SUSE Linux Common commands

suse Linux Common commands(1) Command ls--list filesLs-la gives a long list of all the files in the current directory, including a "hidden" file that begins with a periodLS A * lists all files in the current directory that begin with the letter

Linux Programming Implementation PWD command

Linux Programming Implementation PWD commandIn Linux, everything is file. Directory is actually a kind of file, but this file is very special, it is stored in a corresponding table, that is, the file name and I node of the corresponding relational

Linux Basic Command Ⅲ

1 Special Permissions Set_uid[[email protected] ~]# ls-l/usr/bin/passwd when s appears on the file owner's X permission description is set_uid-rwsr-xr-x. 1 root root 27832 June 2014/usr/bin/passwdset_uid is an ordinary user who temporarily owns the

Linux Modify, add IP method, a network card bound multiple ip/drift IP "turn"

Temporarily add IP command: ifconfig eth0:1 IP address netmask Subnet code broadcast broadcast address gateway GatewaysIfconfig eth0:1 netmask broadcast Gateway eth0 is the first network card,

Linux view all files corresponding to hard links

In Linux, the link file is divided into hard-link and soft-link file two, where hard links are established through ln source_file dist_file, and soft links are established through Ln-s source_file Dist_file.The difference between soft and hard links:

The Linux Report Generator tool awk

The Linux Report Generator tool awkawk: Displayed after formatting based on input information1.1. awk Basic Usageawk [Options] ' script ' File1,file2,....or awk [options] PATTERN [ACTION] ' file1,file2 ....Example: awk ' {print '} '

A few time functions commonly used under Linux: Time,gettimeofday,clock_gettime,_ftime

Time () provides a second level of accuracy 1. header File 2. Function prototype time_t Time (time_t * timer) The function returns the number of seconds starting from Tc1970-1-1 0:0:0 to now Use the time () function with other

Linux basic commands

A 1:ls directory and file under the specified path2:ls-l can display file detail properties650) this.width=650; "title=" 36017290510466862.png "alt=" Ee72d2a591b98a2c65e282696fa0dae5.png-wh_ "src=" https://

mkdir and rmdir of Linux commands

Mkdirmake directory 1) mkdir directory name example: MkDir dir02) mkdir-p parent directory/subdirectory mkdir-p DIR1/DIR2 where-P is the abbreviation for Parents continuous creation of multi-level directories, such as parent directory and

Touch, MV, CP, RM in Linux

touch    new file touch  filename such as:touch file1           New file named File1 in the current directory Note: 1) The same directory cannot create a file with the same name 2) the file name of Linux is case-sensitive mv       Modify the file

Linux rpm, yum tool usage


7.1 Three Ways to install packages: RPM Tools The RPM command is a management tool for RPM packages. RPM was originally a red Hat Linux distribution program designed to manage Linux packages and is popular because it follows GPL rules

(ext.) Linux Expr command parameters and usage explanations

Linux expr command parameters and usage detailsOriginal: usageThe expr command is generally used for integer values, but can also be used for strings. The General format is:#expr argument

Linux in tar. GZ bz2 XZ How to use decompression

tar.gz/xz/bz2 How to DecompressTar usage: Tar was originally used to package on tape drives, and now tar can package any file, package multiple files and directories into a single file, and also support xz/bzip2/gzip compression, separate tar does

View hardware information under Linux (MAC,IP address, HDD model, serial number, etc.)

First, check the network card MAC address#安装lshw[email protected] ~]# Yum install LSHW#使用方法[[email protected] ~]# lshw-c network *-network:0 description:ethernet Interface Produc T:netxtreme II BCM5709 Gigabit Ethernet vendor:broadcom Limited

LINUX Directory file Operations

01: Create directory = = mkdir/directory Name02: Recursive Create directory = = mkdir-p/directory Name03: Switch directory = cd directory path04: Show current directory: PWD05: Superior and current directory = CD. and CDs.06: Delete Empty directory =

Customized RPM packages for Linux systems

FPM Packaging ToolsFPM's author is Jordansissel.FPM's GITHUB:HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/JORDANSISSEL/FPMThe FPM function is simply to convert one type of package into another type.1. Supported source-type packagesDir packages the directory into the

Linux system resolved Getch () input value does not show back

Under the Linux system development C program will encounter the system does not support Conio.h header file, cannot use Getch () do not echo function. The following shows how to construct a function to implement numeric input without

Monitoring and log analysis of high CPU in Linux system

When using a Linux system, consume CPU resources too high and use scripting to troubleshoot:1, real-time monitoring, once there is a high CPU consumption process, the program starts;2, then the process analysis, to draw the corresponding thread;3,

Under Linux, how to execute the ifconfig command with regular expressions, only extract the IP address!

The method is too many, first simple to concise and gradual.1.[Email protected] ~]# ifconfig eth0|grep ' inet addr: ' # # #过滤不是IP地址的行inet addr: bcast: mask:[Email protected] ~]# ifconfig eth0|sed-n ' 2p ' #

Network bandwidth and speed test Iperf tools for Windows and Linux

Iperf is a network performance testing tool. Iperf can test TCP and UDP bandwidth quality. The Iperf can measure the maximum TCP bandwidth with multiple parameters and UDP characteristics. Iperf can report bandwidth, delay jitter, and packet loss.

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