Written summary--linux "continuous update" __linux

Due to my written test practice the correct rate is really miserable, so there is a "written summary" This series, is expected to update to the autumn recruit work = =process communication Methods in Unix (1) Pipelines (Pipe): Pipelines can be used

Linux Process Detailed __linux

This article is actually a reading note for "UNIX Environment Advanced Programming". So many details are not expressed, want to ask the students to look at the original book.  The reason why I posted my reading notes on my blog is for two purposes: 1

Some important directories under Linux/proc,/sys,/selinux,/bin,/usr/lib,/usr/local,/var,/tmp/etc__php

Briefly describe the role of each directory: /bin:/usr/bin: Executable binary file directory, such as the commonly used commands ls, tar, MV, cat and so on. /sys:File system access to the Linux kernel /selinuxSELinux is a domain-type model

log4j log file linux/mac/windows Common storage location Settings __linux

Category configuration in Log4j1/log4j2 and log output location (Windows and Linux common log output location) Category: Server Technology | Tags: windows| date: 2015-08-13 02:00:10 I. Scenarios and Requirements Let's say I have 3 separate project (

Linux uses Git and gradle to compile the project and write a simple automatic publishing script __linux

[TOCM] install git and deploy public key install sudo yum install git linux create SSH keySsh-keygen-t rsa-c "xxxxx@xxxxx.com" #使用邮箱创建 view public key Cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub execute the following command to add the public key to the Git@oscSsh-t

Linux under Buffer overflow instance __linux

Recently, the Internet search for a buffer overflow attack article, experimented, successfully implemented a buffer overflow attack, and now the process of recording. #include #include void Hello () { printf ("hello\n"); } int fun (char *

Linux under the Tar decompression GZ decompression bz2, such as the use of various decompression files __linux

Roughly summed up the Linux under the various formats of compression package compression, decompression methods. But some of the methods I did not use, also not all, I hope you help me to add, I will be ready to modify, thank you. . tar Unpack: Tar

Linux kernel Debugging Method __linux

Linux kernel debugging methods KDB: Only in the assembly code level for debugging; The advantage is that two machines are not required for debugging. GDB: When debugging a module, it lacks some vital features that can be used to view the operation

---cpu__linux of Linux performance monitoring and analysis

CPU Performance Metrics 1. Ratio of CPU used by user process 2. Ratio of CPU used by system process 3. Wio, waiting for I/O but the CPU is in idle state ratio. 4. CPU Idle Rate 5. CPU Ratio for context exchange 6,nice 7,real-time 8, run the length

Linux under the Apache+cgi configuration method. (Turn)---set cgi-bin__linux

1, install Apache First download the latest version of Apache HTTP server to Apache's home page, address http://httpd.apache.org/ This article is written in 2006.4.29,apache version for 2.2.0. If you want to use this version, please click:

Linux process Status (PS stat) R, S, D, T, Z, X__linux

reproduced from: http://blog.csdn.net/brucexu1978/article/details/7721313 Linux process status (PS stat) R, S, D, T, Z, X March 11, 2012 Posted by Jian PS Progress Status: process state codesPROCESS State Codes Here are the different values of

A common data structure in the Linux kernel-bi-directional list (1) __html

Linux kernel code, a lot of online, such as http://docs.huihoo.com/doxygen/linux/kernel/3.7/include_2linux_2types_8h_source.htmlOrHttp://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/mkregtable.cMost of the two-way linked list operations are

Linux Use INotify Monitor file action __linux

In everyday applications, you will often experience the following scenarios, monitor folder A, and execute the C command if the B file in the folder changes. Linux can perform this function through INotify. Since Linux kernel 2.6.13, INotify is part

Linux view the TCP port owning process/thread __linux

Under Linux, you will often need information about which ports the process has opened, and which process the port is open, and here's how to get that information. Note: "Which ports the process has opened" is similar to the process/thread-gathering

20 commands useful for Linux advanced users __linux

Original http://www.cnblogs.com/jjdiaries/p/3352215.html 41. Order: Ifconfig The Ifconfig command is used to configure network interface information. such as configuring the IP address of the network interface, the default gateway address, etc. so

Linux environment common performance monitoring and assistance in developing debugging tools __linux

Linux has a number of excellent tools to help us analyze the performance metrics of the server and assist in the development of debugging work. The following lists only the underlying commands and are generally integrated into a Linux environment

Linux kernel wait Queue inquiry-wait_queue_t-wait_queue_head_t__linux

 Linux kernel wait queue inquiry-wait_queue_t-wait_queue_head_t 【 Related source version: Linux kernel source version: linux-3.0.86 Uboot version: uboot-2010.12. Android System Source version: Android-5.0.2 " Waiting queues are one way in which

Detailed description of installing the OpenSSL installation graphic method under Linux (CENTOS7)

OpenSSL is an open source SSL technology, because I need to use PHP-related features, need to get HTTPS files so I have to install this thing, below I have collated two kinds of OpenSSL installation configuration method.Installation

Permissions for Linux files

1. The meaning of the permission setting : The system's lowest level security setting method, the guarantee file can be used by the user to do the corresponding operation.2. View of file Permissions (alias)Command: LSLs-l File # # View Files

The use of Linux packaging and compression tools

Compression tool: GZIP,BZIP2 compression capability is gradually enhancedPackage or compress tool: tarPackage and Compress tool: Zip compression capability is stronger than gzip and bzip2The difference between the two types of compression tools is

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