Linux Disk Management du command detailed

Command use The Du (disk usage) command calculates the disk space that a file or directory occupies. When you do not specify any options, it measures the current working directory and all its subdirectories, showing the number of directories that

Linux/unix VI Editor Usage detailed

The VI command is a common and important command under UNIX to edit one or more files in Full-screen mode. If you do not specify a file in VI, then the VI command will automatically generate a nameless empty working file. If the specified file does

Solve Linux under Set

Since the use of PHP-SYSLOG-NG monitoring log information, often found that some of the past will ignore the error information, is currently being resolved. One of the errors occurred when I logged on to the server using the key via SSH, and the log

Linux Environment interprocess communication: pipelines and well-known pipelines

Pipes and famous pipes In this series, the author outlines several key means of communication between Linux processes. Among them, pipelines and well-known pipelines are one of the earliest interprocess communication mechanisms, pipelines can be

Back up the part of Linux that uses Luks encryption

Some of us, for security reasons, encrypt the hard drive through the Linux Unified Key Configuration (Luks) at home or on the VPS, and these drives will quickly grow to dozens of or hundreds of GB. So while we enjoy the security of Luks devices,

Linux installation Jira detailed steps

Install Jira under Linux  First step: Install JDK 1. Download the JDK installation package from the website 2. Upload the JDK installation package to the virtual machine or server: SCP filename (jdk-7u17-linux-x64.tar.gz) root@ a virtual machine

How to install RPM packages under Linux

first, the production of RPM package The process of making a rp-pppoe-3.10 column. 1. Download rp-pppoe-3.10.tar.gz [Root@localhost home]# pwd /home [Root@localhost home]# 2. Decompression # tar ZXVF rp-pppoe-3.10.tar.gz 3. #

Introduction to Linux cluster principle and installation configuration

Linux cluster principle Linux cluster system includes cluster node and cluster Manager. Cluster nodes, sometimes referred to as nodes, servers or server nodes, are the systems that provide processing resources, and they do the actual work of the

Classic usage techniques for Linux common commands

1, sagane@sagane-thinkpad-edge:~$ Mii-tool, when the network is not available, use this command to see if the physical link is normal. 2, ssagane@sagane-thinkpad-edge:~$ ssh root@, With the root user login IP address

Ways to set up firewalls for the Linux system's servers

Firewalls Help filter access ports and prevent logon attempts to use brute force laws. I tend to use the powerful firewall of CSF (Config Server Firewall). It uses iptables, is easy to manage, and provides a web interface for users who are not good

Linux Bash shortcut Keys Encyclopedia

First, edit the command Ctrl + A: Move to the beginning of the command Ctrl + E: Move to the end of the command line Ctrl + F: Move forward by character (right) Ctrl + B: Move back (left) by character Alt + F: Move forward by word (right) Alt +

Install VNC under Linux

Today installed VNC, solve a lot of problems, write a teaching post, to see the novice, if you encounter the same problem, you can quickly solve, without headaches or even give up. System environment vm+rhel5.1 [Root@localhost. vnc]# uname-r 2.6.

How to download using Wget in Linux

Use examples: 1. Download a single file The code is as follows: $ wget Http:// 2. Download a single file in the background of continuous transmission mode The code is as follows: $ WGET-BC

Deep analysis of the timing tasks under Linux

After having the alarm function of the mail, the next thing to do is to do a timed task, so that the task is performed on a periodic basis, so that it can periodically receive the alarm information Before doing a scheduled task, check the current

Linux Next example of a simple multithreaded mutex

This article is an example of a simple multithreaded mutex in Linux analysis, the need for friends can refer to the following copy code code as follows: #include #include pthread_mutex_t device_mutex; int count=0; void Thread_func1 () {  

Linux system process Deep understanding

1. What is a process A process is a program that is in execution and a generic term for all the resources it contains, including virtual processor, dummy space, registers, stacks, global data segments, and so on. In Linux, each process is created

How to modify the server name reference method under Linux system

To view the host name of Ubuntu, you can view it by command: Hostname Modifying the host name requires two files to be changed: /etc/hostname /etc/hosts In the hostname file, change the original host name to a new one. In the Hosts file, you

A detailed introduction to Linux modifying system time

Two steps (1) Date 042612492005 (2) Hwclock-w The first step is to set the time, you can use the Date command to view the right ... Note that it is the year of the month The second step means the RTC chip that is written to the motherboard. ====

Linux Advanced SSH Security tips

The SSH server configuration file is/etc/ssh/sshd_conf. After you make every change to it, you will need to restart the SSH service for the changes to take effect. 1, modify the SSH listening port By default, SSH Listener connection Port 22 allows

Write Lua extensions so files and invoke method instances under Linux


This article mainly introduced under Linux to write LUA extensions so file and Invoke method instance, this article gives the C language code, compile so file, Lua call code instance, need friends can refer to the following The code is as follows:

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