Linux basic Commands (-)

Recently learning Linux, the teacher class said the estimated class is forgotten, is now ready to prepare for a rainy days.Ps1=x//Modify the terminal promptsu root//switch user ssh [email protected] remote connectionYum-y

How to start the Linux daemon

NanyiDate: February 28, 2016The daemon (daemon) is the process that is running in the background (daemon).This article describes how to start a Web app as a daemon.First, the origin of the problemAfter the Web application is written, the next thing

Common operations commands in Linux

1, cd command This is a very basic, is also a common need to use the command, it is used to switch the current directory, its parameters are to switch to the path of the directory, can be an absolute path, can also be a relative path. Such as:[Plain]

Linux Beginner-System startup failure Chapter

Linux Beginner-System startup failure ChapterIn the operation of the system, sometimes accidentally deleted or the operation error caused the system to start up, the following will enumerate several common system startup failure and the solution.1.

12.2, Linux Job management, adjustment process priority

1. Linux Job classification:Front-end job: foreground, start with terminal, and always occupy terminal after startupBackground jobs: Background, can be launched through the terminal, but after the boot will be transferred to the background, release

Linux operations, architecture-rpm customization, local yum warehouse setup


One, customized RPM package1. Environment [[email protected] ~]# cat/etc/redhat-release CentOS release 6.9 (Final) [[email protected] ~]# uname-r 2.6 . 32 -696 ~]#/etc/init.d/iptables statusiptables: Firewall is not running.[

Linux SVN Co relocation


In a Linux environment, Svn:authorization failed errors are reported using SVN Co (that is, SVN checkout)When using SVN co svn://localhost/, it is reported: Svn:authorization failedPlease change your account to move out againSVN

Compile the installer from the source under Linux

This article simply records the next, under Linux How to install the program through the source code, as well as related knowledge.I. Components of the procedureLinux programs are mostly made up of the following parts:Binary files: That is, program

Set UID, set GID, Sticky Bit in Linux

Set UID:SUID permissions are valid only for binary programsPerformer must have X executable permission for the programThis permission is valid only in the course of executing the programPerformer will have permission to host the programSuch as:-rwsr-

Introduction to Basic Network configuration method of Linux network

Network Information viewSet Network address:Cat /etc/sysconfig/Network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 You will see:DEVICE=Eth0Bootproto=StaticsHWADDR=00: 0c:29:13:d1:6f Onboot=yes Type=ethernet Ipaddr=192.168. 0.212 Netmask= 255.255. 255.0

Research on how to implement fork in Linux system (II.) "Turn"

Tag: blank user State IFD CAL executes KDE memory structure unlock RegisterTransferred from: article is original, reprint please specify: study on how

How many long connections can a Socket TCP server have on a port? What was the impact? Linux Max file Handle Count summary

How many long connections can a Socket TCP server have on a port?There are many answers on the internet, I don't know that's rightTheoretically, it's infinite.16, Linux, a port can accept the number of TCP links theoretical limit is?a.1024b.65535c.65

Reprint: Under Linux View/modify system time zone, time

One, view and modify the time zone of Linux 1. View current time zoneCommand: "Date-r"2. Modify the setup Linux Server time zone method ACommand: "Tzselect"Method B is limited to Redhat Linux and CentOSCommand: "Timeconfig"Method C applies to

Rsync installation and configuration under Linux

Rsync (synchronous data, support incremental backup)How to use:Rsync-av the 1.txt file under the TMP folder in Server to the TMP directory on this machine)Rsync-av/tmp/1.txt

Error message when you run the command to close Tomcat on a Linux system

Server: Linnux 5.5 64-bit, installed JDK;Tomcat version: apache-tomcat-7.0.53Operating software: Xshell 4 (free for Home/school)Just started to restart the Tomcat, but the browser access to the site has been stuck, it may be tomcat problem, so in

xshell-Common Directives summarize Linux common directives

suse Linux Common commands(1) Command ls--list filesLs-la gives a long list of all the files in the current directory, including a "hidden" file that begins with a periodLS A * lists all files in the current directory that begin with the letter

Modify the Linux SSH connection port and disable IP, install the DDoS deflate

Test system: CENTOS7 Modify the connection port to modify the configuration file vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config Remove the comment from Port 22 to add a new port configurationport your_port_num Custom port selection recommended

Linux Apche cannot listen for port resolution (Permission Denied:make_sock:could not bind to address)

Want to build a test with the virtual host, encountered this problem:[[Email protected] html]# service httpd startStarting httpd:httpd:Could not reliably determine the server ' s fully qualified domain name, using Localhost.termwikidev For

Parameters of the date command of Linux system and methods of obtaining time stamp

Date instruction Related Usage exampleDate usage: date [OPTION] ... [+format]Date [-u|--utc|--universal] [MMDDHHMM[[CC]YY][.SS]]Enter Date directlyDate specified format display time: Date +%y_%m_%d, date +%y:%m:%dDate can be used to display or set

Linux system Knowledge-processes & Threads

Vamei Source: Http:// Welcome reprint, Please also keep this statement. Thank you!Reference linksHttp://

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