[rk_2014_0919] Linux Kernel Hacking

KernelbuildGuide to building the Linux kernel.Where do I find the kernel?The latest source code for the Linux kernel are kept on kernel.org. You can either download the full source code as a tar ball (not recommended and would take forever to

[JIRA] Latest Linux version jira6.3.6 install Chinese hack and data migration

Preface:JIRA is an excellent problem-tracking management software tool developed by the Australian Atlassian Company to track and manage various types of issues, including defects, tasks, requirements, improvements, and more. Jira uses the Java EE

The road to mathematics-the basic technology of Distributed Computing-linux/unix (1)

Take CentOS as an example1. Current User$ represents the normal user state, #表示超级用户状态-bash-4.2$-bash-4.2$ suPassword:[Email protected] myhaspl]#2. Order Basicscommand name [command options] [command arguments]System InformationCommandDescription#

Build Linux from scratch [LFS]


"Linux is this fan " has a chapter devoted to the construction of Linux, the process of detailed, very interesting. Combined with this information, a brief collectionLfsThis site provides detailed steps for building a Linux from source codeBookHttp:

Understanding Linux Configuration Files

IntroducedEach Linux program is an executable file that contains a list of opcode that the CPU will execute to accomplish certain operations. For example, the LS command is provided by the/bin/ls file, which contains a list of machine instructions

Installation and configuration of Linux Samba

Under the window7 virtual a CentOS6.3, in order to learn the command line there is no graphics package, so my centos is the kind of black screen, hehe, of course, VMware provides enhanced features I can not use (perhaps, I do not know how to set?) ),

Second, the Linux operation command accumulates "mkdir, Groupadd, Groupdel, Useradd, Userdel"

under the use of Linux/unix, often using the text interface to set up the system or operating system, the author himself in the process of work is also in constant contact with this command, so for This special brewing, preparation, began the

Redirection and piping in Linux

1 redirects1.1 Redirect Symbol> Output redirected to a file or device overwriting the original file>! Output redirected to a file or device forcing overwriting of the original file>> output redirected to a file or device to append the original file1.

"Linux Tutorial" INotify usage Introduction and combining rsync to achieve real-time file synchronization between hosts

I. Introduction of INotifyINotify is a new subsystem (API) for the Linux kernel 2.6.13 (June 18, 2005), which provides a mechanism for monitoring file system (Inode-based) events to monitor changes in file systems such as file modifications,

File compression and Packaging---compress,gzip,zcat,bzip2,bzcat,tar,find,tarfile,tarball under Linux

Common Linux Compressed file extensions*. Z Compress compressed files (has been replaced by gzip)*.gz gzip Program Compressed files*.BZ2 BZIP2 Program Compressed files (better than gzip, but only for one file to compress)*.tar Tar program packaged

Linux on Coredump debug: Call stack stack top function address is 0 analysis combat

In the past few days, we have received the Coredump report, the call stack is as follows:(GDB) bt#0 0x0000000000000000 in?? ()#1 0x0000000000432bb4 in chargingnode::canprocessed (This=0x7f87b40118e0, maxtimestamp=9000000000) at src/sl/

A brief analysis of the sleep and wake-up of Linux process

COPY FROM:HTTP://WWW.2CTO.COM/OS/201204/127771.HTML1 Linux process sleep and wake up in Linux, processes that wait only for CPU time are called ready processes, and they are placed in a running queue, The status flag bit for a ready process is

Brother Bird's Linux private cuisine Basic study reading notes (7): Linux File and directory management

This chapter mainly describes how to operate and manage the Linux system files and directories, mainly including the switch between directories, the creation and deletion of directories, the creation and deletion of files , file lookup, file content

Linux standard input, output, and error and file redirection (RPM)

Standard input, output, and errorWhen we execute commands in the shell, each process is associated with three open files and uses file descriptors to refer to the files. Because the file descriptor is not easy to remember, the shell also gives the

Backdoor technology and Linux LKM rootkit detailed

2010-01-15 10:32 Chinaitlab Chinaitlabfont Size:T | T In this article, we'll look at a variety of backdoor technologies, especially Linux's loadable kernel modules (LKM). We will find that the lkm backdoor is more complex, more powerful, and less

linux--Get Execution time

Note: While performing some performance testing, sometimes we want to calculate the time a program runs, and sometimes it is possible to write a shell script to facilitate some performance test control (such as the wish to run an average of n times,

Let your Linux support the reading of CHM documents

for programmers, it's often important to look at some Reference Help documentation, but in the face of some old documents, and in the absence of network conditions, how to let your Linux support CHM document reading, then see below! Method

Linux Memory management mechanism

In Linux often found that the free memory is very small, it seems that all the memory is occupied by the system, the surface of the memory is not enough to use, it is not. This is an excellent feature of Linux memory management, which differs from

Make a little progress every day. Relationship between file descriptors and open files in--linux

Reprint please indicate source: http://blog.csdn.net/cywosp/article/details/389652391. Overviewin the Linux system, everything can be considered as a file, and the file can be divided into: Ordinary files, directory files, linked files and device

Linux Common Instructions---kill | Killall (Terminate process)

KillThe KILL command in Linux is used to terminate the run of the specified process (terminate a process) and is a common command for process management under Linux. Typically, terminating a foreground process can use the CTRL + C key, but for a

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