Linux command-diff

Features of the 1>diff commandThe function of the diff command in Linux is to compare two text files on a line-by-row basis, listing their differences. It checks the given file for a system and displays all the different rows in the two files

File types and user management for Linux

File types for Linux-,f: Normal fileD: Directory file, Path mappingL: Link file (symbolic link) soft ConnectDevice files:C: Character device, one-time access to a characterB: Block deviceP: Pipeline FileFi,foS: Socket file, socket 文件系统:

03-linux System File Properties

1.Linux System File Propertiesls -ilEach column has the following meanings:第一列 Inode第二列 文件类型及权限第三列 硬链接数第四列 属主权限第五列 属组权限第六列 文件或目录的大小第七八九列 最近修改时间第十列 文件或目录名字2.Linux System File typesls -l

Linux standalone Switch spark

Installing spark requires installing the JDK first and installing Scala.1. Create a Directory> Mkdir/opt/spark> Cd/opt/spark2. Unzip, create a soft connection> Tar zxvf spark-2.3.0-bin-hadoop2.7.tgz> Link-s spark-2.3.0-bin-hadoop2.7 Spark4. Edit/etc/

file character encoding format detection and conversion under Linux

Most of the time, the non-English character files that we encounter are encoded using UTF-8, and we generally look at the contents of these files without problems. Sometimes, however, we may encounter non-UTF-8 encoded files, such as the GBK

Linux Commands-Files

Viewing file information: lsLS is the abbreviation of the English word list, its function is to list the contents of the directory, is one of the most commonly used commands, it is similar to the dir command under

Linux commands (i): soft links and hard links

Today, I decided to start learning Linux commands and shell scripts, and use Linux to learn (command line, Shell and other knowledge points) This series of records of their own mental process, content is not in order, only recorded their own feel

Linux (Redhat) environment, how to extract rar files?


Requirements Description :Today a colleague sent over a compressed file, sent to the Linux server, passed up, found to be RAR formatBefore the decompression, we found some decompression methods, in this record.Operation Process :1. Download RAR

Linux Experiment 4_shell Programming (2)

First, the contents of the experimentFour blocks: 1, Shell variable basic usage and general symbol use. 2, Shell script analysis. 3. Shell script writing. 4, modify the configuration file to customize the personalized operating system or write the

Linux alias alias Command

First introduce the alias of the command, how to view it? Let's use the which command to see what the complete command is [[email protected] ~]# which lsalias ls= ' ls--color=auto '          /usr/bin/ls[[email protected] ~]# which Llalias ll= ' ls-l-

2018-05-31 Linux Learning

20.10 for LoopSyntax: for variable name in condition; Do ...; DoneCase 1#!/bin/bashSum=0For I inseq 1 100Doecho "$sum + $i"sum=$[$sum + $i]Echo $sumDoneEcho $sumCase 2File list loop#!/bin/bashcd/etc/For a in ls/etc/DoIf [-D $a]ThenLS

Arm+linux Embedded System Terminal display Chinese garbled solution

A problem solved a while ago, seems to be a small problem, actually solve this problem took one weeks to take the night off time, record share.Problem Description:In the Linux kernel configuration, the NLS (native language support) has selected the

Compression of Linux files and directories

1.gzip. gz file CompressionEnter # gzip file name. GZ compression#gzip-D Compression Pack decompressionOnly files can be compressed2.bzip2. bz2 file CompressionEnter the #bzip2 file name. bz2 compression#bzip2-D Compression Pack decompressionOnly

The connection and difference between the/proc/stat information of Linux system and the Cup information of top

I../PROC CATALOGUEThe/proc directory on a Linux system is a file system, the proc file system, unlike other common file systems, the/proc file system is a pseudo-file system that only exists in memory and does not occupy external memory space. It

Linux commands-User, rights management

User is an important part of unix/linux system, user management includes user and group account management.In the Unix/linux system, either by the local or remote login system, each system must have an account, and for different system resources

Linux first day

Basic use of common Linux commands ls view contents under current folder PWD View directory under current folder clear clear screen cd[directory name] Toggle folder touch[file name] If the file does not exist, create directory rm[file name]  Delete

Linux kernel 0.11 bootsect file description

First, the overall function of the introductionThis is a Linux-kernel-0.11 description of the source file under the Boot folder bootsect.s , which involves some basic knowledge that can be referenced in these two articles. Operating system

PXE installs Linux automatically

About PXEIn many cases it is unrealistic to install the operating system manually, especially when the number is large. It's time to draw on other technologies. PXE is one of them.The PXE full name is: Preboot excution environment Pre-boot execution

Basic commands commonly used in Linux

How to use common commands:1.echo (printf)Echo-display a line of text Common options:-N: Do not wrap,-e: use \ Guided escape sequence to take effect; \ n: newline \ t: Horizontal tab 2.CD Change the shell working dir Ectory. Switch working

Beginners Learn Linux: Atime, Mtime, CTime

Atime, Mtime, CTime, called the timestamp of the file, is one of seven of the file's meta-information, which is included in the inode. whichAtime (Accesstime) refers to the time when the file was last accessed;Mtime (Modifytime) refers to the time

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