Linux rpm command Parameters _unix Linux

The toolkit was first launched by Red Hat and later borrowed by other Linux developers. Because it saves a lot of time for Linux users, it is widely used to install and remove software under Linux. Here is a description of its specific use of the

How to view and modify file read and Write permissions under Linux system _unix Linux

Statement to view file permissions: In the terminal input: Ls-l ( is file name) Then there will be similar messages, mostly these: -rw-rw-r-- A total of 10 digits Which: the front one-represents the type The middle one of the three rw-

Linux Rename command usage 1th/2 page _unix Linux

First of all, the MV command, in the man MV we can see the MV command of the introduction is such: Mv-move (rename) files You can see that the MV command does have a renaming function, but in practice it can only rename a single file, and the

Linux operating system Password file security issues detailed analysis _unix Linux

Almost all Unix-like operating system password files are formatted in the same format, and Linux is no exception. Password security is one of the traditional security problems of Linux operating system. Traditional Password and shadow

Linux system xorg.conf files in detail _unix Linux

First look at a complete xorg.conf file, as follows: Copy Code code as follows: # /.../ # SaX generated X11 config file # Created on:2009-05-31t19:02:32+0800. # # version:8.1 # Contact:marcus Schaefer , 2005 # Contact:sax-user List

Linux tar Compression pack command use method 1th/2 page _unix Linux

tar command [Root@linux ~]# tar [-cxtzjvfppn] files and directories .... Parameters: -C: Create a compressed file parameter instruction (create meaning); -x: Unlock a parameter command for a compressed file! -T: View the files inside the Tarfile! In

Linux Top command usage details _unix Linux

View multi-core CPU commandsMpstat-p All and sar-p all Description:sar-p all > Aaa.txt redirect output to file Aaa.txt The top command is often used to monitor Linux system conditions, such as CPU, memory use, the programmer basically know the

Deep analysis of the timing tasks under Linux _unix Linux

Before doing a scheduled task, check the current system time "date" +%y-%m-%d%T "" and Hardware Clock time "hwclock": [Root@localhost test]# Date "+%y-%m-%d%T"2013-07-01 07:57:52 [Root@localhost test]# HwclockJuly 01, 2013 Monday 07:57 48 sec -0.0

Linux Network Operations Related command Rollup _unix Linux

Linux operations-related command rollup GitHub address: Https:// Copy Code code as follows: #/bin/sh #查看http请求的header Tcpdump-s 1024-l-a-n Host Tcpdump-s 1024-l-A src or DST 192.1

Basic introduction to the development of BSD socket interface in Linux _unix Linux

This is the first of a series of articles on how to develop Web programs for Linux using a variety of available interfaces. Like most unix-based operating systems, Linux supports the use of TCP/IP as a local network transport protocol. In this

How to change the access rights of files or directories in Linux _unix Linux

Each file and directory in a Linux system has access permission to determine who can access and manipulate files and directories in any way. File or directory access is divided into read-only, write-only and executable three kinds. In the case of a

The use of GREP commands under Linux describes _unix Linux in detail

1. grep Introduction grep (Global search Regular expression (RE) and print out of the line, a comprehensive search for regular expressions and print out rows) is a powerful text search tool that uses regular expressions to search for text. and

A method for establishing a high speed DNS cache server under FreeBSD 6.0-release _unix Linux

The server was replaced by a previous arrayipfilter+ipnat+dhcp--freebsd5.4UnderIpfilter+ipnatPacket filtering, forwarding, andDhcpServer Schema Notes, but recently felt that the server will often drop the line, on the server to open aDnsCaching

FREEBSD6.0RELEASE+SQUID+SOCKS5 Server Setup Notes _unix Linux

Set up this server, so that the client through the setting Proxy server squid to browse the Web page, through the proxy server SOCKS5 to use QQ, MSN, Securities and other services, the following brief introduction of the server's erection

Linux server attack and Defense security Introduction _unix Linux

With the expansion of Linux enterprise applications, there are a large number of network servers using the Linux operating system. Linux server security can be more and more attention, here according to the depth of the attack on the Linux server in

Linux vs Linux advantages _unix Linux

The Linux machine doesn't have to clean the hard drive at all, which is why you haven't seen the Linux user defragment the hard drive. Linux file system is a much better file system than Windows FAT, FAT32, NTFS, they can not only set permissions on

How to implement the Linux operating system automatic login _unix Linux

Boot automatically login Linux, and automatically run the Xwindow application, has its special application background, such as based on Linux platform monitoring system, Linux does not need authentication after startup, and directly run the

Linux's Common network commands _unix Linux

The main advantage of computer network is that it can realize the sharing of resources and information, and users can access information remotely. Linux provides a powerful set of network commands to serve users, which can help users log on to

Linux operating System 12 Classic application Techniques _unix Linux

This article introduces the 12 classic techniques of Linux operating system application, which can be used to better use Linux system. 1, processing the special file name Assuming that the Linux system has a file named "-ee", if we want to operate

Let your Linux use the same as Windows _windowsxp

Many Linux beginners have just come from windows "immigrant" to Linux environment and operation that is strange and unfamiliar, how to let beginners quickly find the feeling, as soon as possible into the temple of Linux? Of course, first from the

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