Linux Learning one: Installing JDK and Tomcat

Using SECURECRTFirst, the installation of CentOS Rzsz,1.yum Automatic Installation: (yum installation Rzsz)Yum Install Lrzsz    2. The manual installation method is as follows: (the package is a problem, or the first way)2.1. Download software rzsz-3

Cache memory consumption in Linux solution

In Linux systems, we often use the free command to view the state of the system's memory usage. On a RHEL6 system, the display of the free command is probably a state:Here the default display unit is KB, my server is 128G of memory, so the numbers

2017-10-2: Review Linux commands

Create directory: mkdir directory nameCreate file: Vim file name and write file content Touch file nameView File: Cat file nameView Directory: CD directory ll directory under file or directory details ls display directory under file nameDelete file

Linux rpm Command parameter usage [introduction and application]


Reference Source: Execution Installation packageBinary packages (binary) and source code packages (sources) are two types. Binary packages can be installed directly on the

Expect commands in Linux

ExpectMediumShaoxingexpect is by Don Libes based on Tcl (Tool Command Language) Language developed, primarily for automated interactive operation scenarios, using expect to handle interactive commands, you can automate the process by writing

Linux commands lsattr, chattr, man

1, man command, you can view the manualConfiguration Location/etc/man.confManpath Decision Manual Query locationMansect determining the Order of man queriesMan's queryCommon uses of Linux man: man section cmd: direct Specify a specific chapter

A calculator under Linux

(1) BCBC is an interactive instruction by default. In the BC working environment, you can use the following calculation symbols:+ Addition-Subtraction* Multiplication/Division^ Index% remaindersuch as:3+4;5*2;5^2;18/4 710254Quit # Britishscale=3 1/3.

Linux basic commands

Explanation of the command line 650) this.width=650; "src="/e/u261/themes/default/images/spacer.gif "style=" Background:url ("/e/u261/themes/ Default/images/word.gif ") no-repeat center;border:1px solid #ddd;" Width= "" height= ", alt="

Small White Linux Learning Tour (ii)

First, the Linux system structureLinux is an inverted tree structureEverything in Linux is a file.These files are at the top of the system directory "/"/is the root directory/directory Below is a level two directory these directories are

My first glimpse of Linux's 20 most common commands

People who have played Linux will know that there are really a lot of commands in Linux, but people who have played Linux have never bothered by the fact that Linux commands are so many, because we only need to master the commands we use most often.

Linux commands (vi)--Package management (install application)


Similar to the Windows installation of various applications, it is possible to install a variety of applications, often referred to as software packages, under Linux. At present, the common package format in Linux system mainly include: RPM package,

Two ways to change the name of a Linux user-recommended way two-high-force lattice mode three

mode One: Enter change user name from recovery mode, resolve only one user but I love to use the command to change the questionPrerequisite Knowledge: 1. Understand the meaning of user information as described in the/etc/passed file, for example:

Understand the pitfalls of Linux LOAD average

Always puzzled, why IO occupy high, the system load will also become high, encounter this article, finally solve my confusion.The load average indicator can be seen in commands such as uptime and top, and the three numbers from left to right

Copy remote Linux server files to local command (ZZ) under SSH connection

Original(1) Copy Local files to remoteSCP filename User name @ computer IP or computer name: remote pathLocal Clientscp/root/install.* [email protected]:/USR/LOCAL/SRC(2) Copy files back to local from remoteSCP User name @ computer IP or

Linux File Basic Properties

Linux system is a typical multi-user system, different users in different positions, with different permissions. In order to protect the security of the system, the Linux system has different requirements for different users to access the same file (

Domain management for Linux server Glashfish

1. Contents of this articleGlassfish (V3.1) domain creation, deletion, login, deployment, etc.Linux Client Tools: securecrtportable and WinSCP (please download it yourself)2.1 New Domain/root/glassfish3/glassfish/bin/asadmin create-domain--adminport

Linux kernel interrupt Subsystem (ix): Tasklet

First, prefaceFor interrupt handling, Linux divides it into two parts, one called Interrupt handler (top half), something less urgent to handle is deferred, and we call it deferable task, or bottom half. How to defer execution is divided into the

User groups, file permissions in Linux under the detailed

Each user in Linux must belong to a group and cannot be independent of the group. Each file in Linux has the concept of owner, group, other group-Owner-Group-Other groups-Change the group where the user is locatedOwnerTypically the creator of the

Linux self-study note--memcache and varnish cache server

1.MEMCACHED:KV structure, stored in memory, can reduce the database access pressure, can also be used as a session server(1) Common commands-u Specify user-m specify memory size-D start|restart|stop-p Specify port, default 11211-N Minimum allocated

To expand the Linux hard drive in a exsi virtual machine

To expand the Linux hard drive in a exsi virtual machinepost by rocdk890/2015-5-18 14:45 Monday Linux technologyPost a commentToday, the company colleagues came to me to say that the company's Exsi server on a virtual machine hard disk expansion,

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