Linux FTP Setup Tips

  First install the vsftpd-2.0.1-5.i386.rpm on the first CD in the Linux Enterprise Edition #rpm –ivh/media/cdrom/redhat/rpms/vsftpd-3.0.1-5.i386.rpm   Start the VSFTPD service #service vsftpd Start   Refreshing the firewall #iptables-F Such a

Error resolution due to excessive number of operating files in Linux systems

Linux Open File number too many open files solution Too many open files is prompted because the number of file/socket connections that the program opens exceeds the system setting. To view the maximum allowable number of open files per user The

Discussion on error handling of Make:arm-linux-conmand not found

Summary of error handling for Make:arm-linux-conmand not found A cross compilation environment was successful under Superuser privileges, but compilation is a display Make:arm-linux-conmand not found The reason for the final discovery is: When

Linux system uses CMP and COMM commands to compare two files

Cmp CMP command: Compare any two types of files, and the results output to the standard output, the default file is the same output, different file output differences Necessary parameters -C Displays different information -l list all the

Methods of cleaning files and cleaning environment variables in Linux systems

Use the Find command to help you locate files that need to be cleaned up. A problem that almost haunts all file systems-including Unix and others-is the accumulation of files. Few people are willing to take the time to clean up files and file

Full resolution of CVS installation configuration and Operation commands under Linux

Before you introduce the CVS command, say something else. As previously said, the warehouse in addition to the music source files, but also includes a series of management documents. Located in $cvsroot/cvsroot The method of modifying a management

Ways to extend the swap space using a swap file on a Linux system

Imagine a scenario where our Linux system runs out of swap space, in which case we want to expand the swap space using the swap partition, but in some cases there is no free partition available on the disk, so we can't expand it. Therefore, in this

Dirty language statistics in Linux kernel code

According to the number of dirty words/version number statistics By language density/version number statistics The above illustration shows the c,h in the Linux kernel and the bad language statistics in the s source code, which I

Linux system installation configuration postfix mail Server tutorial

One, install POSTFIX,CYRUS-SASL,CYRUS-IMAPD If the YUM hint cannot find the package, please change the source, please refer to CentOS 6 recommended to use Epel source The code is as follows: [Root@localhost ~]# Yum install postfix

Summary of ways to bulk delete multiple files in a Linux system

Using RM-RF * When we want to delete tens of thousands of or hundreds of thousands of or even millions of of files in a Linux system is not very useful because it takes a long time to wait. In this case, we can use the Linux system command rsync to

Instructions for apachectl command usage under Linux system

The Apachectl command in Linux is designed to help administrators control the functionality of the Apache httpd daemon. The Apachectl script has two modes of operation. First, as a simple httpd front-end program, set all the necessary environment

SNMP installation configuration under Linux

Take the installation configuration of Redhat as an example: Compiling and installing First we need to download NET-SNMP source code, select a version, such as the latest version of 5.7.1, the address is as follows:

The process of configuring Squid Proxy server under Linux system

A simple record of squid transparent proxy server configuration Environment: VirtualBox + CentOS 6.0 + squid-3.1.4-1.el6.i686 0, check squid is installed by default, no installation of the first installation The code is as follows: [Root@slyar ~]

Summary of practical techniques for PASSWD commands in Linux systems

Let's review the basic usage of the passwd command: The Linux passwd command is used to change the user's password Grammar passwd [-K] [-l] [-u [-f]] [-d] [s] [username] Necessary parameters: -D Delete Password -F Enforcement -K updates can

How to search for File command encyclopedia in Linux system

Command 1:which Which command to find only the directory where the command is located For example: which LS Command 2:whereis Whereis command to find only the directory where the command is located + Help document location Whereis command

Essentials of Enterprise Linux Server security protection

With the popularity of Linux in Open source system, its application in large and medium-sized enterprises is becoming more and more popular, many enterprise application services are built on it, such as Web services, database services, cluster

How Linux systems set command aliases

Recently engaged in a Django site, need to often enter the/var/www/site/mycitsm/directory, each time to repeat the input of this long path into the directory, it seems troublesome and time-consuming, there is no good way to "cd/var/www/site/ MYCITSM

Linux hard drive detects health status

Regularly checking the health of your hard disk is something that every system administrator has to do. When it comes to the health of the hard drive, you have to say s.m.a.r.t first. Smart is a kind of disk self analysis testing technology, as

Linux remote logins and password-free logon methods

I. Remote Login method SSH is a secure channel protocol that is used primarily for remote logins. In the RHEL 5 system, the OpenSSH server is provided by software packages such as OpenSSH, Openssh-server, which are installed by default, and the

How to use the Windows documentation on your Linux desktop

In the Windows system, we like to keep the various documents we have prepared in the "My Documents", in the Windows and Linux dual-system machine, we often use Linux in the "My Documents" in the document, We also hope that documents edited in Linux

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