Amazon Linux AMI 2015.09 (HVM) platform to build lamp

Update YumYum UpdateInstall Apache:Yum Install -y httpdAfter the installation is complete, restartService httpd RestartSet Apache to boot upChkconfig httpd onTo view the startup status of the HTTPD serviceChkconfig--list httpdInstall MySQL:Yum

Can't learn Linux well? We analyze to see what the right learning method is

For 2018 years, the number of jobs and average salary levels for Linux operations continued to grow strongly last year, faster than many development jobs. From the research Institute's data, the number of Linux jobs and wage levels rose in the top

Linux directory structure and function detail

1, Linux system different directory can be distributed in different partitions or different hard disk devices, which is difficult for windows to reach. Directory and disk partitions are not associated.2, Mount point is the entry of the system into

Linux file or directory properties

1. File or Directory PropertiesThe properties of a Linux file or directory include: The file or directory's node, kind, permission mode, number of links, the user and user group to which it belongs, the time recently accessed or modified, and so on.

Linux Common commands collation (partial)

Linux common commands (partial)Ready to install the VMware Virtual machine first, install the CentOS image file1:linux directory structure (partial)/bin Common system Command directory/boot Command Directory/etc configuration file directory/Home

The OpenSSL tool in Linux

OpenSSL command-line tools:Numerous sub-commands to achieve a variety of security encryption functions;Standard command:ENC,DGST,CA,REQ,GENRSA,RAND,RSA,X509,PASSWD, ...Symmetric encryption Command: ENCA symmetric encryption algorithm is provided for

02_linux directory Structure _ my Linux Road

The first two sections have taught you how to install a Linux system on a virtual machineIn this section, we will learn about the directory structure of Linux, describe the entire system architecture of Linux, and familiarize yourself with

Linux process Management-regularly perform tasks on a regular schedule

0. command to schedule a task:At scheduling a job to execute at a momentBatch schedules jobs to execute when system load is not heavyCrontab scheduling jobs that run periodically command usage:To schedule a command or multiple commands to run

Linux RM-RF * File recovery note


The hands are too fast and the intestines are ruined. Would have been to delete a file rm path/myfile.txtThe result somehow added a *, becameRM Path/myfile.txt *Hurriedly LS, found that all the code is Utopia, has not been submitted, has not been

Eight weeks three lessons rsync syncs through services, Linux system logs, screen tools

Rsync is synchronized by serviceThrough the service of the way first we have to open a service, its architecture is the CS architecture. Client and service side. The server opens a service, rsync service, and listens on a port, defaults to 873, and

Linux basic commands (1)

The direction of the arrows is the flow of data,Number Description: 0 for standard input, 1 for standard correct output, and 2 for standard error output. The 2&1> or 2&1>> indicates that the standard correct output is the same as the standard error

GTK Learning notes under the Linux GTK Environment setup


The following is a description of the installation process under Ubuntu environment:1, configuration installation Gcc/g++/gdb/make and other basic programming tools (must be installed)There is already gcc in the newly installed Ubuntu system, but

Programming methods for CPU consumption and memory consumption of compute processes under Linux ZZ

Https:// simplest way to view RAM usage is through /proc/meminfo . This dynamically updated virtual file is actually a combination of many other memory-related tools (such as: Free/ps/top).

First personal assignment "six" (Linux performance Analysis)

Tool selectionHere's a reference to the, It mainly analyzes the three Linux platform mainstream hot analysis tools, respectively,

Build Gitolite on Linux servers to implement permissions control on Git server's repository

First, the environment introduction:1.1Git Account Management Machine Manageip:[[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release CentOS release 6.7 (Final)[[email protected] ~]# hostnamemanage[[email protected] ~]# tail -2 /etc/hosts10.0.0.56

Install RABBITMQ under Linux

Open Official Website: to go to another pagePull down, the document provides us with a useful help, the first one is to view the RABBITMQ and Erlang version of the relationship, the second is the GitHub

Linux next last and Lastb command detailed

In Linux systems, the last and LASTB commands are used to list information about the user who is currently logged in to the system. Directive English original meaning:Last, lastb-show listing of the last logged in usersWhen the last instruction is

LINUX-IP Command Essays

11.3 IP command 11.3.1 IP to see which rpm the IP was generated from[[email protected] ~]# rpm -qf `which ip`iproute-2.6.32-32.el6_5.i686View Iproute-generated files[[email protected] ~]# rpm-ql

Linux common file Management Command description

#1.1 lsCommand     Ls-a # view all files including  . .. CatalogueLs-r # sort files in reverse order     Ls-l # View all file detailsLs-lt # View all file details and sort by time from near to farLs-a # view all files including  . .. Catalogue       

FAQ: Linux Installation Python3 steps, Windows cannot take advantage of PIP

steps for Linux to install python3.6 and third-party libraries:My Linux is the CentOS 6.5 versionLinux most of the system default comes with python2.x version, the most common is python2.6 or python2.7, the default Python is a lot of system programs

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