Use of cross-compilation gdb,gdbserver+gdb under Linux and debug core files via GDB


Cross-compiling GDB and Gdbserver1. Download GDB:For: a general idea, the latest version is the better, so download this version of 7.2. Of course, everything is not absolute.Let's take gdb-7.2.tar.bz2 this file as an

Linux under Memcached Server deployment

650) this.width=650; "Width=" 397 "height=" 169 "title=" Linux "class=" Alignnone size-full wp-image-145 "src="/HTTP/ "/>Operating system: CentOS 6.x 64-bitImplementation purpose: Install and

Create and change hard links and symbolic links on Linux

OverviewIn this article, you learn to create and manage hard links and symbolic links. Learn: Create a hard or soft link Identify links and know their types Understand the difference between a copy and a linked file Using links

Monitorix (Linux) system and network monitoring tools

First, MonitorixMonitorix is a very powerful free open source lightweight tool designed to monitor system and network resources in Linux. It collects system and network data on a regular basis and uses its own web interface to display relevant

Summary of basic Linux commands

Switch directoriesCD ~Home CatalogueCD-Go back to the directory you justCd..Back to Parent DirectoryCdHome Catalogue——————Show current directoryPwdShow actual path, not connection pathPwd-p——————Create a new directorymkdir Directory Namegranting

Find files and file contents using Find Xargs grep under Linux

1, check the file under a certain path.Search for "*.log" files under/etcFind/etc-name "*.log"2, expand, List all files under a path, including subdirectories.Find/etc-name "*"3. Look for all files that contain the "Hello Abcserver" string under a

One of Linux getting Started step-by-step installation system

1 Introduction 2 Pre-installation preparations download vmware workstation Download the files required for Gentoo knowledge points 1 We have downloaded a x86 architecture-based installation package

Linux Summary-First lecture-interrupts and exceptions

Interrupts and exceptions, interrupts (generalized): The order in which the processor executes instructions is changed, usually relative to the electrical signals generated by the internal or external hardware circuitry of the CPU chip

Set maximum file open number under Linux nofile and Nr_open, File-max instructions

 In the development of operations we often encounter similar to "Socket/file:can" T open so many files, "Unable to open more processes", or coredump too large problems, which can be set resource constraints to solve. Today, when I was teaching a

Linux Server Setup Common environment (i)

Reprinted from: is mainly afraid of link failure, later see.1. Setting up Telnet Server2. Build a DHCP server3. Build a DNS server4, build SendMail server5. Build FTP Server6.

Basic knowledge of Linux file permissions--linux Tutorial

Basic knowledge of Linux file permissions--linux Tutorialone of the most basic tasks in Linux is to set file permissions. Understanding how they are implemented is your first step into the Linux world. As you expected, this basic operation is

Using Iconv command to deal with Chinese garbled characters of text files under Linux/unix system

The Iconv command is a file-encoded reload tool that runs on the Linux/unix platform. When we look at the text file in the Linux/unix system shell, we often find that the file is garbled in Chinese, this is due to the encoding of the text file and

Linux command (UNIQ)

Reprint Address: details Linux go down except duplicate line command UniqOne, what's uniq for?The duplicate lines in the text are basically not what we want, so we're going to get rid of them. There are

Linux Common Command collation

System Information1. Uname-a-r-n-M-a-all; Print all information in the following order, except omit-p and I if unknown:-S, kernel name; print kernel name-N, node name; The host name of the print network nodes-R, kernel release, printed kernel

command-line skills needed for efficient Linux users

command-line skills needed for efficient Linux usersThis article introduces some command-line tools that are useful in your daily work. Time-saving tips can be saved in high-efficiency Linux users. Some commands need to be installed first with yum,

Every day a Linux command (--tar) command

Through SSH access to the server, it will inevitably use compression, decompression, packaging, unpacking, etc., this time the tar command is a necessary powerful tool. The most popular tar in Linux is the perfectly formed.The tar command creates a

Linux view CPU and memory usage

During system maintenance, it may be necessary to review the CPU usage at any time, and to analyze the system condition according to the corresponding information. In CentOS, you can view CPU usage by using the top command. After running the top

One Linux command per day (shutdown) command

Shutdown shuts down the system in a safe way.(1) Usage:usage: shutdown [parameter] [TIME](2) Function:function: system shutdown command, shutdown instruction can close all programs, and according to the needs of users, to restart or shutdown action,

One Linux command per day-mkdir

mkdir a command to create a directory on a Linux system that requires the user to have write permission on the path where the directory was created, and that the newly created directory name cannot be a directory that already exists.Mdkir-make

One Linux command per day exec of the--find command

Find is a very common Linux command, but we generally find out the amount is not only to look at it, there will be further operations, this time the role of exec is revealed.EXEC explained:The-exec parameter is followed by command, which terminates

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