Linux remote Manager xshell and XFTP tutorial

Xshell is a powerful security terminal emulation software that supports the Telnet protocol for SSH1, SSH2, and Microsoft Windows platforms.   Xftp is a powerful sftp, FTP file transfer software based on MS Windows platform. Open Xshell after

Introduction to the Linux platform network phone Skype alpha feature

Introduction to the Linux platform network phone Skype Alpha feature Microsoft today released a brand new version of Skype for Linux users--linux Skype Alpha, the first new edition of the Linux version of Skype in 2014 years. After this update,

How does Windows system remotely log on to desktop Linux?

1, we first download the TIGERVNC package on the Windows host. Tigervnc is open source free VNC connection software, we can through it to the Linux host with the desktop remote. Here, we download the TIGERVNC package from the SourceForge website.

Linux System Installation Cobbler tutorial

Linux using cobbler can quickly establish a Linux network installation environment, greatly reducing the Linux network installation technology threshold, then how to install the Linux system cobbler it? Introduction to Cobbler Cobbler is an open

A solution to the problem of user process dead loop under Linux system

In the Linux system operation, sometimes encounter a user-state process dead cycle, that is, the system unresponsive, process hanging Deng problem, then how to deal with these problems? The following small series to introduce the next user-state

What happens when VMware installs Redhat Linux with "This disc cannot be mounted"?

When installing the RedHat Linux operating system with Vmware Workstation, because there are 3 RedHat Linux installer image files, RedHat Linux will remind us to insert the 2nd or 3rd CD at the appropriate time during the installation process. As

Ubuntu clean old useless Linux kernel files tutorial

In the Ubuntu environment, we have a number of ways to upgrade the kernel. The Ubuntu desktop version upgrades the kernel as it updates every day, and Ubuntu Server can upgrade the kernel using Unattended-upgrade Automatic Updates, as well as using

How to view error messages through GDB after a Linux program is down

When we write the service-side program, because of multi-threaded and complex environment, the program may be in the case of uncertain conditions of the outage, not good again, this is how we get the program error message, a method by logging,

The Inode node in the Linux file system is described in detail

This article mainly introduces the Inode nodes in the Linux file system, and explains in detail what the inode is, the information contained in the Inode, and the relevant data of the Inode number.First, what is the inode?To understand the inode,

Experience sharing-a workaround for disk space not being released after deleting large files under Linux

This blog is very early registration, but has not been updated, recently resigned retreat to repair, strive to write a technical blog every day ~ ~Not much gossip, just start to cut to the point ~It happened in 2014 April, life's first job-hopping,

--linux SVN's username and password under SVN


Problem: Previously used SVN account is someone else, now need to use another account,How to operate with a new SVN accountMethod One:Delete ~/.subversion/auth under Linux to clear the previous user name and password: RM-RF ~/.subversion/authSVN

Linux kernel compilation and development

I. Introduction to the Linux kernelLinux kernel Map:Linux System Architecture:Linux kernel Architecture:With 7 modes of operation, the x86 also achieves 4 levels of RING0-RING3,RING0 at the highest level,So the Linux user code runs under RING3, the

Installing JDK under Linux

Before installing, check that the system has a JDK installedRpm-qa | grep javaIf you can use Rpm-qa | grep Java | Xargs rpm-e--nodeps bulk unload all files with JavaDownload on official

Linux Package Management

How to implement the installation in Linux, update the program.Hardware--Kernel (System call Interface)--Library Call interface (32-bit, 64-bit)Api:application Programming InterfacePOSIX: Portable systems, source-code-level systems are

Using LIBXML2 for reading and querying XML files under Linux

Because of the project needs, these two days in C + + to do XML file parsing work. Under Linux there is a handy repository for manipulating XML files,--LIBXML2, which provides a set of C-language interfaces for creating and querying XML files. This

Linux basic commands and get help summary 1

As we all know, the operating system (OS) is the closest to the hardware of the first layer of system software, it is the hardware to transform the bare metal into a fully functional virtual machine, making the use and management of computer systems

Linux Learning notes-stdin/stdout redirection

Input/Output redirectionThe Linux system usually reads the input from a place called the standard input and writes the result of a command to the standard output feedback to us; By default, this is also the terminal (command line) that we use. If we

Log analysis and management in Linux

Log files are helpful in diagnosing and resolving problems in the system, because programs that run on Linux systems often write system messages and error messages to the appropriate log files, so that the system can be "documented" once problems

Linux Mount/unmount Commands

Format: Mount [-parameter] [device name] [Mount Point]Among the parameters commonly used are:-A installs all file systems that are class-out in the/etc/fstab file.-F disguises mount, making checks on the device and the directory look, but does not

How to master and improve Linux operation and maintenance skills

The first-and mid-level Linux OPS personnel learn and quickly master Linux's operational combat skills. The Learning route outline is as follows: Introductory Basics System operation and Maintenance chapter Web operation and

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