Teach you to write Linux device drivers: a short tutorial __linux

Excerpt from: http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-20799298-id-99675.htmlThe original text is writing device driver in linux:a Brief tutorial.This article focuses on three examples to explain the Linux driver, so that novice quickly, from the code layer to

RABBITMQ Installation Tutorials (windows/linux) __linux

RABBITMQ Installation Tutorial Introduction:RABBITMQ is a popular open source Message Queuing system developed in Erlang language. RABBITMQ is the standard implementation of AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing protocol). If you are unfamiliar with AMQP,

Small knowledge: explanation./configure--host=arm-linux--prefix=$ (pwd)/_install__linux

From: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_5b9734c501011l4b.html $ tar zxf readline-5.2.tar.gz$ CD READLINE-5.2/$./configure--host=arm-linux--prefix=$ (pwd)/_install$ make$ make Install The meaning of/configure--host=arm-linux--prefix=$ (pwd)/_install

Embedded Linux project Development (i)--web data interaction __oracle

Embedded Linux project development (i)--web data interaction This article explains how to configure personal information through a data interactive Web page on a ported boa, cgic, sqlite embedded Web server, and the CGI program saves the configured

Linux Kernel device Driver Learning notes collation (10)----character Device __linux

/******************** * Character device driver ********************/ (1) Character device driver Introduction A character device is a device that is accessed by a byte stream and is called a character device driver for a character device. This

Linux gzip, bzip2, zip compression ratio comparison __linux


Linux under a lot of compression tools, commonly used formats are tar.gz, tar.bz2, zip, etc. A simple comparison: TAR-ZCVF etc.tar.gz/etc tar-jcvf etc.tar.bz2/etc zip-ry etc.zip/etc Note that the zip command adds two options -R represents a

Compare files or directories under Linux __linux

CMP compares two files and indicates whether they are different and different bytes. Diff compares two files or directories and indicates which files have different rows. DIFF3 compares three files per line. Sdiff merges two files and outputs the

The production __linux of ARM Linux UCLIBC Cross-compilation tool chain

Original address: http://blog.csdn.net/chehlcy/article/details/5456118 (I have been modified, and the possible problems to give a solution) Making a cross-compilation tool chain is a hassle, because cross-compilation ntfsprogs have to do it all over

Linux system hard link and symbolic link summary __linux

Hard Links: 1. The same I node, through the number of links to the I node to determine the number of shares. 2. When you delete a file, the number of links-1 until the number of links is 0 before you delete the file. 3. Since 1., with the same I

Simple thread analysis of TCP/IP protocol stack under Linux __linux

Some of the things that have recently been written about network programming have encountered minor problems with transport. Because there is a simple look at some of the TCP/IP to explain some of the things, so simply find this "tracking

Linux partition Guide "Ubuntu Server Best Practices" __linux

Reproduced from: http://blog.csdn.net/intlgj/article/details/8575192 Introduction to Linux File system architecture The Linux operating system has some fixed directories. The directory structure of various Linux distributions is not exactly the

Linux installation curl and problems encountered in the summary __linux

Steps1 Download Curl Package (you can find the latest version on this website http://curl.haxx.se/download/) wget https://curl.haxx.se/download/curl-7.55.1.tar.gz 2) Decompression TAR-XZVF curl-7.55.1.tar.gz 3) Overlay Installation 1 cd curl-7.

Linux RM Delete Folder command __linux

Delete a directory in Linux very simple, many people are still accustomed to using rmdir, but once the directory is not empty, into deep distress, now use the RM-RF command can be resolved.Direct RM is OK, but add two parameters-rf namely: RM-RF

Linux kernel Add device-driven method __linux

Sometimes we want drivers to be added and removed through make menuconfig at the time of Linux compilation, which can be done in the following ways: 1.LED Drive For example (1) Create an LED directory in the Kernel\drivers\char\ directory, and then

The concept of page buffering and block buffering in Linux __linux

Page buffering in the "Linux kernel Scenario Analysis" book section 5.6 of the document written and read a chapter in the detailed, here excerpt down; There are three main data structures in the file system layer, file structure, dentry structure

Group __linux of Linux modification files

How to change the owner and group of a file under Linux > Learn to change the owner and group ownership of files and directories using the Chown and CHGRP commands. This tuxfile will give you more insight if you already have the knowledge of file

Install Zen Road __linux under Linux

Recently, the company to deploy a bug management system, online check, Zen is still very useful, the key to start open source. Not much nonsense, directly into the theme ~ ~ ~ 1, home must be ready to prepare Zen Road installation package slightly,

Linux Learning Notes (ii)-AIX package principle and Linux RPM package __php

AIX package principles and Linux RPM packages I. AIX package principle1. Principle2. File Set (Fileset) naming rulesFileset This naming format basically describes the content and hierarchy of this set of files, which makes it easy for

linux--Programming--Thread __HTML5

problem arises: Switching between processes requires a large, long time to find a better way to appear in threads. The difference between a new process and a new thread: The new process has its own PID, variable, time independent, and execution

"Linux" Process waiting & program replacement __linux

A process closes all file descriptors at the end, releasing memory allocated in user space, but its PCB remains. The kernel holds some information in it: if it's a normal termination, save the exit state and, if it exits unexpectedly, save the

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