Let the echo command display a colored word in Linux

echo display with color, need to use parameter-EThe format is as follows:Echo-e "\033[word background color; text color m string \033[0m"For example:Echo-e "\033[41;37m Tonyzhang \033[0m"Where 41 of the position represents the background, 37 of the

Linux Course notes Day03 after class homework selection

1. Describe the boot process from the Linux system to the login interface.Answer:(1) Power boot, BIOS self-test(2) MBR boot(3) Grub boot Menu(4) Loading the kernel(5) Start the INIT process(6) Read Inittab files, execute scripts such as

"Linux Device Drivers", chapter 15th, Memory Mapping and Dma--note

Simple Introduction Many types of driver programming require knowledge of how some virtual memory subsystems work When it comes to more complex, performance-demanding subsystems, the content discussed in this chapter will sooner or

9.openssh-serve (Linux)

1.openssh-serverFunction: Allow remote host to access sshd service over the network, start a secure shell2. Client Connection modeSSH remote host user @ remote host IPOperation Process[[email protected] ~]# ssh [email protected]The authenticity of

S1-linux Word Summary

The first chapter of the wordGNU Open Source software projectOpen source software open source softwareFirefox Firefox browserOpenOffice Open Source Office suiteGPL (GNU general public License) Universal License AgreementLGPL (Lesser general public

Linux Programming Custom Band-level log

My development leader once said such a paragraph "a good programmer is not how fast he writes the code, nor is he able to implement the function of the module, to realize the function of the business who will not ah, the important thing is his

Compiling memcached in Linux x86_64 environment

Memcached is a high-performance distributed memory object caching system for dynamic Web applications to mitigate database load. It provides a dynamic, database-driven site speed by caching data and objects in memory to reduce the number of times

Linux Learning Note 2---command CD

Linux CD commands can be said to be the most basic Linux command statements, the other command statements to operate, are based on the use of the CD command. CD commands are relatively simple, but there are some tricks that are worth learning.

Linux Introduction and Installation


Andrew S. Tanenbaum a reference to Unix, wrote Minix, and open source, Linus Torvalds wrote Linux as a template.Linux includes kernel version and release version.Linux kernel versionLinux Kernel official website: www.kernel.orgKernel Release Notes:

Linux Basics (1-10)

1. Help commandsman 命令/【要搜索的内容】The level of man1 Help for viewing commands2 viewing Help for functions that can be called by the kernel3 Viewing the Help for functions and function libraries4 view Help for special files (mostly files in the/dev

Permissions changes under Linux and directory configuration

./Represents the meaning of this catalogue.(1): User and user Group,1: File owner, file owned by a user2: User group: Assign one or more user rights to the file configuration3: Other people:(2): Linux user identity and user group record files1:root

Use of the Linux screen command

Reference URL: https://www.gnu.org/software/screen/manual/screen.html1 backgroundAs a system administrator, we often need SSH or telent telnet to a Linux server and often run tasks that take a long time to complete, such as system backup, FTP

Linux Rights Management

Three basic permissionsR Read permission (read)W Write permission (write)X Execute permission (execute)1th bit: File type (d directory,-normal file, L link file)第2-4位: The owning user right, denoted by U (user)第5-7位: The owning group permission,

Initial knowledge of Linux file management

Initial knowledge of Linux file management1. File System and directory structureThe file system starts from the root directory, using "/". Files with a. Start are hidden files, paths are separated by/represented. the hierarchical structure of the

A string that handles a column of copy in Excel under Linux, removing the end of line space and adding special fields

Background: Copy a column of data from Excel to TXT, and then put it under Lunx, and find that each line ends with a fixed number of spaces, and I want to add a fixed field to the end of each line and separate the output with commas.Cat

Linux System VPS host SSH common commands

PuttyQuery the "TEST" keyword in log text" Test " LOG.LOG.BAK2Ls-h Querying All FilesLs-l Querying all directoriesCd.. Back to upper levelCD h Enter h directoryThe biggest difference between Linux VPS and Windows VPS is that almost all operations

Linux Common Command collation

Keywords: Linux check process, kill process, START process1. Check processThe PS command finds the PID number associated with the process:PS A shows all programs under the current terminal, including other users ' programs.Ps-a Show All Programs.PS

Linux functions and array definitions

Function Description:Functional function is a block of statements consisting of several shell commands for code reuse and modular programming.It is similar to the shell program, but it is not a separate process, it cannot run independently, but is

Creating a Linux Daemon (service) in Delphi

With the introduction of the Linux target for Delphi, a wide range of possibilities is opened up to Delphi developers, to Create Linux server applications. Unfortunately there is currently a limited number of project types available from the RAD

How to use the Telnet protocol to connect to a Linux server on a Windows system

The Telnet protocol is the standard protocol for the Internet remote Login service, which provides users with the ability to perform remote host work on the local computer. Many end users are accustomed to using a Telnet session on a computer to

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