Linux System Network Optimization "Turn" __linux

Linux Network1, optimize the network device receive queuenet.core.netdev_max_backlog=3000This file represents the maximum number of packets that are allowed to be sent to the queue at a rate that each network interface receives packets at a faster

Linux file types and how to view, modify file read and Write permissions __linux

Now using the Ls-l command to view a list of files in the details format, you will see the following:Total 5Drwxr-x---4 user group 4096 00:37 filenameDrwxr-xr-x user group 4096 Mar 10 20:16 filename-RW-------1 User group 524 00:40 A-rw-r--r--1 user

Installing WebSphere and application publishing under Linux

install WebSphere under Linux and application release steps 2010-08-20 10:10 Read (858) ======== Installation jdk,ibmjava118-sdk-1.1.8-4.0.i386.rpm ========Suppose you download rpm to/root/rpms and enter from the command

Linux to determine whether the file exists __linux

Turn from: Everyone has a different approach to determining whether a file exists. I usually take two approaches: open and access;There are similarities and differences between the two methods, and

Commands for file permissions in Linux __linux

Statement to view file permissions: In the terminal input: Ls-l ( is file name) Then there will be similar messages, mostly these: -rw-rw-r-- A total of 10 digits Which: the front one-represents the type The middle one of the three rw-

The SU and sudo details of Linux Rights Management ___username is isn't in the sudoers file__linux

Summary: When you do permissions on Linux, you often get the problem: 1 Why installing the software requires sudo before apt-get. Just installed, run again apt-get but no need to add sudo in front. 2 Why it is sometimes shown that the user is isn't

Linux thread, process classic article __linux

I. Basic knowledge: Threads and processes According to the textbook definition, the process is the smallest unit of resource management, and the thread is the smallest unit of program execution. In operating system design, the main purpose of

Simple simulation implementation of LS command under Linux __linux

This is my operating system this course problem, now take out and share with you. Welcome to discuss and communicate with me /** * Simple implementation of LS command in linux environment * copyright©2011 Hang Studio. All rights reserved. *

Red Flag Linux Server 5.0 Subversion backup strategy implementation __linux

Overview SVN backup generally has 3 kinds of ways: Svnadmin dump, Svnadmin hotcopy, Svnsync, this paper uses a full backup, that is, the use of svnadmin hotcopy of the way to backup. In view of the possibility of hard disk damage and the need for

The Linux kernel's queued spin lock (FIFO Ticket spinlock) __linux

Turn from: Medium=twitter Introduction Spin Lock (Spinlock) is a kind of low-level synchronization mechanism widely used in Linux kernel. A spin lock

Linux Programming Learning-----Remote Procedure Call (RPC) __ block chain

The following text references from Overview In traditional programming concepts, a process is compiled locally by a programmer and can only be limited to a piece of code that runs

Linux:yum (Add/Remove/update RPM package) The detailed use method __linux

Yum is what yum = Yellow Dog Updater, Modified main feature is more convenient to add/remove/update RPM packages. It can automatically solve the problem of dependency of packages. It facilitates the management of a large number of system update

Linux driver Development must see-linux START process (turn) __linux

Reproduced Original: Linux Driver Development must look Detailed explanation The mysterious kernel is reproduced in Source: Chinaunix Author: Chinaunix "IT168 Technical

3 commands for locating files in Linux __linux

Usually find the file in Linux is to use Whereis or locate first, or not to find after the search command. Below is a detailed description of the following three orders: 1. Whereis View the location of the file Common parameters: -B: Only binary

Linux File Sync replication __linux

File synchronization replication under Linux1. Mode of adoptionCreate a temporary storage directory on a single machine, store files, from this temporary directory to multipleServer to transfer files. For the temporary directory after the transfer

Linux security system ClamAV Virus scanning program [Turn]__linux

> Excerpt from: ClamAV virus scanner for Http:// security system ClamAV is a typical anti-virus software with extensive and GPL-license open source code that supports a wide range of platforms, such as Windows,

Embedded Linux busybox NTP time synchronization __linux

turn from: a , BackgroundThe machine is loaded with BusyBox, using the smallest set of Linux. The hardware clock is local time, the kernel clock is UTC time, no time zone

Five free lightweight Linux distributions __linux

Turn from: It is well known that open source operating systems (such as UNIX and Linux) have achieved great success. One important reason for the popularity of Linux may be that its distribution can meet

I. Installing WebSphere MQ on Linux

Recently, the installation of WebSphere MQ on Linux, encountered a lot of small problems, in short, the Linux command is not familiar with, and now the installation steps written down, hope to be used later. The first step is to download the

Berkeley DB installation in Linux ____linux

Berkeley DB is an open source embedded database management system (acquired by Oracle) developed by US Sleepycat Software, which provides scalable, high-performance, transaction-protected data management services for applications. Berkeley DB

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