Analysis of compressed files under Linux (the difference between tar/gzip)

Analysis of compressed files under LinuxFor those who have just come into contact with Linux, it will definitely give Linux a bunch of different filenames to stun. Don't say it. For example, for compressed files, we know that there are only two

Linux View character encoding

View file character encoding and conversion encoding under LinuxThe Linux commune ( registered and opened its website on September 25, 2006, and Linux has now become aOne of the most widely watched and supported operating systems, IDC

Installation and configuration of SOLR under Linux

Preparatory work Download solr and Tomcat Solr-4.8.1.tgz,apache-tomcat-7.0.54.tar.gz Open/home/cluster, unzip Tar zxvf apache-tomcat-7.0.54.tar.gzTar zxvf solr-4.8.1.tgzStart the installation configurationSOLR

Virtual Machine Linux and host time synchronization

Go Linux synchronizes time in a virtual machine time synchronization can be achieved by experiment.The time display problem was found after rebooting the system:[[Email protected] ~]# DateSat Mar 7 08:58:2

Linux comparison operators

use the If statement to determine parameters in Linux shell programming–b when file exists and is a block file returns true-D when file exists and is a character file returns True-e when pathname exists and is a directory returns true-F when a file

An explanation of SCP commands under Linux

SCP is the abbreviation for secure copy, and SCP is a secure remote file Copy command under the Linux system based on SSH login. The SCP command for Linux allows you to copy files and directories between Linux servers.Usefulness of the SCP

Linux signal invocation mechanism

In Linux, a signal is a way of communicating between processes, and it uses an asynchronous mechanism. When the signal is sent to a process, the operating system interrupts the normal process of the process and enters the appropriate signal handler

Rename command usage in Linux learning to modify file names

How do I change the file name with a command? Under Linux You can use the Rename command, and of course you can use the MV command to share the usage of the Linux Rename command.Some people say that there is no rename command in Linux, we recommend

Linux environment interprocess communication: Shared memory

Introduction to Shared memory shared memory allows two or more processes to share a given store. This is the fastest IPC because the data does not need to replicate between the client process and the server process. There are two ways to share

Linux next NIC set multiple IP addresses

In Windows to set up a network card multiple IP, it is easier, today I write about in the Linux system, to a network card set multiple IP address, under the Linux system, the first card is called Eth0, the second network card is called eth1, Here we

One Linux command per day (7): MV command

The MV command is the abbreviation for move, which can be used to move files or rename files (rename), which is a common command under Linux, often used to back up files or directories.1. Command format:MV [option] source file or directory

"Linux 28 Unix/linux Tools" You can look at when you need it.

Original link Http:// are the 28 kristóf Kovács collected under the 28 command line tools ( original link ), some are familiar with, some are very useful, some are not known. These tools are very good, I

Linux shutdown command

Some common shutdown/Restart commands under Linux are shutdown, halt, reboot, and Init, all of which can be used to reboot the system, but each command has a different internal working process.Linux CentOS Restart command: 1, reboot2. shutdown-r now

Encrypt messages and files using OpenSSL in a Linux environment (reprint)

Transferred from: IntroductionOpenSSL is a powerful cryptographic toolkit. Many of us already use OpenSSL to create RSA private keys or certificate signing requests (CSRs). But have you ever known

SOURCE installation Linux Apache integrated Subversion research

Install Apache Subversion separately Modify Apache Configuration2.1 and copied to apache/usr/local/apache/modules/ [[email

Send mail with mail under Linux

Ways to send mail using an external mailbox Bin/mail will send mail by default using local SendMail, which requires the local machine to install and start the SendMail service, which is cumbersome to configure and will cause

Rm,mv,cp,touch of Linux basic file management commands

In the Linux system, all files, even the CD-ROM also as a file, to use the CD first to establish a directory, and then by mounting to operate the disc, even the mouse, the keyboard is considered a file. Therefore, it is important to learn the

The executable program cannot run on Linux and displays line 1:syntax Error:word unexpected (expecting ").

ProblemARM-LINUX-GCC compiled executable file clkctl, downloaded to the board, under Linux can not run:./clkctl:line 1:syntax Error:word Unexpected (expecting ")")"Resolution Process"1. There are also people on the web who are experiencing this

Linux DNS multi-service Setup

A: What is DNS why there is DNSDomain Name Systems (English: Domain Name System, abbreviation: DNS) is a service of the Internet. The internet was born early because the number of access to the Internet is very small, there is no dedicated DNS

[Linux] Daemon and daemon threads

For Java, typically one application has only one process--JVM. Unless a new process is derived or opened in the code.threads, of course, are opened by the process. When the process that opened the thread leaves, the thread is no longer there.So, for

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