Use of RPM directives in Linux __linux

Usage: RPM [Options ...] Query Options (parameter-Q or--query): -C,--configfiles list all configuration files -D,--docfiles lists all document files --dump Export Basic file information -L,--list lists all the files in the

Linux Choice Question __linux

Two Single Choice question:1. In the following network protocol, the connection-oriented protocol is: A.A Transmission Protocol B User Datagram Protocol C Internet Protocol D Inter-Internet Control Message Protocol2. In the file system load

Linux command--view hard disk information (in disk array mode) __linux

If the server has a disk array, run Fdisk-l or SMARTCTL–ALL/DEV/SDA and not get the disk information you want. [Root@localhost/]# fdisk-l warning:gpt (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/DEV/SDA '! The util Fdisk doesn ' t support GPT. Use GNU

Linux System Management Practices (8): Network Configuration (cont.) __linux

12, the network access configuration process: Linux is now generally in the boot will automatically configure the network card (wired network card or wireless network card), as long as the direct set of its IP (can use DHCP), subnet mask, the

Installation and configuration of SVN client under Linux __linux

Author: zccst 1, download A total of two documents, respectively: Subversion-1.6.21.tar.gz and subversion-deps-1.6.21.tar.gz Then the pressure is pressed in turn. 2, installation # CD

Send mail with mail under Linux __linux

ways to send mail using external mailboxes Bin/mail will use the local sendmail to send mail by default, which requires local machines to install and start the SendMail service, is cumbersome to configure, and can cause

Ace Self-band examples Test_proactor performance under Windows, Solaris, Linux __linux

1, what is Ace (slightly) 2, what is Proactor (slightly) 3. Example:/ace_wrappers/examples/reactor/proactor/test_proactor 3.1. Operating Environment (version slightly) (version slightly) 3.2

Linux Daemon Authoring __linux

Linux Programming-Daemon process writing daemon (Daemon) is a special process running in the background. It is independent of the control terminal and periodically performs a task or waits to handle certain occurrences. The daemon is a very

Linux rsync Command Detailed 2__linux

For each of the above six command formats, Rsync has six different working modes: 1 Copy Local files. This mode of operation is initiated when both SRC and des path information do not contain a single colon ":" delimiter. such as:

Linux server-side programming experience __HTML5

Learning Linux Server Programming in the process with a multi-year Linux server programming experience of the predecessors consulted, some of the understanding may not be so thorough, Here to record, the latter part of the cultivation of the almost

Linux allows Apache to support mod_rewrite modules __linux

If your server Apache has not been installed, it is very simple, in the compilation of Apache when the Mod_rewrite module into the can if your Apache has been installed, now only want to compile the Mod_ module, which is loaded in Apache,

Linux under Nginx+tomcat+msm+memcached Implementation session sharing (test) __linux

Test machine:,, Software configuration: nginx/1.9.4 tomcat-7.0.64 memcached-1.2.0 tomcat-7.0.64

Linux under the configuration of the network detailed __linux

Now it's time to put all of the previous theoretical knowledge into practice. Next, we will explore: ? Configuration file for network interface in Red Hat 7 ? Using Ifconfig to check and configure interfaces ? Adding and editing static routes ?

Linux installation memcached Service side __linux

The First step: Query memcached Installation resource bundle information Yun Search memcachedThe directive can query the Yum Library for memcached installation package information. As shown in the screenshot below: Step Two: CentOS Execute

SUSE Linux operating system security reinforcement __linux

SUSE Linux Operating system security hardening (service shutdown)Suse Linux Operating system installation is complete, the need for security scanning, the unused port to shut down, enhance the security of the operating system First, the system

Linux Zip encrypted compression __linux

A recent need to provide the merchant data file zip after the partner download, in order to prevent data leakage in the zip when the encryption, the use of the following command: [root@w01 groupon_cn]# zip-p Yule

A solution to the truncation of multiple parameters of Linux curl GET request Parameters __linux

Recently do group purchase related services, using Linux under the Curl command to request the purchase of XML information, today in the use of Curl access to a link when a very strange phenomenon, the request of the url:

Basic Learning for Linux (RedHat)-Getting Started with command line

1.linux严格来讲,linux这个词只表示linux内核。我们口语中平常所说的Linux是基于linux内核并且使用GNU工程各种工具和数据库的操作系统。2.shell1.shell是命令解析器。在计算机科学中,Shell俗称壳(用来区别于核),是指“提供使用者使用界面”的软件(命令解析器)。它类似于DOS下的cmd.exe。它接收用户命令,然后调用相应的应用程序。2.shell可以保护系统内核不被篡改的软件。3.shell分图形界面shell和命令行式shell。PS: Learning

"Syntax error:unexpected end of File" occurs under Linux execution sh

Sometimes we execute an SH file under Linux and will error "SYNTAX error:unexpected END of File", which is mainly caused by the change of working system environment.If the original script is under Windows, write using the sublime editor. Transfer

Understanding of the Inode in Linux

First,InodeWhat is it? To understand the inode, start with the file storage.The file is stored on the hard disk, and the minimum storage unit for the hard disk is called "Sector" (Sector). Each sector is stored 512 bytes (equivalent to 0.5KB).When

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