Linux Email mail Commands detailed _linux

Mail command 1. Configure Vim/etc/mail.rc Add the following content to the end of the file Set smtp= "" set smtp-auth-user= "" 123456 " Set Smtp-auth=login Description

Linux periodically cleans up expired files using the Find and Crontab commands _linux

crontab command The crontab command is a tool used in Linux to set up repeated execution of commands or scripts. It is able to execute commands or scripts at a certain time interval for a specified period of time, as required. Basic usage of

Five search commands for files in linux summary _unix Linux

There are 5 search commands for Linux, respectively, as follows: which: Searches for the location of a system command in the path specified by the path variable, and returns the first search result; type: Used to distinguish whether a command is

Simple incremental folder Backup with commands (Win/linux) _ Other

These two days suddenly see a demand point, need to implement the function of incremental backup, find some information Record the following command, which enables simple incremental backup with the command line. Win: Copy Code code as

Using PROFTPD to build FTP server and configuration method _ftp server in Linux

First PROFTPD is an open source software, its official address is, the current highest version is: 1.3.1 (not stable version), stable version is 1.3.0, download file for proftpd-1.3.0a.tar.gzI downloaded the 1.3.0, upload it

Complete cleanup process after minerd in Linux (detailed) _linux

Accidentally installed a Redis service, opened a full network of the default port, the first thought that this server does not have public network IP, the results found regret Mo and AH One day found that the CPU load is unusually high, found a

Scripts for periodically deleting files from a day before Windows and Linux _dos/bat

Before the most time we are scheduled backup function, we often use the timing function to back up the site data or back up the database, I will give ( you introduce a few Linux and Windows scheduled to delete a day before the file

Security detection UNIX and Linux server security Settings Primer _linux

In fact, every hacker has its own unique method. The author has collected a lot of data to invade the website server, but because the actual situation is different, often causes many methods the invalidation; This shows that each site is different,

Fast Cloud VPS Host Configuration Free VPN server method (Windows/linux) _ Server Other

Recently found that a lot of friends in the search for free VPN account, through the free VPN proxy IP, using VPN technology to turn the wall to find what they want, pond, as a retreat and networking, today's Fast Cloud VPS Small series, to share,

Linux grep regular expressions and grep usage--Regular expressions

You need to keep in mind that regular expressions are not the same as wildcard characters, they mean different things Regular expressions are just a description of strings and can only be handled by combining tools that support regular expressions.

Teach you how to: Hack into UNIX and Linux server Getting started _ Web surfing

Before discussing this part of the knowledge, the reader needs to know that hacking the site is illegal, but it is welcome to find the site's intrusion vulnerabilities on the network and notify the site. Why to look for an intrusion or intrusion,

Install apache+apachejserv+jsp_jsp programming on Linux

I.. copyright NOTICE This document will be published under the GPL. Second, the Software acquisition As the saying goes, 工欲善其事, its prerequisite; The following are listed as related resources for the software mentioned in this article, and the

Linux High Concurrent socket maximum number of connections under the various restrictions (detailed) _linux

1, modify the user process to open the number of files limit On Linux platforms, regardless of whether you write a client program or a server-side program, the highest number of concurrent TCP connection processing is limited by the system's number

Resolve Linux folder file creation, delete _linux

This article mainly introduces the folder file creation, deletion, specific as follows: Linux Delete Folder command Linux Delete directory is very simple, many people are still accustomed to using rmdir, but once the directory is not empty, into

Linux zip/unzip Command Detailed _linux

Recently cleaned up the Linux zip/unzip command, as follows: Command name: Zip Function Description: Compress file. Syntax: Zip [-acddffghjjkllmoqrstuvvwxyz$][-b ][-ll][-n ][-t ][-][Compressed files [Document ...] [-i Supplemental Note: Zip is

Linux installation configuration lamp v2_linux

Copyright Notice: Original works, allow reprint, reprint, please be sure to hyperlink form to indicate the original publication of the article, the author's information and this statement. Otherwise, legal liability will be held.

Node.js Getting Started Tutorial: Installing configuration Node.js Graphics and text tutorials on Windows and Linux _node.js

In this section we will show you how to install Node.js on Windows and Linux. This installation tutorial takes the Node.js v0.10.26 version as an example. Node.js installation package and the source code download address:

The Curl command in Linux is detailed _linux

Grammar # curl [option] [url] Common parameters: -a/--user-agent Set User agent sent to server -b/--cookie cookie string or file read location -c/ Write the cookie to this file after the--cookie-jar operation -c/--continue-at

How to view the Linux file system block size implementation _linux

On Linux systems, you can use command TUNE2FS to test the following [Root@localhost test10g]# tune2fs-help tune2fs 1.35 (28-feb-2004) tune2fs:invalid option--H usage:tune2fs [-C Max-mo Unts-count] [e-errors-behavior] [G Group] [-I interval[d|

Load balancing using Nginx This paper configures Nginx to implement load under Windows and Linux _linux

There are two ways to implement the site load, one is to buy hardware to achieve, such as hardware F5 to Citrix Netscalar, these devices are hundreds of thousands of, not the average person to play, the other is to use software to achieve, such as

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