Introduction to the method of modifying time zone under Linux

has been used to set the date, this reference online data, and finally the whole. The Linux clock is divided into system clocks (systems Clock) and hardware (real time Clock, short RTC) clocks. The system clock is the clock in the current Linux

Common Linux command collection and collation

Shutdown: Poweroff or shutdown-h now or init 0 Reboot: Reboot or Shutdown-r now or init 6 Close X-window:init 3 Start X-window:init 5 or start X View IP Address: ifconfig Linux kernel version: Uname-r Basic command 1, view a port number,

Linux builds HTTPS server

I. Installation and preparation 1. Install OpenSSL To enable Apache to support SSL, you need to first install OpenSSL support. This is openssl-0.9.8k.tar.gz. Download openssl: TAR-ZXF

Linux---nagios monitoring diagram

Toss for 2 days. The Nagios 4.x version of the monitor server lasts about 3-4 months. Originally set up when they want to do a map of the monitoring, but has not been out. And then it was put on hold. Before, because of server performance problems,

Installation and configuration of the DB2 database under Linux

A Installation and configuration of the DB2 database: 1. After the installation is complete, you need to add three operating system groups and three operating system users, as follows: Groupadd-g 999 db2iadm1  # (Group managing instances) Groupadd-g

Linux system boot Process specific explanation-what happened after power-on--linux kernel profiling (0)

This article is for example the following articles Deep understanding of the Linux boot processMBR (Master boot Record)The process that the computer executes before powering it on to the operating system main functionExplain the startup process

Linux Screen Command detailed

I. BACKGROUNDSystem administrators often require SSH or telent telnet to a Linux server and often run tasks that take a long time to complete, such as system backups, FTP transfers, and so on. Usually we open a remote terminal window for each of

Linux exit status Code and Exit command

Linux provides a special variable $ to save the exit status code of the last executed command. For commands that need to be checked, you must view or use the $? variable immediately after it has been run. Its value becomes the exit status code of

What are x86, Linux, GNU, gnome?

One, instruction set architecture:Instruction Set Schema ( English:instruction Set Architecture, abbreviated as ISA), also known as instruction set or instruction collective , is the part of the computer architecture related to program design ,

Linux programming UDP socket full guide

This article will summarize the important knowledge points of UDP socket programming in Linux, whether it is developer haulage, or some remote knowledge points of UDP sockets, this paper will talk about. As far as possible, after reading an article,

linux-What are binary packages, source packages, RPM packages, repositories

The "preface" is explained in the blog post:This article will be introduced by personal tone what is binary package, RPM package, source RPM package (srpm package), source package, and rpm common commands, source RPM installation (*.src.rpm), source

Linux time-related operations 20170607

First, the Linux common time correlation function-asctime,ctime,getttimeofday,gmtime,localtime,mktime,settimeofday,timeAsctime: Converting dates to stringsCTime: Converts a number of seconds into a stringGettimeofday: Gets the time and date based on

10 Interesting Linux command-line tips you should know

Summary: I like to use commands very much, because they provide more control over the Linux system than GUI (graphical user interface) applications, so I've been looking for some interesting ways to make Linux easier and more fun, mostly based on

Summary of Common Linux commands

directory structure of Linux files: tree-like structure,/for the highest root directoryRoot:root User's personal folder (home directory)Bin: Holds commands available to most usersBoot: Store startup files and configuration information, which will be

Daily Linux Command Learning-reference symbol (backslash \, single quote ", double quote")

Reference symbols protect special metacharacters and parameter extensions in the parser using 3 ways: backslash (\), single quotation mark ('), double quotation mark ("").Single and double quotes must be matched to protect special metacharacters and

How to customize your bash Prompt on a Linux VPS


Offers: Zstack cloud computingContent IntroductionCommand-line operations are undoubtedly the most time-consuming process when managing Linux servers. For most users, this means a lot of time to manipulate the bash shell.While most distributions

Kali-linux Using social engineering Toolkit (SET)

The Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) is an open source, Python-driven, social engineering penetration testing tool. Designed by David Kenned, this toolkit has become a standard for industry-deployed social engineering attacks. Set exploits people's

Linux Learning Notes---command diff and Diff3

The diff command is a very important tool on Linux to compare the contents of a file, especially to compare two different versions of files to find the changes. Diff prints each line's changes on the command line. The latest version of diff also

Linux Learning Note 8--command touch

Linux touch commands are not commonly used, and are generally used when using make, to modify file timestamps, or to create a new file that does not exist.The touch command has two functions: one is to update the time tags of existing files to the

hi3531 cross-compilation environment Arm-hisiv100nptl-linux building process on Ubuntu

Installing the SDK1. Hi3531 SDK Package Locationin the "Hi3531_v100r001***/" directory, you can see a hi3531_sdk_vx.x.x.x.tgz file,This file is the Software Development kit for Hi3531. 2. Unzip the SDK packageOn a Linux server (or

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