Linux command--wget (followed by an instance) __linux

Wget in a Linux system is a tool for downloading files, which is used at the command line. For Linux users is an essential tool, we often have to download some software or restore from the remote server back to the local server. Wget supports the

Linux redirection and Nohup methods __linux

turn from:'s talk about Linux redirection: 0, 1, and 2 represent standard input, standard output, and standard error information output, which can be used to specify standard

The 802.1Q implementation Configuration tool under Vconfig-linux __linux

The 802.1q Implementation Configuration tool under Vconfig-linux Copyright NOTICE: You can reprint, reprint, please be sure to hyperlink form to indicate the original source and author information and this

Linux with Arptables anti-ARP attack __linux

mac for binding gateways Arp-s 00-1d-0f-2a-7f-e2Arp-s 00-1f-d0-de-2c-2b configuration: The most effective way to prevent ARP is to allow only the ARP packet of the gateway, I now ip: the Environment Gateway Mac:0

Linux Kernel Analysis-network [12]:UDP module-Transceiver __linux

Kernel version: 2.6.34 UDP packet ReceptionThe reception of UDP message can be divided into two parts: the protocol stack receives the UDP message, inserts the corresponding queue; the user calls Recvfrom () or recv () system call to take out the

The SVN common command __linux under Linux

Windows TORTOISESVN is a resource manager of a plug-in, to overwrite the icon to indicate file status, almost so the command has a graphical interface support, more useful, here is not much to say. The main talk about the use of SVN under the Linux,

Linux Select I/O Shared service side __linux

It took two days to finally write a select I/O multiplexing server, it's not easy, take it and share it with everyone, O (∩_∩) o~ /****************************************************************************** Copyright (C), 2001-2011, DCN Co.,

"Linux" SSH Remote execution Command __linux


Sometimes, the command to execute a remote machine locally using SSH can easily handle some repetitive work. We want to do this: No manual input password Supports execution of multiple commands, executing shell scripts Support to execute sudo

Linux JVM running Information tracking __linux

JPS View the currently running Java process JVM process Status Tool, which displays all hotspot virtual machine processes within the specified system. JPS-LVM is used to view Java processes running on the current machine.command format JPS [options]

Linux file system and DF command __linux

Http:// The DF command is used to display the available disk space on a disk partition. The default display unit is KB. You can use this command to get how much space the hard disk is occupied and

Find and modify the Linux kernel files __linux

The ubuntu14.04 system is used and is installed using VMware virtual machines. As you can see from the kernel's slightly modified content, you may later need to modify some kernel code to match the hardware. Kernel file location for virtual machines:

Linux getsockopt and setsockopt set buffer size __linux

The system provides a socket buffer size of 8K, which you can set to 64K, especially when streaming live video. When the socket sends data to send data to the socket buffer, then accept the function and then fetch the data from the buffer, if the

Linux Create, delete soft, hard links __linux

In Linux, the kernel assigns an Inode (index node) to each newly created file, and each file has a unique inode number. The file attributes are stored in the index node, and when the file is accessed, the index nodes are copied to the inside to

Multi-threaded programming under Linux (System programming) __HTML5

One, the basic concept of threading1, the definition of the thread:Threads are also referred to as lightweight process (LWP) Computer science terminology, which refers to the scheduling unit of a running program. A thread is an entity in a process,

Linux memory management and manual release of Linux cache memory __php

There are always a lot of friends in the Linux memory management in question, the previous Linux memory management method does not seem to clear everyone's doubts. And in the new version of the core, it seems to provide a new solution to this

Use of RPM directives in Linux __linux

Usage: RPM [Options ...] Query Options (parameter-Q or--query): -C,--configfiles list all configuration files -D,--docfiles lists all document files --dump Export Basic file information -L,--list lists all the files in the

Linux Choice Question __linux

Two Single Choice question:1. In the following network protocol, the connection-oriented protocol is: A.A Transmission Protocol B User Datagram Protocol C Internet Protocol D Inter-Internet Control Message Protocol2. In the file system load

Linux command--view hard disk information (in disk array mode) __linux

If the server has a disk array, run Fdisk-l or SMARTCTL–ALL/DEV/SDA and not get the disk information you want. [Root@localhost/]# fdisk-l warning:gpt (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/DEV/SDA '! The util Fdisk doesn ' t support GPT. Use GNU

Linux System Management Practices (8): Network Configuration (cont.) __linux

12, the network access configuration process: Linux is now generally in the boot will automatically configure the network card (wired network card or wireless network card), as long as the direct set of its IP (can use DHCP), subnet mask, the

Basic Learning for Linux (RedHat)-Getting Started with command line

1.linux严格来讲,linux这个词只表示linux内核。我们口语中平常所说的Linux是基于linux内核并且使用GNU工程各种工具和数据库的操作系统。2.shell1.shell是命令解析器。在计算机科学中,Shell俗称壳(用来区别于核),是指“提供使用者使用界面”的软件(命令解析器)。它类似于DOS下的cmd.exe。它接收用户命令,然后调用相应的应用程序。2.shell可以保护系统内核不被篡改的软件。3.shell分图形界面shell和命令行式shell。PS: Learning

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