simple: [CPP] view plain copy print?           #include #include int main ()

Program in the Linux background to run the method (turn off the terminal to continue to allow the program to run the method) __linux

Problem Description: A program developed on a Linux server that interrupts the execution of a remote connection, but the running program shuts down automatically as a child of the terminal window. I want the program to run in the background of the

Linux kernel USB touch screen driver bug Debugging-selected device is not a touchscreen I Understand__linux

Recently to customers debugging a piece of CNC board, today customers bring a screen, and a USB touch screen chip connected to the screen. The screen will soon be ready for normal display. Touch screen in the core to find the USB touch screen driver,

Linux Mail Command (send and receive mail) __linux

Ubuntu: First install mail sudo apt-get install Mailx Install postfix sudo apt-get install postfix again (configure during installation and follow the prompts) Send mail Command sample cat "Content" | Mail-s "Subject" yl33643@126.com In

SPI-driven porting and application testing under Linux __linux

The SPI-driven migration under Linux2.6.32 is shown in the following illustration: the following needs to modify some of the kernel code, the following actions: 1. Modify the arch/arm/mach-s3c2440/mach-mini2440.c file Add the following code

Installation and use of memcached under Linux __linux

Linux Distribution:ubuntu 14 libevent:1.4.14b Download Address: Libevent official website memcached:1.4.25 Download Address: memcached official website One, install memcached Memcached installation relies on libevent, first install

Implementation of real-time transmission based on Jrtplib library under Linux __linux

Implementation of real-time transmission based on Jrtplib library under LinuxRTP is a standard protocol and key technology for real-time streaming media transmission.Real-time transport protocol (real-time transport PROTOCOL,PRT) is a network

Linux directory number and number of files limit __linux

Today, a problem was encountered on the server, the subdirectory could not be created in the directory, exception: mkdir: Unable to create directory "...": Too many connections Before the original understanding is wrong, Linux on the directory of

Linux High Concurrent socket maximum number of connections to the various restrictions. __linux

1, modify the user process to open the number of files limitOn Linux platforms, regardless of whether you write a client program or a server-side program, the highest number of concurrent TCP connection processing is limited by the system's number

Linux opens the file and writes a string, while reading the information for the corresponding file--fopen ()/fwrite ()/fread () __linux

Linux opens the file and writes a string, while reading the information about the corresponding file In Linux, using the C language, use the fopen () function to open a file (if no file exists, create a new one such as Data/test.dat), and

Installation and configuration of NFS services in Linux environment __linux

first, several conceptsNFS is the acronym for Network File System, which was first developed by the Sun company. Its biggest function is to be able to share individual files (share files) with different machines, different operating systems, and

Linux under the multithread download tool __linux


Multi-threaded Download tool under Linux Myget [Recommended] The Myget goal is designed as an extensible, rich-Interface multithreaded download tool that supports protocols such as HTTP, FTP, and HTTPS. Download the latest version of 0.1.0 in http:

Implementing bi-Directional SSL authentication reprint (http://www.cnblogs.com/bjrmt/archive/2006/08/01/464634.html) for Tomcat under Linux

First, the foreword:The article on how to implement bi-directional SSL authentication with Tomcat server is very early, and a more practical article can look at IBM developerWorks China website May 2002 configuration Tomcat 4 uses bidirectional SSL (

TINYHTTPD in Linux compile __linux

The top 10 C open Source projects most deserving of attention by programmers are seen in the blog park. One of the TINYHTTPD projects is a small HTTP server implementation. It was also rough to see the implementation of Tomcat, but not much depth,

Linux System Management Practices (in): syslog System Log Configuration __linux

Linux saves detailed records of events that occur in the system, which are called log files or message files. You can refer to the log file to determine the current state of the system, observe the intruder trail, and look for data related to a

Phpstorm+xdebug Remote Debugging code on a Linux machine __linux

First, Background introduction : Recently in the understanding of Web site navigation items, in order to be able to more in-depth understanding of the subject, so I chose to view the site navigation code, but only a blunt view of the PHP source code

Enable programs to run in the background under Linux (Turn off the terminal to keep the program running) __linux

first, why should the program in the background to perform The programs we calculate are very long periods, usually in hours or even one weeks. The environment we use is remotely connected to a Japanese Linux server using Putty. So running a

How to write the daemon program under Linux system steps __linux

Turn from: http://blog.csdn.net/analogous_love/article/details/52806722 First, the introduction of the daemon program is always running the service-side program, also known as the daemon process.This paper introduces the steps of writing daemon

About the JSON and mbstring issues with Linux installation phpMyAdmin __linux

1.Call to undefined function mb_detect_encoding 2.The JSON extension is missing Two problems encountered when Fedora installs phpMyAdmin Problem 1:call to undefined function mb_detect_encoding Install yum install php-mbstring edit php.ini

Linux terminal access FTP and upload download files __linux

Today, my colleague asked me a question, access FTP under Linux, and upload the file. I've been using the WinSCP tool before. First file from Linux Copy to Windows, and then upload to FTP. Google a bit. Method is also relatively simple. This is only

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