How to use Yum to see which packages are installed under Linux

Under the Linux system, the Yum command looks at which packages are installed:$yum list installed//list all installed packagesYum commands commonly used for package operations:1. Find Packages using YumCommand: Yum Search2. List all packages that

Linux command details-common commands

1. File Operation commands 1. Create a file The Touch command is in the same directory/bin/touch Touch FileName//Create an empty file2. Switch directories CD or CD ~//Back to home directory CD-Return to previous catalog CD!$ switch to

Linux TTY function tracking

1. IntroductionThis article describes the function tracking procedures for TTY open, TTY read, and TTY write operations2. ExampleHere is a simple Linux TTY open and read-write process3. OpenWhen the device node/dev/ttys0 is opened, the kernel calls

Linux Common Command set

Command format: Command Parameter ObjectParameters: 长格式 --help 短格式 -hObjects: Objects to be processed, directories, users, etc.1. Help commandsMan command name (used to view command usage and parameters)Command

How to open a 8080-port confession in Linux external access and open ports allowed for external access 8000

Example:The steps to open port 10000 are as follows:1, modify the/etc/sysconfig/iptables file, add the following line:-A rh-firewall-1-input-m state--state new-m tcp-p TCP--dport 10000-j ACCEPTRestart IptablesService Iptables Restart2, restart the

Linux common commands (i)

1 Linux directory Structure   /bin: (binaries) The directory where the system commands are stored, which can be performed by all users. /sbin: (super User binaries) Save the commands associated with the system environment settings, only the

Linux Kernel tuning Reference

For newly deployed machines, you need to do some basic tuning to change some of the default configuration performance issues1 Modifying the number of open files[Email protected]:/data/tools/db# vim/etc/security/limits.conf* Soft nofile

23. Linux Truncate ftruncate function

truncate ftruncate functionBoth truncate () and ftruncate () can be used to modify the file size, but there are some differences between the, truncate () functionHeader file:#include function definition:int truncate (const char *path, off_t

Linux installation pcre appears warning: ' aclocal-1.15 ' is missing on your system error resolution

1. Download the installation packagewget Decompressiontar -xzvf automake-1.15. tar. gz3. Installation$ cd automake-1.15$. /configure --prefix=makesudomkdir -P/sudo Make Install4. Import

Linux copy files from one machine to another Linux machine

1. Function descriptionThe SCP is security copy, which copies files or directories from one Linux system to another Linux system. SCP transmits data with SSH protocol, ensuring the security of data transmission, the format is as follows:SCP remote

Linux common commands (v)

Rights Management for Linuxthree basic permissionsR Read permission (read)W Write permission (write)X Execute permission (execute)Permission Description    Format: Owner belongs to group others1th bit: File type (d directory,-normal file, L link

About Linux File Delete file when prompted no such file or directory

Dear fellow boss:I have a small white Linux, a little bit of trouble to ask the BossPractice the TAR command today to add a current month and date to the filename when you compress the file[Email protected] log]# tar zcvf log.tar-' date +%f '. Gz.As

Advanced knowledge points for Linux (1)

I. Scheduled Tasks (i), Crond introduction Crond is a daemon that is used to periodically perform certain tasks or wait for certain events under Linux, similar to Scheduled tasks under Windows, when the operating system is installed, the Service

Build LNMT architecture in Linux in detail

Environment Description: IP Installed Services Tomcat Nginx MySQL Nginx Install ************************** 1.//Create System user

Linux VI Command

The VI Editor is the standard editor for all UNIX and Linux systems, and its power is not inferior to any of the latest text editors, here is simply a brief introduction to its usage and a small number of instructions. Because the VI editor is

"Linux" parameter substitution command Xargs

What is Xargs doing? In the literal sense, X is the multiplication sign of subtraction, and args is the meaning of arguments (parameter), so this thing is the meaning of the parameter that produces a command! Xargs can read stdin data and divide

Analysis of YUM commands in Linux

Yum (full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat and SuSE. Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically download the RPM package from the specified server and install, can

Linux Server NIC Driver Installation and troubleshooting)

Linux Server NIC Driver Installation and troubleshooting (switch)Transferred from: you original creatorCao jianghua Linux Server NIC Driver Installation and troubleshootingNICs are

Linux socket programming (byte processing)

1. IntroductionThe rise of Linux is a miracle created by the Internet. Linux, as a free software that fully opens its original code, is compatible with various Unix standards (such as POSIX, UNIX System V, and bsd unix) multi-user, multi-task

Syslog replacement Journal

BKJIA Editor's note: In The headlines a few days ago, two developers of RedHat said they would replace The original Syslog with The Journal. The following is The original article translated by two developers on LinuxToy, which provides a detailed

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