"Linux learning is not difficult" user management (5): Modify the Linux user account

9.4 "Linux learning is not difficult" user management (5): Modify the Linux user accountUse the Usermod command to change the user's shell type, the group to which it belongs, the lifetime of the user's password, and the user's login name.Command

Linux Common Operations Command (7): Date command to display or set system dates and times

8.7 "Linux learning is not difficult" Linux Common Operations Command (7): Date command to display or set the system day and timeuse the date command to display and set the dates and times of a computer system. Only Superuser has permission to use

Linux System Management-topic 02: Managing Files (1) _2.4 link files _ln

In Linux, there are two types of links: Symbolic links (symbolic link) and hard links.? Deleting a symbolic link does not affect the target file or directory to which this symbolic link points;? In turn, deleting, moving, or renaming a target file

Linux System Management-topic 02: Managing Good Files (1) _2.2 list file and file attributes _chmod_ls

? A user is a collection of permissions that can obtain system resources. Users in Linux can be categorized into three categories:1. Root user (Root): Users with full system privileges;2. Ordinary users: their access to the system is limited by a

Linux System Management _ topic 02: Managing Files (1) _2.1 switching, creating, and deleting directories _cd_mkdir_rmdir

Usage: CD [directory path]Transform working directory to make directory path, if [directory path] parameter is omitted to transform to user's home directory, where [directory path] can be absolute path or relative pathIn addition, "~" in Bash

First job: Analysis based on Linux process model

1.Linux is how the process is organized.* Process Concept: Process is a computer program on a set of data on a running activity, the system is the basic unit of resource allocation and scheduling, is the basis of the operating system structure. In

About the special meaning of Linux escape character \033

Format: echo-e "\033[word background color; font Color m string \033[0m"For example:Echo-e "\033[41;36m something here \033[0m"Where 41 of the position represents the background, 36 of the position is the color of the wordThose ASCII code is the

SAR detail (Linux/unix Universal)

Reprint: http://www.toxingwang.com/linux-unix/2027.htmlSAR is a common performance reporting tool for Linux and UNIX, and the common command combinations are as follows:Common formats for the SAR command line: SAR [Options] [-A] [-o file] t

Linux--makefile Writing

Before the preparation of makefile, limited to the beginning of contact, I have been more limited to some rigid format, sometimes it will seem a bit cumbersome. After further understanding of some of the system compiling and linking knowledge, the

Interrupt handling of the Linux Kernel Design Foundation (i)

Suppose that the kernel periodically polls the device. In order to deal with the equipment, that would do a lot of useless, it would be a smart way to let the device proactively notify the kernel when it needs the kernel, which is the

Linux Command Learning Series 9-directory-related operations CD,MKDIR,RMDIR,CP

Previous section review:1. Create a file: Touch command2. Delete Files: RM command3. Moving files: MV command4. View files: Cat,head,tail commandJob: Create file Test.txt in root directory, create directory Test (command is mkdir), move test.txt to

Linux Server Performance View Analytics tuning

A Linux server Performance View 1.1 CPU Performance View 1, view the number of physical CPUs:cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep "physical id"|sort|uniq|wc -l2. View the number of cores in each physical CPU:cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep "cpu cores"|wc -l3, the number

39 Common questions about Linux system Management

1, how to see the current Linux system has several physical CPUs and the number of cores per CPU?Answer: [[email protected] ~ 10:55 #35]# cat/proc/cpuinfo|grep-c ' physical ID '4[Email protected] ~ 10:56 #36]# cat/proc/cpuinfo|grep-c ' processor '42,

Linux Command Learning Series 10-use of permission-related CHOWN,CHMOD,CHGRP commands

Previous section review:1. Enter directory: cd command2. Create directory: mkdir command3. Delete directory: rmdir command4. File and directory replication: CPJobs: Create a directory test1,test2, create a test1.txt file in Test1, and then copy the

Linux log automatic Cleanup (find delete data 30 days ago)

Linux is a very automatic file generation system, log, mail, backup and so on. Although now hard disk cheap, we can have a lot of hard disk space for these files wasted, so that the system regularly clean up some unnecessary files there is a

Linux Package Management


Software operating Environmentabi:application binary Interface Application binary interfaceWindows is incompatible with LinuxELFPEApi:application progrmming Interface should program programming interfacePosixC Programming: Program source

Linux basic commands

1, how to shut down the command line? (the server generally does not shut down, the virtual machine does not have to shut down, click "Hibernate", keep its running state)Enter shutdown or halt or Poweroff in the terminal2. How to restart the command

Install Linux (CentOs6.3) operating system under VMware

VMware 10.0.2 CentOs 6.3 The installation of VMware and the download of CentOS are relatively simple and are no longer described here1. Create a new virtual machine2. Select a typical3. Select Install the operating system later4. Select5.

N days to learn the Ssh-keygen of a Linux command

UseThe keys used to generate the SSH encryption algorithm and the management and transformationUsage Ssh-keygen [-Q] [-B bits]-t type [-n new_passphrase] [-c comment] [-f Output_keyfile] ssh-keygen-p [-P Old_pass Phrase] [-n new_passphrase] [-F

lcow--single Docker engine can run Linux and Windows containers at the same time!

79251059Just last week, the Lcow (Linux Containers on Windows) [1] feature was added to the official Docker Master branch. Enable this feature to run both Linux and Windows containers under a single Docker engine.Let's take a quick look at what's

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