linux-Database 1

Database IntroductionA database (DATABASE,DB) is a collection of organized, shareable data that is stored in a computer for a long period of time. The data in the database is organized, described and stored in a certain mathematical model, with

Turn a Linux command every day (3): pwd command

When unsure of the current location, PWD is used to determine the exact location of the current directory within the file system.1. Command format:PWD [Options]2. Command function:View the full path to the current working directory3. Common

Linux raid5+ Backup Disk test

RAID5 disk array technology requires at least 3 disks to do, plus 1 backup disks (this hard drive device is usually idle, and will automatically be replaced if there is a hard drive in the RAID array group), a total of 4 hard disk devices that need

Detailed to no friend, a article to help you clear Linux user and user group relationship ~

Referenced from: User and user group filesIn Linux, user accounts, user passwords, user group information, and user group passwords are stored in different configuration files.In a Linux system,

Linux Send mail

One, the Mail command 1. Configure Vim/etc/mail.rc Add the following to the end of the fileSet [email protected] smtp= "" Set smtp-auth-user= "[email protected]" smtp-auth-password= "123456" Set Smtp-auth=login

linux--Compressed Files


linux--Compressed FilesWhy do I need to compress files?The file may take too much time to transfer due to the large file size during the transfer process. There are two obvious benefits to reducing file size, one is the ability to reduceLess storage

Linux Common Commands

System Information The processor architecture of the Arch Display Machine (1) UNAME-M display the processor architecture of the Machine (2) uname-r display the kernel version dmidecode-q display hardware system parts-(SMBIOS/DMI) hdparm-i/dev/ HDA

Generate configure files using Automake, autoconf under Linux

First, the diagram of each file in the process of generating configureSecond, Detailed introductionAutoScan: Scan the source code to search for common portability issues, such as checking compilers, libraries, header files, etc., generating file

Disk Management for Linux

1. Introduction to Disk termsThe MBR master boot record (MBR, main boot record) is a section of boot (Loader) code located at the front of the disk. MPT HDD Validity indicator. 0 tracks a sector of 512 bytes is the former 446:MBR master boot record.

Cigarette Smoker---------Linux Bash Basic feature conditions Test && custom Exit status code (6)

Condition testTo determine whether a demand is satisfied, it needs to be implemented by a testing mechanism.different test conditions are expressed according to the execution status result of the command1, according to the execution status of the ID

View file or folder size in Linux

df-l View disk space size command DF-HL Viewing disk space remainingDf-h viewing the partition size for each root pathDu-sh all file sizes (including sub-file sizes) under the current folderDU-SM [Folder] Returns the total number of M in

Linux date-d parameter usage

Lately I've racked my brains to write a shell that adjusts time, and it turns out that someday#info dataIt was ecstatic to see the flexible use of the data-d parameter. Good things to keep, tidy up:* To print the date of the day before

Linux driver Manual binding and Unbind method

Starting with 2.6.13-RC3, the Linux kernel provides the ability to dynamically bind and Unbind devices and device drivers in user space. Prior to this, the insmod can only be bound and reconciled through the modprobe and rmmod, and this binding and

Iptables principle of firewall under Linux platform (turn)

iptables IntroductionNetfilter/iptables (referred to as iptables) constitutes a packet filtering firewall under the Linux platform, like most Linux software, this packet filtering firewall is free, it can replace expensive commercial firewall

Linux: Configure Linux networks and clone virtual machines and change configuration

First, configure the Linux networkWhen installing Linux, make sure that the IP of your physical network is set manually, or it will be reported to the network is unreachable when Linux set up IP connectivity networks and how to find the problem!When

Basic properties of files in Linux

I. Users and user groupsowner (owner): Generally the creator of the file, who created the file, naturally becomes the owner of the file, each file owner (master) has and only one. You can see the owner of the file with the LL command. owning Group

The use of Linux sed and awk

SED usage:Original link: is a good file processing tool, itself is a pipe command, mainly in the behavior of the unit processing, you can replace the data rows, delete, add, select

Terminal types for Linux

Terminal is a very important peripheral, the people who used the terminal equipment know that if the device type is wrong, there will be random characters, can also be used simulation terminal software such as Netterm test, Linux terminal

Install cobbler2.6 on CentOS6.9 for automated installation of Linux systems

Install cobbler2.6 on CentOS6.9 for automated installation of Linux systemsCobbler can deploy Linux systems in batches and implement unattended installations.Cobbler-dependent services: Dhcp,tftp,http,pxe,kickstartThe port number of the service

Performance analysis of Linux five IO models

Socket blocking vs. non-blocking, synchronous and asynchronousHuangguisu1. Conceptual understandingIn network programming, we often see synchronous (sync)/async (Async), blocking (block)/non-blocking (Unblock) Four call modes:Synchronous:The

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