Using bind to establish a DNS server on Linux

Although Linux has not made noticeable progress in the world of desktop computing, it is already a small celebrity as a Web server. Thanks to its excellent reliability, we can safely run all the important service programs that are necessary for

Configuration of Linux FTP and SVN servers

Because I have to reload the system for my laptop, and to repartition the entire hard disk, I started to back up things on my lab computer, because my lab computer is Linux, so I chose to use FTP for data transfer, I started to configure the FTP

Screen command usage tips in Linux

Linux's screen commands are good, and you'll find it much better than Windows ' taskbar. Here's My. SCREENRC, for reference only Linux's screen commands are good, and you'll find it much better than Windows ' taskbar. Here is my. SCREENRC, for your

Basic configuration of Samba server in Linux

When the security level is user, then the user we set up on this machine must be joined to the SMB server, and the command is to add Linux users to the SMB server for smbpasswd-a users, smbpasswd username to modify the password of the user in the

Linux Intrusion Common Command assembly

CAT/ETC/PASSWD View Linux User Cat/etc/shadow View user password requires root permission CAT/ETC/PASSWD View Linux Users Cat/etc/shadow View user password requires root permission Cat/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethn N represents the

Linux Mail Server Configuration guide

Currently, the most common mail service protocols on the network are SMTP (send protocol) and POP3 (Receive protocol). First, start SMTP: After you install and start the SendMail service, SMTP should be turned on. If the letter is not sent out, it

Set up SendMail server under Linux system

Erecting SendMail Server This time we'll learn about the configuration of the SendMail servers in the Linux system. (Mail server's IP192.168.1.2 host domain name is Premise: First of all, we put the DNS server installation OK can be

The explanation of SendMail Server forwarding function under Linux

1, why can not configure the mail server for open relay? If your system administrator sets your mail server to open relay, will cause some spammers to use your mail server as a relay station for forwarding spam messages, which will cause spammers to

Using Procmail in Linux to fight spam

E-mail is the most important means and tools of communication on the Internet. From the day the e-mail was born, boring spam has become one of the most vexing problems. It is said that the world's annual loss due to junk e-mail is as high as $

Linux use evolution to send and receive emails

1. Install evolution Evolution is an integrated suite of mail, calendar, planning tasks, and address features. Run as root apt-get install evolution can be installed on evolution.2. Set up an email account Choose Run Evolution from the Application

How to play the Gmail mailbox in Linux network environment

Blogs, wikis, podcasts (Podcast), and RSS feeds have changed people's reliance on traditional portals, so people will change the experience of traditional email apps from Gmail. At the end of last century, when the first generation of internet arose,

Sever the clutches of Spam on Linux mail servers

In today's world, Spam continues to be rampant and increasingly a serious problem because spammers are becoming smarter, so preventing spam is a necessity for anyone running a mail server. For organizations using Linux, there is now an outstanding

Probing Linux DNS server health

In a Linux environment, a widely popular bind server is provided, which is the most common server software for building DNS servers. Introduction to the installation of bind now a lot of articles, now we will talk about the maintenance of the topic.

Linux+apache Implement user authentication

I. Preamble Now many web sites have strict restrictions on the access rights of users, users need to give "username/password" to confirm their identity when accessing certain resources. Currently, the most common authentication method is to use

Setting up a Linux Web server (5)

web| server 2. Path setting: The following parameters are set for each page or service path! (old version in access.conf) Basically all use the default value is also OK!3. Open PHP and other modules: because we need to be able to support the PHP

FTP clients in the Linux operating system

First, Introduction: Packaged in most distributions, please go to the FTP list for each major release, or you can get it on the installation disk of the distribution. Lftp is a command-line-style FTP client. Good support for Chinese. If you are in

Linux Firewall program Design

Famous commercial websites such as Yahoo, EBay,, Amazon, and E*trade have been attacked continuously by hackers, causing a loss of 1 billion of billions of dollars, and once again sounded the alarm that the network is unsafe. As a

One of the integration of Tomcat and Apache servers under Linux

apache| Server Introduction Internet/intranet based on web technology has been widely used in recent years, Intranet is based on TCP/IP protocol, the web as the core intranet, the user through Low-cost, An Easy-to-use client browser can access the

Configuration installation for SendMail under Linux

With the development of Internet, e-mail has grown rapidly into a major network information transfer tool. Faced with the demand for fast, inexpensive, and highly reliable e-mail, many companies and individuals use the services provided by Linux as

Example of SendMail configuration under Linux


1.1 Install Sendmail 1.2 Configure Sendmail 1.2.1 Sendmail Files: /etc/mail:configuration files /etc/mail/ configuration file, M4 to SENDMAIL.CF /etc/mail/ running using configuration file

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