Familiar with common Linux operations

Please follow the Linux basic commands as required on the machine.CD command: Switch directories(1) Switch to directory/usr/localCd/usr/local(2) Go to the current upper directoryCd..(3) Go back to your home folderCD ~ls command: View files and

2018-03-13 Linux Learning

9.4 sed (UP)Sed tool example sed-n ' 5 ' p test.txt sed-n ' 1,5 ' p test.txt sed-n ' 1,$ ' P test.txt sed-n '/root/' P test.txt sed -N '/^1/' P test.txt sed-n ' in$ ' P test.txt sed-n '/R. o/' P test.txt sed-n ' oo* ' P test.txt sed-e ' 1 ' p-e '/111

Linux Learning-Process Management

Directory Parent and child processes Service Job Management (& | Jobs | FG | BG | Kill PS command Priority and Nice priorities Parent and child processesA child process is a program derived from a parent process.

Familiar with common Linux operations

The following Linux basic commands are practiced as required.CD command: Switch directories(1) Switch to directory/usr/localCD usrCD Local(2) Go to the current upper directoryCd..(3) Go back to your home folderCD ~ls command: View files and

"Linux" SVN environment configuration

Ubuntu Install SVN environment configuration1. Installationsudo apt-get Install SubversionThe installation process requires data "Y"2. SVN location SelectionAfter the installation is complete, select the SVN directory location and place it

Familiar with common Linux operations

Please follow the Linux basic commands as required on the machine.CD command: Switch directories(1) Switch to directory/usr/localCd/usr/local(2) Go to the current upper directoryCd..(3) Go back to your home folderCdls command: View files and

Linux route commands to understand and use, as well as network card command details

Basic knowledge of the road:1) Routing ConceptsRouting: The process of forwarding packets across an internetwork from a source host to a target hostRouters: devices that can forward packets to the correct destination and select the best path during

Basic knowledge of Linux in three major systems

Three major systems:1,linux 2Windows 3 UnixA shutdown, reboot some settingsShutdown-h now "shut down immediately"or Poweroff.Shutdown-h 10 "Shut down after 10 minutes"Shutdown-h 22:30 "22:30 shutdown"Init 0 shutdownShutdown-r Now "reboot immediately"

Linux file types and file-related commands

File typellYou can see the file details later:-: General file (internal type is what, with file command)d: Directory, catalog fileb: BLOBK device, block devices file, support random access in "block" units Major number: The main device ID,

Linux compression (decompression) command

One. Tar commandTar can create archives for files and directories. With tar, users can create files (backup files) for a specific file, or they can change files in the file or add new files to the file. Tar was originally used to create files on

"Turn" to people who support and oppose "Working with full Linux"

I have been asked about my study, asked if I have found the ideal research environment. I always get some small animals, or it's the fun stuff. Really ashamed, because I have always felt that I have no say, has always felt that it was wrong. But the

Linux file compression and packaging


Common compressed packaging file tools under Linux are: gzip, bzip2, XZ, zip, and tarGzip Compression Tool:Format: gzip [-d#] filename, where # is a number 1-9-D: This parameter is used when decompressing-#: Indicates the compression level, 1 is the

linux-automatically delete n days ago Log

Linux is a very automatic file generation system, log, mail, backup and so on. Although now hard disk cheap, we can have a lot of hard disk space for these files wasted, so that the system regularly clean up some unnecessary files there is a

The difference between "soft link" and "Hard link" of LINUX

Today, I see a very interesting question on the understanding:How to evaluate Microsoft senior Engineer obsessed with soft link this common concept of Linux?Although it is well-known tearing forced the king has a certain tear force, but I still want

Linux Find command detailed

FindReal-time Lookup tool to complete file lookups by traversing the file system hierarchy under the specified starting path: Working characteristics: Find speed slightly slow: exact find: Real-time Find: Usage: Find [options][find start path]

Extended regular expression for Linux (Egrep)

Egrep An extended regular expression implementation is similar to the grep text filtering feature: Grep-e grep [OPTIONS] PATTERN [FILE ...] grep [OPTIONS] [-E PATTERN |-f file] [FILE ...] Options:--color=auto: Shading The matched text after

Common commands for Linux files and directories

ls command:Used to display the target list, which is a high-usage command in Linux. The output information of the LS command can be colored and highlighted to partition different types of files.Grammar:ls [options] [filename ...]Common options:-A:

Linux disk and partition detailed

1. Introduction to Linux partitioning 1.1 primary partition VS Extended PartitionThe hard disk partition table can store up to four partitions, but we are generally divided into two partitions, one is the primary partition (Primary partion) is an

2018-2-28 Linux Learning Notes

11.10/11/12 installation PHP5PHP official website Www.php.net, the current mainstream version is 5.6 and 7.1Brief steps to install PHP5: Cd/usr/local/src wget http://cn2.php.net/distributions/php-5.6.30.tar.gz Tar zxvf php-5.6.30.tar.gz CD

20165105 preparatory work 3 Linux installation and learning

The installation process is carried out according to the graphic tutorial.Follow the instructions provided by the teacher to download the installation of the VBox process is smooth, but in the download of Ubuntu image, English website download

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