Linux driver programming based on V4L2 framework __linux

V4L2 Linux driver Framework for 6467T VPIF In Linux, the V4L2 framework is used to manage video capture devices. The V4L2 framework consists mainly of two layers: V4l2device and V4l2 subdevice, where V4L2 device is a virtual device to manage V4l2

Linux memory Management--allocating memory pages (FAST) Get_page_from_freelist__linux

First of all, the quick allocation of memory page parameters: Gfp_mask into the rapid distribution, coupled with __gfp_hardwall this means that redistribution should be increased distribution; Nodemask represents the mask of a node, that is, whether

Linux Exercise __linux

Here are some exercises for Linux. This may be very simple for the great God, still hope not to spit groove. The following exercises, may be wrong, but also hope that we can be a lot of advice ha ~ ~ One, the choice question 1. The following

Linux network protocol stack Kernel Lock (vii)-read-write spin lock __linux

Read-Write Spin lock (Rwlock) is a spin lock mechanism with smaller spin-lock granularity, which retains the concept of "spin". However, in the write operation, there can be only one write process, in terms of reading, can have more than one

Linux kernel Experiment (i): Proc File system __linux

first, the introduction Proc file system, in the form of file system to provide users with the current state of the system, dynamically read the necessary information from the same kernel, only in memory, does not occupy the external space. Ii.

Linux kernel State and user state shared memory __linux

Linux kernel State and user state shared memory 1. Mmap system call (function)void* mmap (void * addr, size_t len, int prot, int flags, int fd, off_t offset)Memory-mapped function mmap, which is responsible for mapping the contents of the file to

Linux Terminal garbled solution __linux

The only test two verified Linux when you choose to use Chinese, when using SSH, TELNET login Operation command will appear in Chinese garbled; pass the test under RHEL5 Modify the/etc/sysconfig/i18n to read as follows: [root@php ~]#

Linux network administrators have to understand the system directory/proc/sys/net/(network configuration) __linux

    in the Linux distribution, there is a/proc/directory, some also called it the proc file system. In this directory, there are special files that can be used not only to reflect the current state of the kernel and to view hardware information, but

The meaning and function of Linux folders __linux

Turn from: 1.linux the meaning of each folder: /bin: is a binary abbreviation that contains the commands needed to boot the system and common commands that ordinary users can use /lib: A

*.so *.bin files are ignored when adding and uploading files to SVN in Linux using svn Add. __linux

Questions about files that *.so *.bin are ignored when you add and upload files to svn in Linux using SVN add: Two solutions:Method 1: Each time you add a file, use the following command:SVN Add--no-ignore Folder Method 2:. Edit any of the

Linux Curses color display __linux

The following is excerpted from the beginning Linux programming book Compile-time plus-lncurses option #include #include #include #include int main (){int i; INITSCR (); if (!has_colors ()){Endwin ();fprintf (stderr, "error-no color support on this

Solve Linux dynamic library version compatibility problem __linux

"Dynamic library version compatible", many people in the minds of the first jump is "Dll Hell." Ah, it's been a pain in the neck. Today, this problem has been solved well.Before further discussion, consider a question: why is there no "Dllhell"

Bash Prompt-linux terminal Prompt __linux

Task:display current BASH prompt (PS1) Use the echo command to display current BASH prompt:$ echo $PS 1Sample outputs: [\\u@\h \\w]\\$ This is another output from my Debian based system:$ echo $PS 1Sample outputs: \[\e]0;\u@\h:

Design of wireless router based on embedded Linux--bridged Adapter Network Bridge mode __linux

Now the embedded device networking, there are two main modes: Ethernet RJ-45 interface directly plugged into the Internet network; 3g/4g module dial-up Internet access. With the continuous popularization of wireless terminal equipment, mobile phone

Commands for opening PDF files and HTML files from the command line under Linux

Commands for opening PDF files and HTML files from the command line under Linux [Date: 2012-06-18] Source: Linux Community Author: hipercomer [Font: big medium Small] If you often work at a Linux terminal and need to

LINUX,GCC installation (decompression version) __linux

First , before installing GCC, you need to install dependencies: 1, GMP installation: Download: gmp-6.0.0a.tar.bz2 decompression: Tar jxf gmp-6.0.0a.tar.bz2 cd gmp-6.0.0 ./configure--prefix=/usr/local/ gmp-6.0.0 && make make install 2, MPFR

Using Rsync for data backup and synchronization in Ubuntu Linux __linux

background: 0. Server data is very important and will be in trouble once disk corruption occurs. As a manager, it is necessary to synchronize the data in real time. 1. Rsync is a good and backup tool, let's take Ubuntu as an example to talk about

Linux Basics (ii)--File and directory management __linux

We know that the directory structure of Linux is a tree structure, the top-level directory is the root directory/. Other directories can be added to the tree by mounting them, and they can be removed by lifting the mount. Before we start this

Linux Package Installation--Three devil

1th Chapter yum1.1 Command descriptionYum is a RPM-based package Manager that enables system managers to interact and automate finer and more granular management of RPM packages, and he can automatically download RPM packages from the server and

The relationship between Linux permissions and Umask

Linux file permissions are primarily defined for three types of objectsOwner: Master, uGroup: Genus, GOther: Others, OEach file has three permissions defined for each type of visitorR:readableW:writableX:excutablerw-r--r--Top three: Indicates the

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