Dynamic implementation of Linux related library functions and system calls

Library functionsvoid Memset (void *mem, unsigned char byte, unsigned int len), void _memcpy (void *, void *, unsigned int), int _printf (char * , ...); char * itoa (Long, char *), char * ITOX (Long, char *), int _puts (char *), int _puts_nl (char *)

Build Nginx server under Linux

Nginx install one. Installing the compilation tools and library filesYum-y install make zlib zlib-devel gcc-c++ libtool OpenSSL openssl-develView CodeTwo. Install PCRE (PCRE function is to let Nginx support rewrite function)1. Download the PCRE

Linux Soft and Hard links detailed

Soft linksSoft Link: Windows-like shortcut,-> text file, but contains the address of the real fileIf the source file is deleted, the soft connection is also deletedSoft links can be placed on any file systemThe directory can create a soft connection-

Linux Fundamentals 01

(1) LS-L: Long formatFile type: the-: Normal file (f)D: Catalog fileB: Block device files (blocks)C: Character device file (character)L: Symbolic Link files (symbolic link file)P: Command pipe file (pipe)S: Socket file (socket)Example: Ls-ld/root

Linux env Command detailed

ENV: Querying Environment variablesCommon Command DisplayView environment variables for the current environment[[email protected] ~]# envhostname=localhost.localdomainselinux_role_requested=term=xtermshell=/bin/ bashhistsize=1000ssh_client=192.168.25

Use of the Read command in Linux-(6/30)

The read command is a very important bash command for entering text from the keyboard or table and interacting with the user, which can read the values of multiple variables at once, and the variables and input values need to be separated by spaces.

Linux File System Management

Linux File System ManagementCourse Outline? File system composition and commands? Partition and management of hard disk? Disk quotas? Backup and RecoveryFile System composition/usr/bin,/bin: Store the commands that all users can

(i) Linux implementation--permissions, task scheduling, disk partitioning

1. Permissions 1.1 View PermissionsYou can see the details of a file by using the Ls-l commandHere is a message explaining the role of each position character-rwxr--r--. 1 root root 32 June 10:15 choose.sh(1) 0-9-bit description: No. 0

Use of awk in Linux (Absolute Essence Edition)

Awk is absolutely the core tool in Linux, especially in the search field, as important as mastering the SED command.Here are some of the basics of awk that, based on this knowledge, allow you to manipulate a file at will:In awk: () bracket is a

Linux common commands--mount, umount

mount 磁盘分区功能Syntax format: mount "option" "Device" "dir" mount [options] [device] [directory]Attention: There must be at least one space between each element in the Mount command and in the following options, devices, and directories

How function Ftok in Linux produces key values

When we do the Linux interprocess communication development, we often use the Ftok function to produce the unique key value of the text, then how this key value is generated.Function prototype:key_t ftok (const char * fname, int id); Application:key_

VMware NAT Port mapping extranet access to virtual machine Linux

Purpose of this article:An. SSH connectionTwo. Access HTTP  VMware Workstation provides two ways to access virtual machines, one bridge, one Nat,bridge to get a public address, and NAT to be an intranet address.NAT is equivalent to using a host as a

Linux Basic Command Summary (ii)

3. Basic Commands-2Basic Commands-2Compression and archivingPack: Archive, similar to pack before travelCompression: To reduce the amount of disk space used, backup can be done to save network bandwidth when transferring over the network.Packaged

Installation and configuration of Linux Server for NFS

I. Introduction TO Services for NFSNFS is the network file system. The main function is to allow different servers to share files or directories across the network. NFS clients are typically application servers (such as web, load balancing, and so

Linux Command function description

Online Enquiry and Help commands (2) Mans View command Help, Dictionary of commands, more complex and info, but not commonly used. Help See Help for Linux built-in commands, such as CD commands.File and Directory operations commands (18)LsFull

File I/O functions in Linux

First, Lseek functionEach open file has a "current file offset" associated with it. It is usually a non-negative integer used to measure from the beginning of the fileThe number of bytes computed. Typically, read and write operations start at the

Linux Device Tree Syntax detailed

The Linux kernel introduces the concept of the device tree starting from 3.x, which is used to separate the driver code from the device information . Before the device tree appears, all specific information about the device is written in the drive,

Linux Common Commands--ln

ln 显示文件的类型Syntax format: ln "option" "Source" "Target" file [option] [meta file or directory] [destination file or directory]Attention: The file command and subsequent options and files must have at least one space between each

Copy file or directory Linux commands

To copy a file or directory command:To copy a file:(1) Copy Local files to remoteSCP filename User name @ computer IP or computer name: remote pathLocal Clientscp/root/install.* [Email protected]:/usr/local/src(2) Copy files back to

Linux Common Commands--readlink

readlink 显示文件的类型Syntax format: readlink "option" readlink [options] [file]Attention: Readlink command and subsequent options, there must be at least one space between each elementOption Description: parameter Options

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