Deep parsing kgdb debugging Linux modules and kernels

Reprint article please specify the author and QR code and full text information.Programmers who do not program, not good architects, programming and kernel debugging are also required for a great architect. Talking about the number of programmers,

Linux to build SFTP service and set permissions

One, recently received a project team needs to build a file server, the requirements are as follows1, users: Amovs, upload, download2, group: Amovs, Dataload, download3, the specific needs are upload and download home directory are the same

Linux-rar tar bz gz zip rar and other command compression and decompression comprehension


The "preface" is explained in the blog post:This article will introduce through the personal tone of the Linux platform related compression and decompression command related knowledge, in the current time point "May 23, 2017 " under the grasp of the

Precedence comparison of aliases, internal commands, external commands, and hash cache table system calls in Linux

Priority comparison of aliases, internal commands, external commands, and hash cache tables in Linux systemsIn our usual use of the Linux system to execute a variety of commands, we will find that the command in the execution process will

Linux Learning Chapter Fourth

5-1-1 Viewing system load commandsCommand W or command uptimeLoad average:a (average load of the system within 1 minutes), B (within 5 minutes), C (within 15 minutes)A: How many processes are using the CPU in a minuteThe value of the processor

Linux User group permissions

user and passwd filesfeatures of the/etc/passwd file/etc/passwd file specific meanings for each fieldShadow Filefeatures of the/etc/shadow file/etc/shadow file specific meanings for each fieldgroups and group filesfeatures of the/etc/group

Most all Linux commands

The processor architecture of the Arch Display machine (1)UNAME-M Display the processor architecture of the machine (2)Uname-r displaying the kernel version in useDMIDECODE-Q Display hardware system components-(SMBIOS/DMI)Hdparm-i/DEV/HDA lists the

Linux-bcmath Compiling and installing


Go to PHP source directory, find Bcmath, compile and install[Email protected] ~]# CD Php-5.5.38/ext/bcmath/[[email protected] bcmath]#/usr/local/php-5.5.0/bin/phpize[[email Protected]

Linux Monitoring analysis

First, the Linux hardwareCPU (COMPUTE, logical judgment, logic Processing), memory (CPU processes data (memory fragments) in memory), IO (read and write operations to disk over time)Block zone cache between CPU and memory (level two cache)CPU High:

Network troubleshooting ideas from a Tso/nat bug in the Linux 2.6.8 kernel (with a SKB optimization point)

There is no wrong and right in the dream, there is no hatred and regret in the dream ... It's better to close your mouth. That's cute ... I will not say: This is not fair, I can not accept. I will use plain words to record the drip, 4 in the morning

Linux Learning notes: RPM Package Management

For CentOS, for example, the RPM Package Manager contains the following:CentOS Package Manager:Naming rules for packages:Source Code Package:Software_name-version.tar.gzVERSION:major.minor.releaseMajor: The major version number, which typically

Linux system VNC Configuration

VNC OverviewVNC (Virtual network Computing) is an abbreviation for a computer that is virtualized. VNC is an excellent remote control tool software developed by the prestigious European Research Laboratory at T. VNC is a free, open source software

Linux Commands 5

[email protected] ~]# which vim/usr/bin/vim[Email protected] ~]# RPM-QF ' which vim 'Vim-enhanced-7.2.411-1.8.el6.x86_64First entry to file: Command modeInput: Indicates command-line modeInsert: Edit mode appearsSwitch to command mode input

Linux Learning Note 01

1.Linux file types are not distinguished by extension2. Storage devices must be mounted before they can be usedPrograms under 3.Windows cannot be installed and run directly on LinuxFirst, the management of the server pre-configurationThe role of the

Linux directory structure detailed description

Be sure to keep this source Http:// Directory 1. Tree-like directory structure diagram 2./catalogue 3./etc/Catalogue 4./usr/Catalogue 5./var/Catalogue 6./proc/Catalogue 7.

Three ways to run the Linux operating system from a USB flash drive

Summary: Three ways to run a Linux operating system from a USB flash drive usb_linux_0 You may have heard of running the live Linux operating system on a USB stick, but do you know that you can permanently save the runtime data, or install Linux

Linux which version of the operating system is more suitable

To pick the Linux distribution that best suits your needs, first determine which type of Linux user you belong to.I think one of the biggest advantages of running Linux on the desktop is that it's a lot of choice. Linux enthusiasts can enjoy a wide

Linux User and user group detailed

1, user and user group files   in Linux, user accounts, user passwords, user group information, and user group passwords are stored in different configuration files.     in Linux systems, the user accounts created and their related information

(resolved) Installing VMware Tools on a Linux virtual machine (to enable file interaction between Windows and virtual machines copy and paste)

Linux requires the installation of VMware Tools tools to implement the direct file copy and paste functionality of the host and virtual machines, as follows:① Click Virtual Machine VM menu Bar--Virtual machine--install VMware Tools.② then redhat the

How Linux inside VMware interacts with Windows to file files

We are often confronted with such problems. The high version of VMware encounters a low version of Linux. It is easier to use than to pull the pin, such as the low version of Linux installed in the high version of VMware.1. Cannot display virtual

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