What does the Linux script start with #!/bin/bash and #!/bin/sh mean and the difference

First, meaning#!/bin/sh means that this script uses /bin/sh to interpret execution,#! is a special designator, which is followed by the path to the shell that interprets this script.In fact, the first sentence of #! is the script interpreter program

"Turn" Linux CP/SCP command +SCP command detailed

linux CP/SCP Command +SCP command detailedName: CPUsage rights: All usersHow to use:CP [Options] Source DestCP [options] source ... directoryNote: Copy one file to another file, or copy several files to another directory.The meter-A as far as

FREESCALE-SDK Linux porting a Build environment script host-prepare.sh analysis

Next, use your own extra-curricular rest time to perform Linux porting and analysis based on the PowerPC architecture Freescale-sdk. Main references Official document Freescale Linux SDK start_here.html, first to build the compilation environment

Some common commands for Linux beginners (1)

View Help:Man commandExit Help directory: QSwitch directory: CDCD CatalogCD Directory/DirectoryCd.. : Top level DirectoryCD/: Root directoryCD ~: HomeCreating directories and deleting directoriesmkdir Create mkdir directory nameMkdir-p a/b/cRmDir

Analysis Report of Zygote Restart problem caused by Linux vulnerability

"Problem phenomenon"Launch "God Horse Search" APP, System high probability restart."Parsing problems" in the main log, except for the app's NE log zygote Restart log, there are no other obvious exceptions:11-05 15:14:51.824 11179 11179 I debug:pid:23

Install ArcGIS10.2 under Linux

Recently, due to work needs, addicted to visualization can not extricate themselves, has been studying GIS-based map visualization, its own in the native Windows to build an ArcGIS server, with Tableau and R call WMS Service Success, is worthy of

Introduction to strip commands in Linux------undress files

1, remove-g, equal to the program to do the--strip-debug2, strip program, equal to the program did--strip-debug and--strip-symbolAs a Linux developer, if you have not heard of the strip command, it is very inappropriate. Strip this word, everyone

15. Learning progress and task of self-study--linux "bash programming condition judgment"

Conditional Judgment of Bash programmingBash Programming condition judgment: determine if the prerequisites for subsequent operations are met          1. The common judgment type of condition judgment (bash endogenous):Integer testCharacter testFile

Linux Common commands

1.ls–listLS enumerates the contents (files or folders) of the current working directory, just as you open a folder in the GUI to see what's inside.2.mkdir–make Directorymkdir for creating a new directory3.pwd–print Working DirectoryPWD Displays the

Common Linux/unix Development Auxiliary command Assorted

Many fragmented command highlights:1. How to download FTP files by commandRead-s-P "Your passwd:" passwd; wget--user=yourusername--password= $Passwd ftp://IP/dir/fileRead-s-P "Your passwd:" passwd; Axel Ftp://yourusername:[email Protected]/dir/file2.

Recommended Books for Linux technology learning-that's what Linux should learn

to grow is an experience; experience is a life experience. The meaning of life lies not in what we have, but in what we learn from it. In theThis short three years, butin themy life is precious., in the memory of my mind,in thisUniversityfor three

Deployment of zabbix3.2, templates, email alerts in Linux environments detailed procedures

Server-side deployment:System environment and software version:Linux:release 6.3Zabbix:zabbix-3.2.5.tar.gzNginx:nginx-1.12.0.tar.gzPhp:php-5.5.38.tar.gzMysql:mysql-5.6.28.tar.gzFirst, install Nginx:1. Dependent Packages:Yum-y install gcc gcc-c++

Install/upgrade OpenSSL under Linux

(2810) (1)Installation Environment:Operating System : CentOs7OpenSSL version:openssl-1.0.2j.tar.gzInstallation:The current version of the latest SSL address ishttp://www.openssl.org/source/openssl-1. 1 . 0e . tar.gzNote: Enter http://www.openssl.org/

Linux Learning notes-how to write content to a file using the echo command

0. PrefaceThis article summarizes how to use the echo command to write content to a file, such as using the ECHO directive to overwrite the contents of a file. Use the echo command to append content to a file. Use the Echo command to append tabs to

How the GDM login interface on Linux adapts to high split screen

Guide GDM (Gnome Desktop manager) is a GNOME display environment manager, which is a small program (script) running in the background for running your X session, displaying a login interface and allowing you to log in when you enter your

Fedora (Linux Platform) Open source PDF file Editing Tool--pdf MoD

Fedora ( Linux platform) Open-source PDF file editing Tools-- PDF MoD650) this.width=650; " src="Http://timg01.bdimg.com/timg?pacompress&imgtype =1&sec=1439619614&autorotate=1&di=6aa2aa331c4b725018bb05f8a572affb&quality=90&size=b870_ 10000&src=http%3

Common system function descriptions for Linux file operations

1. Open File (Man 2 open View)int open (const char *pathname, int flags); //pathname file name (path); Flags open mode, O_rdonly, O_wronly, O_RDWRint open (const char *pathname, int flags, mode_t mode);This function is typically used to create new

Compressing and extracting files using the Linux tar command

Original linkHttp://www.cnblogs.com/qq78292959/archive/2011/07/06/2099427.htmlTar-C: Create compressed archives-X: Unzip-T: View content-r: Append files to the end of a compressed archive file-U: Update files in original compressed packageThese five

Utility Collection Linux Command memo

System operation #使用shutdown命令马上重启系统[Email protected] ~]# Shutdown–r now#使用shutdown命令马上关闭系统[Email protected] ~]# Shutdown–h now#使用shutdown命令设置在15分钟以后自动重启系统[Email protected] ~]# shutdown–r +15 Show online login user who Show current

The road to mathematics-the basic technology of Distributed Computing-linux/unix (4)

PWD Show current folder, ls View files under folder, CD into folder-bash-4.2$ pwd/home/myhaspl-bash-4.2$ lsABC hadoop-2.4.1 mydoclist mypylst mypylsts numpyAbd hadoop-2.4.1-src.tar.gz myl2 Mypylst1 myrun pypy-2.3.1-srcError.log hadoop-2.4.1.tar.gz

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