ZTE New Fulcrum Linux desktop operating system running so fast, too save memory

for today. simple and smooth without sacrificing excellence and efficiency The little cutie --ZTE New Fulcrum Linux operating system. 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://img.baidu.com/hi/jx2/j_0006.gif "alt=" J_0006.gif "/>    the moment you turn on

Regular expressions and three major Linux text processing tools

First, the regular expression 1, the type of the matching character [A-z]: lowercase letters [A-z]: uppercase [A-Z]: small or uppercase [0-9]: Number [A-za-z0-9]: Represents a character that matches a letter or number . :

ZTE New Fulcrum Linux desktop operating system first use experience

As a computer small whiteI am still the first time to use the new pivot of the Linux desktop operating system?Today, I'm taking you with us.The first experience of ZTE New Fulcrum desktop operating system (*/ω\*)650) this.width=650; "Src=" https://s1

Linux header files and library file settings


Gcc/g++ will look for the system's default include and link paths, along with the path you specify in the compile command. The path you specify is not said, here is a description of the system automatic search path."1" Include header file path in

Positional parameter variables in Linux

Explain:The main is to pass the data to the script, the variable name cannot be customized, the variable function is fixed$n$10 represents the command itself, and $1-9 represents the accepted 第1-9个 parameter, which requires {} to be enclosed in {},

Linux Basic Command 1

1 Creating a directory/dataMkdir-p/data-p recursively create a directory to create a multi-level directory2 tree Displays the table of contents in the shape of the trees-L 1 shows how many layers are viewed only one level of directory-D Show only

Linux basic commands

shell--command InterpreterThere are several different types of shells in the Linux environment, where the bash shell is the default installed and used shellClear the terminal screen: Clear, Ctrl+l and CLS (if first input: alias Cls=clear) effect is

Linux Common commands 2 (remote file download + View file contents)

One, the remote file download two ways: FTP command + SCP command FTP command: Server if FTP server is installed, another Linux can use the FTP client program for remote copy of the file to read the download and write upload.1. Connect to the FTP

More than 2T hard disk format method under Linux

Many of the hard drives are now larger than 2T, but the Linux-brought Fdisk tool cannot format disks larger than 2T and requires the use of a third-party tool, parted, to see how to use the parted format hard drive1, you can first use Fdisk-l to

The birth history of Linux

The birth of the ancient memory-unix multics plan--begin.This is an operating system project operated by MIT, General Electric and T-Bell Labs for use on the GE-645 mainframe. But because the whole goal is too large, Multics released some products,

vs compile a Linux project generate static libraries and statically link methods in another project

VS2017 also launched a long time, in the unit when the Linux server program can only use VIM, which makes use of the IDE I am very uncomfortable.Plus, you want to roll a set of Linux wheels and decide to use vs start to write debugging Linux

Common Linux Commands

1. Basic common commands1. See what files are in the directory> ls//list to see what files are in the "current" directory> ls Directory//view file information in the specified directory2. Directory switch >CD directory name>CD.//Parent Directory

Linux redirection standard input and output, standard error

The standard input is the file descriptor 0. It is the input to the command, the default is the keyboard, or it can be the output of a file or other command.The standard output is the file descriptor 1. It is the output of the command, the default

Linux process Communication--pipelines

interprocess communication (Ipc:inner proceeding communication)A process is a way for an operating system to implement an illusion of exclusive system execution. is an abstract representation of the processor, main memory, I/O devices. Each process

Linux system Transport Koriyuki Subversionedge deployment

First, Introduction  Subversion Edge is an SVN management tool that CollabNet Inc. releases with components such as SVN and Apache. Due to the installation of Subversion+apache, found that add accounts need to login server configuration, and

Configuration file analysis in Linux environment variable settings (/ETC/PROFILE,~/.BASHRC, etc.)

When you start the shell, it runs the startup file to initialize itself. Which file to run depends on how the shell interacts with a login shell or a non-landing shell (for example, through bash) or a non-interactive shell (to execute shell scripts).

Linux Memcached Installation

The Linux system installs the memcached, first installs the Libevent library.sudo apt-get install libevent libevent- Automatic download installation (Ubuntu/Debian)yum Install Libevent libevent- Automatic download installation (Redhat/Fedora/Centos)

Linux file Basic Properties (iii)

Linux file Basic PropertiesLinux system is a typical multi-user system, different users in different positions, with different permissions. In order to protect the security of the system, the Linux system has different requirements for different

Chapter--linux Foundation

(a): Linux system root folder structureThe concept of "filesystem" in the Unix-like system contains two meanings, the first is "root file System" and the second is "Storage class file System". The latter concept is basically the same as the Windows

Linux Source Installation Zabbix_server

Install MySQL Tar XF cmake-3.8.2.tar.gzCD CMAKE-3.8.2/./configureMake && make installYum install-y gcc* gcc-c++* autoconf* automake* zlib* libxml* libgcrypt* libtool*Yum install-y OpenSSL openssl-devel ncurses ncurses-develYum install-y

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