Install Hpl/sql under Linux

Environmental requirements:Java version 1.6 and aboveHadoop 1.x or 2.x versionThis example environment information:Linux Version:centos Release 6.8 (Final)Hadoop VERSION:HDP version:jre-1.8.0-openjdk.x86_64Download Hpl/sql

Linux directory structure detailed description

Directory1. Tree-like directory structure diagram2./catalogue3./etc/Catalogue4./usr/Catalogue5./var/Catalogue6./proc/Catalogue7./dev/CatalogueThis article mainly comes from the network to organize.Directory Structure Reference

Linux process Management (ii) Scheduling of processes and resource constraints

1 Process schedulingThe most important feature of the readiness process is that the process is non-blocking. The process of user interaction, large volumes of Read and write files, response to I/O, and network events can take a significant amount of

Linux Study notes second week second class (January 30)

2.10 Environment variable PathCheck command path and alias #which RMDisplays the current environment variable #echo $PATHThe command is also a file that can be used with absolute paths when commands;command to be used directly, must be added to the

Linux Learning Notes (eight) file and directory permissions chmod, change owner and owning group Chown, umask, hidden permissions

The Chmodchmod command is used to modify the permissions of a file or folder.Have studied beforels -l, the first one--has been studied before, and substituting refers to this is a textThe following rw-r--r--is the file's permissionsThe first three

linux-Basics-Common commands

A brief introduction to Linux 1.1 Linux overviewLinux is a UNIX-based open source free operating system, because the stability and security of the system almost become the best system environment for program code to run. Linux was originally

Linux filters empty lines in old files and comment lines remaining content to form a new file

I. DescriptionIn some scenarios we want to filter out the empty lines and comment lines of old files, leaving the rows that produce the actual effect.For example, there are a lot of blank lines and comment lines in the configuration sample file

File systems for Linux

========================================================================== /boot boot file storage directory, kernel file /bin a basic command for all users, cannot associate a separate partition, the program that is used by OS startup /sbin

Authoritative Guide to common commands for Linux systems

"One" on-line enquiry and Help commands (2)1.manman [Options] [command] View command Help, Dictionary of commands, more complex and info, but not commonly used. #man CD-A displays all manual pages, not just the first-F Displays only the command

Linux Common commands

Specific Linux commands:1.who: Displays information about users logged into the system; Tty7 graphical interface; user logon time2.PWD: the current path; 1./: The location representing the start of the file system2. Path: A string representing a

[record] optimize kernel parameters of Linux to improve server concurrency processing power


Optimize kernel parameters of Linux to improve server concurrent processing powerPS: In the case of limited server hardware resources, the maximum performance of the squeeze server, improve the server's concurrency processing power,is a problem that

Linux Simple to use

Linux Simple to use1. Basic CommandsCreate directory Patha:mkdir PathaGo to catalogue PATHA:CD PathaView Catalog contents: lsTo view the files in the directory for more information: Ls-l, can also be: ll (l is lowercase l, don't look wrong)Copy file

Linux rar command compression and decompression detailed

Example 1: Add a file or directory to a compressed archive, using the a command. For example, add the file files1 to Abc.rar, use the A or M command, a command to add the File1 file to the Abc.rar file to keep the original file1 files unchanged, M

Linux nginx+keepalived load + high Availability

Linux Nginx+keepalived负载+高可用SummaryNginx+keepalived to the enterprise to achieve low-cost, high-reliability high-availability soft load balancing, up to the high concurrency of the million.BodyPreparation for the first stage1.1 Project topology

OPEN-STF installation article (Linux)

The first way of pre-dependency is as follows: The underlying command depends on the following (Debian-like Linux commands)sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install -y gitsudo apt-get install -y curlsudo apt-get install -y android-tools-adb sudo

Kali-linux System Installation Steps

As the network is used more and more widely, the problem of network security is becoming more and more popular. In this context, Kalilinux was released in 2013, Kali Linux integrates a huge amount of penetration testing tools, such as Nmap,

(turn) The Umask value of Linux system and its corresponding file permission explanation

On the umask value of Linux system and its corresponding file permission explanationOriginal:, this article is written in particular to thank the 51cto blog staff and leadership, the old boy blog is

Linux Learning-umask Detailed

umask --Indicates the default permissions when creating a file (that is, it does not need to be set when creating a file) For example, we found under root user , touch A, the default permission for file A is 644 under Normal user ,

2018-1-17linux System Management (1) Linux disk and file system concepts

in this chapter, we begin the introduction of Linux system, we first understand the structure of the disk and the concept of file system, in the foundation of the previous article, the main introduction of the use of Linux commands and other

DNS in 04-linux (i)

0, on the configuration of Linux under the DNS of some of the terms of the explanation, see the article "03-about the configuration of the DNS under Linux explanation of some nouns (transferred from the network)" self-learningFirst, about the DNS

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