Configure Cuckoo sandbox with Linux subsystem on WIN10

Original link: to this author's article, it is really convenient and quick to configure the environment. Here's a note on how to configure

Linux build core file, core file path settings

1. Set the core file size to list the limits for all resources:ulimit -aUlimit-a.png or view the core file size:ulimit -cCore File Size:Unlimited:core file size is not restricted0: The core file does not occur when the program fails1024: Represents

Linux file directory structure experiment

taking the experimental environment of centos6.5 as an example1. Create/tmp directory: A_c, A_d, B_c, B_d[[email protected] tmp]# Mkdir-pv/tmp/{a,b}_{c,d}mkdir: The directory "/tmp/a_c" has been createdmkdir: The directory "/tmp/a_d" has been

Description of the structure and application of the folders under Linux:

/bin:Binary executable command./ Dev:Device special files./ etc:System administration and configuration files./ETC/RC.D:Start the configuration files and scripts. /Home:The base point of the user's home directory, such as the user's home directory

linux--Modify directory and file Permissions command chmod

Ext: The author is Baidu accountThe chmod command in a Linux system is primarily used to modify the permissions of directories and files, which are only available to the root user by default. The command is used for COMMAND + modify content + to

Linux Server Installation configuration Nginx server

Nginx ("Engine X") is a high-performance Web and reverse proxy server developed by the Russian program designer Igor Sysoev and is also a IMAP/POP3/SMTP proxy server.In the case of high connection concurrency, Nginx is a good substitute for Apache

Linux Common Commands Summary

1. Quick Start Terminal: ctr+alt+t2. Terminal font enlargement: ctr+shift+ ' + '3. Terminal font reduction: ctr+ '-'4. LS: View the file information in the current directory4.1 ls BD ABC view two directories at a time5. PWD: View the directory path6.

Test staff Common Linux commands

Tag:cpu   nbsp   nginx   drop    Update      Understanding     model     between    .gz    1. Firewall 1) After reboot effective Open: Chkconfig iptables on off: chkconfig iptables off2) immediate effect, restart after failure to open: Service

Analysis of the backlog of connection queues for Linux sockets


The process of establishing a socket connection 1:client send a SYN request to Server2:server after receiving the request placed in the SYN queue, the maximum value of this half-connection queue is the system parameters Tcp_max_syn_ Backlog

Upgrade NPM and node under Linux

NPM UpgradeDon't say much nonsense, just talk about the steps. Start with the easy first and upgrade NPM.NPM This package management tool has been criticized by people, many people recommend the use of yarn, but its number of users are still not

The difference and choice between zip and tar processing soft links in Linux

The difference and choice between zip and tar processing soft links in Linux System environmentcat /etc/redhat-release CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core)getenforceDisabled Installing Zip,unzip#直接yum安装yum install -y zip unzip Create an

Monitor IO performance, free command, PS command, view network status, Linux under Grab Bag

Monitoring IO Performance[[email protected] ~]# iostatLinux 3.10.0-514.el7.x86_64 (localhost.localdomain) 2017年09月12日 _x86_64_ (1 CPU)avg-cpu: %user %nice %system %iowait %steal %idle 0.11 0.00 0.23 0.01 0.00

Iii. file types and file name extensions in Linux systems

The. Sock file is also a special kind of file, which is usually used to connect data between networks, such as: We can start a program to listen to the client's requirements, the client can communicate through the socket:Linuxthe file types inFile

Disk Configuration in Linux

Experiment: Migrating the/home partitionRequirements: 1. Add a 20GB SCSI disk to the virtual machine2. Create a 10GB partition on the new hard drive, and store all the normal user's host folders3. The newly created partition is still attached to the/

linux--Analysis of signal processing

signal and its processing signal processing is an event that UNIX and Linux systems generate in response to certain conditions, usually the kernel generates a signal, and the process receives a signal and takes action accordingly .For example,

2018-04-25 "Bird Brother's Linux private cuisine Basic Study (fourth Edition)" 20th chapter basic System setting and backup strategy

Command directory1, Ifconfig-a #列出所有网卡2, Nmcli #设定网络参数3, Timedatectl [COMMAMD] #时区的显示与设定4, the time server on the Ntpdate network #手动网络校时4, Hwclock-w #订正 the time of the BIOS record5. Locale #查询目前的语系数据与变量5, Localectl #查询目前的语系数据与变量6, Firewall

Modify apt download source under Linux

Many times the unable to fetch somearchives error occurs when using the APT Install command, and we need to run the following apt update, but often there is a slow download situationHere's a note to change the download source of apt to some source

Linux Boot Process Insider

Linux Boot Process InsiderGuidance from a master boot record to the first user space applicationIn the early days, starting a computer meant feeding the computer a tape containing a bootloader, or manually loading the bootloader with the front panel

Linux Network configuration

Basic Network ConfigurationTo connect a Linux host to a network, you need to configure network-related settingsGenerally include the following:Host NameIp/netmaskRouting: Default gatewayDNS ServerPrimary DNS ServerSecondary DNS serverThird-party DNS

Three off-by-one vulnerabilities of Linux (x86) exploit series (stack based)

Off-by-one Vulnerability (stack based)Original address: is off by one?Copying a source string to a destination buffer may result in off by one1, the source string length equals the target buffer

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