Linux file Lock flock

Table header file #include Defines the function int flock (int fd,int operation);The function description flock () does various locking or unlocking actions on the file that the parameter FD refers to in the manner specified by the parameter

Shared memory for communication between Linux processes

introduction of Shared memoryShared memory is one of three IPC (inter-process communication) mechanisms. It allows two unrelated processes to access the same logical memory. Shared memory is a very efficient way to pass data between two processes

The "fork function" of Linux Learning

Nreturn Value:The fork function is called once, but returns two times: 0 is returned in the child process, the child process ID is returned in the parent process, and the error returns-1. By returning a value, you can determine whether it is in a

Linux Common commands


1, cd command This is a very basic, is also a common need to use the command, it is used to switch the current directory, its parameters are to switch to the path of the directory, can be an absolute path, can also be a relative path. Such as:

Linux Yum Source fully configured

First, Introduction Yum's main function is more convenient to add/remove/update RPM packages, automatically solve the problem of package dependencies, easy to manage a large number of system update issues, the idea is to use a central warehouse

An in-depth analysis of the limitations of Linux Ulimit

It can generally be made effective by ulimit commands or by editing the/etc/security/limits.conf reload methodThe Ulimit comparison is straightforward, but only valid in the current session, limits.conf can be used by users and restrictions to

Linux No password login sftp

Directory (?) [-] Overview SFTP Password-Free login operation method 1 log on to the server host in the current user root directory execution with RSA algorithm as an example 2 Upload the Homesshid_rsapub file on the

Private CA Build under Linux

Digital certificates provide electronic authentication for the secure communication between the two parties. In the Internet, corporate intranet or extranet, the use of digital certificates for identification and electronic information encryption.

How to find file contents in Linux

Linux finds common command methods for file content.Find the line matching the specified string from the file contents:$ grep "string found" file nameExample: Looking for the. In file containing the specified string in the first level folder in the

Linux system-rhel5.1-server

1. installation files Rhel5.1-server-20071017.0-i386-dvd.iso2. Directory structure/bin: Store Common commands/boot: Store startup program/dev: Store device files/etc: Store startup, shutdown, configuration programs and files/home: User work root

Linux Basics-day Fourth

Special permissions on the Linux file systemSUID, SGID, StickyPermissionsR, W, XUser, group, otherSecurity contextPremises: The process has a group of owners and genera;(1) Any executable program file can be started as a process: depending on

Linux Basics-day Fifth

Special permissions on the Linux file systemSUID, SGID, StickyPermissionsR, W, XUser, group, otherSecurity contextPremises: The process has a group of owners and genera;(1) Any executable program file can be started as a process: depending on

The creation process of socket in Linux kernel source analysis (Summary nature)

Http:// a long analysis of the socket creation source, found a piece of paste, so this summary, my blog at the same time there is another detailed source analysis, the kernel version of 3.9, it is recommended that

Linux Soft Link File

Soft link file 1. What is a soft link file A soft-link file in a Linux system is similar to a shortcut in a Windows system. hypothetical scenario: For a file, it must be stored in the/root/111/directory, but there is another

Mastering the Linux kernel design idea (13): Memory management process address space

"Copyright Notice: respect for the original, reproduced please retain the source: The article is for academic communication only and should not be used for commercial purposes "The process address space consists of

Embedded Linux supports LCD console "turn"

Transferred from:"1" LCD Driver basicsThe Linux- core already supports the s3c2440 LCD controller driver, but here we introduce some basic

Linux hard-Link files

Hard link file= = allows only hard links to files, and cannot be hard-linked across partitions, because different partitions may have the same inode number. Hard links to directories are not allowed. ==1. Hard links and Inode related To

The Find command for Linux

Search by file nameFind/etc-name InitFind files with file name init in etcFind/etc-name *init*Find the file name in etc that contains initFind/etc-name Init???Find files with a file name beginning with Init and followed by three characters in

Linux/unix Threads (1)

Threads (1)This article describes how to use multiple control threads to run multiple tasks in a single process environment.All threads in a process are able to access the constituent parts of the process (such as the file descriptor and memory).The

The entire process of online exam system migration from Windows to Linux systems

Original operating Environment:Operating system: Windows Server 2003Database system: MySQL Server 5.0Web Server Software: Apache2Programming Language: PHPCurrent operating Environment:Operating system: CentOS release 6.8 (Final)Database system:

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