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Database IntroductionA database (DATABASE,DB) is a collection of organized, shareable data that is stored in a computer for a long period of time. The data in the database is organized, described and stored in a certain mathematical model, with

The zero-based Linux sixth chapter

The zero-based Linux sixth chapterThe universe is vast, boundless, the earth is just one of the eight planets in the solar system, as one of the countless planets, the earth is not special .... But... Small series of blog, absolutely ~ ~ Special ~6

Summary of common operations commands for SVN under Linux

Importing code files to the repo repository My code files are stored in/var/www/html/;The path to the SVN code repository is/application/svndata/repo (the location of the repository we just created);Execute import command: SVN

Umask setting default permissions for Linux system files and directories

UMASK Specifies the default permissions for the current user when creating a new file or directory, and the user can view the default permissions for the current system files and directories directly using the UMASK directive:[[email protected] ~]#

Linux command--uname

Uname is mainly used to query the current operating system of some version information, often used in infiltration, by querying the corresponding kernel version of the corresponding buffer overflow vulnerability to the right to do so!Basic usage

Linux Common commands

Since the project project is using a Linux server, more Linux commands are used to record the commands commonly used in CentOS.1. Three modes of VIM2, decompression related3. User-related4. File related5. Various view commands1. Three modes of VIMVI

Linux centos7.* Memcached Installation

Memcached supports many platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS, or Windows.The Linux system installs the memcached, first installs the Libevent library.Yum Install libevent libevent-deve automatic Download installation

Linux Command cut usage

--Sort by file size shows the first 100 rows showing the last five columnsLl-sh|head-n 100|cut-d '-F 5-First, the basic grammarCut is a selection command that, in the unit of behavior, divides the rows into fields with the specified delimiter and


IntroductionLsof (list open files) is a tool that lists open files for the current system. In a Linux environment, everything is in the form of files, with files that not only access regular data, but also access to network connectivity and hardware.

"Translated from MoS article" The/var/log/messages of Linux is empty (0k), messages.0, Messages.1 is also empty

Linux/var/log/messages is empty (0k), messages.0, Messages.1 is also emptyFrom:The/var/log/messages is empty, and so is the rotated log files such as messages.0, Messages.1,... (Document ID 2053885.1)Suitable for:Linux os-version Enterprise Linux 4.0

Batch creation of Linux VMS with OS disk larger than 30G on Azure

The size of the OS disk for VMS on Azure is fixed at the time of creation. Windows is 127g,linux is 30G. If you need to bulk-create VMS, the OS disk has greater capacity. Consider the following method to implement.1 Create a Data-disk CentOS VM,

Common commands for Linux

1.PWD commandThe pwd command represents ' Print working directory ' (print working directory). When you type PWD, you are asked to display your current location on your Linux system. For example:[Email protected] apache]# pwd/tmp/apacheIndicates

Linux days often use instructions

Recently engaged in a Ali Ecs,centos7, involving some basic Linux instructions, here to summarize, in the context of some of the commonly used instructions, familiar with these instructions can basically use CentOS for daily operation.More can refer

Linux Files and directories

Linux file propertiesChanging the properties and permissions of a fileCHGRP: Changes the group to which the file belongs.Chown: Change the owner of the user.chmod: Change the permissions of the file.Example: chmod 777. BashThe three numbers are:

Linux next to the beat template

Windows version Portal: with a half-day noilinux, is almost to understand, will probably use noilinux brush questions more.Data generators (as is the case with Windows)1#include 2 using

Linux under PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 Prompt detailed

Many people in the use of Linux, the prompt is not too much attention, can use a good prompt can be more intuitive to see, for their own judgmentLinux has PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 Four class prompt, these four variables are environment variables, as to what

Linux under Compression and packaging tools--gzip, bzip2 and tar;


The following is from: Amin, the commonly used to write, the feeling can be; Just compress and unzip the tool: Gzip Tool:Just remember these parameters when you use them: NOTE: gzip cannot compress the

DNS of Linux servers

What is the nature of DNS? Domain Name System = DNS (domain name systems) is actually a database, is a distributed database for TCP/IP programs, and is also an important network protocol. DNS stores information about IP addresses and corresponding

Linux uses a timer implementation to set any number of timers

This example overrides the Title:implementing software timers example of Don LibesWhy this feature is needed because most computer software clock systems usually have only one clock to trigger an interrupt. When running multiple tasks, we would like

Hasen Linux device Driver Development learning journey--clock

/** * Author:hasen * reference: "Linux device driver Development specific EXPLANATION" * Brief introduction: Android small Novice Linux * device Driver Development Learning Journey * Theme: Clock * date:2014-11-15 * *First, the kernel timer1

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