(turn) The Umask value of Linux system and its corresponding file permission explanation

On the umask value of Linux system and its corresponding file permission explanationOriginal: http://blog.51cto.com/oldboy/1060032Origin:1, this article is written in particular to thank the 51cto blog staff and leadership, the old boy blog is

Linux User Management and permissions

First, user management1. User1) Token token,identity2) Linux Users: Username/uid3) Administrator: root,04) Normal Users: 1-65535System User: 1-499 (CentOS6), 1-999 (CentOS7) Assign permissions to the daemon to get resourcesLogin User: CENTOS6, 1000+

Linux User and Group management commands

One, user management commandsUseraddThe Useradd command is used for new system users created in Linux. Useradd can be used to create user accounts. After the account is built, then use passwd to set the password of the account. You can delete an

Linux Basics-----The format and type of commands

Simple IntroductionAdvantages of the 1.linux system:Linux belongs to free software users can get it and its source code, and can according to their own needs to make necessary changes to it, free of charge to it, free to spread, safe and stable.

2018-1-17linux System Management (1) Linux disk and file system concepts

in this chapter, we begin the introduction of Linux system, we first understand the structure of the disk and the concept of file system, in the foundation of the previous article, the main introduction of the use of Linux commands and other

DNS in 04-linux (i)

0, on the configuration of Linux under the DNS of some of the terms of the explanation, see the article "03-about the configuration of the DNS under Linux explanation of some nouns (transferred from the network)" self-learningFirst, about the DNS

"Linux" basic daily life CUT&MV&SCP command

The Cut command is used to display the text from the beginning of NUM1 to num2 for each lineGrammar:Cut [-bn] [file]Cut [-c] [file]Cut [-DF] [file]Instructions for use:The cut command cuts bytes, characters, and fields from each line of the file and

Lenovo DS storage Linux under iSCSI multipath mapping configuration

Lenovo DSStorageLinuxunderISCSIMulti-Path mapping configurationRenren 2018-01-17Lab Environment:      ds4200 storage, B The director pool divides a size of 18g volume 1G Iscsi port port2 and Port3 Port B2 port ip port B3 port

Summary of basic Linux commands

Simple Command Linux lsList files in the current file directory (only file names are displayed) pwdDisplays the path of the current action cdJump path ls -aThe hidden file can be displayed, and the command to create a hidden

Linux Week Summary

One: the generation and development of Linux1. In 1946 the University of Pennsylvania produced the first computer Eniarc. Operation 5,000 times per second but still defective. First, the user exclusive whole machine, resource utilization is low.

Linux basic Commands Daquan

Linux system basic commands: to distinguish caseUname display version information (same as Win2K ver)DIR Displays the current directory file, Ls-al display includes hidden files (dir with Win2K)PWD Query the directory location where you are

Installation of nginx steps in Linux environment

Https://www.cnblogs.com/wyd168/p/6636529.htmlBefore you begin, verify that the GCC g++ Development class Library is installed, and that the default is set.The UBUBTU platform compilation environment can use the following directivesapt-get install

(ext.) Linux Paste command usage detailed

Linux Paste Command Usage detailedOriginal: http://www.xfcodes.com/linuxcmd/mulu/10211.htmLinux under the Paste command, which can be used to merge columns of files.Feature Description: Merge the columns of the file.Syntax: paste

etc under Linux

/etcETC is not what abbreviation, is and so on the meaning of the French from the ET cetera translated into Chinese is to wait for the meaning. As for why to store the configuration file under/etc, according to the original UNIX (Linux file

Linux in Lftp Summary

LFTP features more powerful, compared to the original with FTP, a lot of convenience.1. Login:Lftp ftp://[email protected]pwd:*****or open ftp://[email protected]Basic operation (RPM)Lftp is a powerful download tool that supports access to file

Linux Engineer Learning------NFS

Lab Environment: Modify the default zone of two virtual machine firewalls to trusted[Email protected] ~]# Firewall-cmd--set-default-zone=trusted[Email protected] ~]# Firewall-cmd--set-default-zone=trusted1. NFS Shared Services (Linux and Linux)1.1

2018-1-12 Linux Learning Notes

8.10 Shell Special Symbol Cut command8.10.1 Special SymbolsSymbol *: any of any charactersSymbol? : any one characterSymbol #: Comment character, which is the content after # Linux ignoresSymbol \: Escape character, which will be followed by a

Linux Learning command "1"

Linux学习之命令【1】One • Command overview?????? 1. Basic Simple commands??????? ? 1.0 pwd1.1 Echo????????? 1.2 Date????????? 1.3 cal1.4 CD????????? 1.4 ls????????? 1.5 tab1.6 Clear1.7 Help Commands??????? 1.7.1 Help????????? 1.7..2 Mans? ??? 2. User

Linux-centos7.4-dns (build a DNS server)

Related concepts:Forward parsing: Resolving a domain name to an IP addressReverse parsing: Resolving IP addresses to domain namesEnvironment: Linux Server One, IP address: first step: Getting Ready for work[[email protected] ~]# yum

How to Use the Smem command line to check the memory usage on Ubuntu

How to Use the Smem command line to check the memory usage on Ubuntu To check the memory usage in Ubuntu Linux, we can install and use the Smem memory reporting tool to display the memory usage in Ubutnu Linux. Smem is a command line tool used to

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