Analysis of snapshots in Linux and Blockcommit,blockpull

Basic knowledgeA virtual machine snapshot can be viewed as a view of a virtual machine at a given time (including his operating system and all programs). As a result, one can revert to a previous complete state, or make a backup while the guest is

Cobbler Automatic bulk Installation Deployment Linux system

Description Cobbler Server System: CentOS 5.10 64-bit IP Address: You need to install a deployed Linux system: Eth0 (first network card, for extranet) IP address segment:

Linux Hadoop pseudo-distributed installation deployment detailed

What is Impala? Cloudera released real-time query open source project Impala, according to a variety of products measured, it is more than the original based on MapReduce hive SQL query speed increase 3~90 times. Impala is an imitation of Google

tutorial on installing SSL protocol dependent library OpenSSL in Linux

0. Introduced by a mistake The code is as follows: Fatal error:openssl/aes.h:no such file or directory If you encounter this error at compile time, this may be the following reason: The program you are trying to compile uses OpenSSL, but the

Ways to view the amount of memory in the execution process in a Linux system

In Linux, to see if a process is consuming memory, execute the following command to replace the [PID] with the corresponding process's PID number: The code is as follows: Cat/proc/[pid]/status Description In addition to memory information, the

A detailed explanation of USR directory in Linux system

Linux file structure, there is a very magical directory--/usr. has not been how to pay attention to it before, anyway, the program is installed in the inside, and there is nothing to be traced to things. Until one day, fedora to simplify the entire

A basic approach to configuring a multilingual environment for Linux systems

Modify the/etc/sysconfig/i18n file, such asLang= "en_US. UTF-8 ", Xwindow will display the English interface,Lang= "ZH_CN. GB18030 ", Xwindow will display the Chinese interface.There is also a way to cp/etc/sysconfig/i18n $HOME/.i18n modify $HOME/.i1

Linux Site One-button backup script

Summarize the characteristics of 1, support the MYSQL/MARIADB database full volume backup;2, support the designated directory or file backup;3, supporting the encrypted backup files;4, support one key to upload to Google Drive (need to

BT Pagoda Linux Server Management assistant set up free VPS panel installation and initial setup tutorial

Old left first See Pagoda server Management Assistant software information should be last week in the Little Night blog to see ads, from this software introduction should be in the past two years gradually in the update, upgrade, currently has Linux

FIREWALLD firewall installation using the Arch Linux operating system

This article describes the installation of the arch under the firewall Firewall (centos7.x series, firewalld default directly open). [root@centos6 ~]# chkconfig--list | grep iptables #centos6. x series iptables is turned on by defaultIptables

Use Linux expect command example skillfully


Preface A period of time before the work of the machine replaced by Ubuntu + 128G SSD + 8G memory desktop, and finally embarked on the use of Linux Office Road, in general, Ubuntu is still more smoothly than I imagined, its "apt-get-style" package

Linux error cannot get lock/var/lib/dpkg/lock solution

Take: kali/updates/contrib Sources [B]Get: kali/updates/non-free Sources [B]Get: kali/updates/main amd64 Packages [351 KB]Get: kali/updates/contrib

SH script case Conditional statement usage in Linux

Case statements are useful for applications where multiple branches are required.The case Branch statement is formatted as follows:Case variable name inMode 1)Command sequence 1;;Mode 2)Command Sequence 2;;*)Sequence of commands executed by

Linux OpenSSL upgrade to openssl1.0.1g version

Below, the blacksmith uses a pure version of the system to give everyone a simple upgrade tutorial. Because it is pure version, so some gcc, wget have to be downloaded again. This also gives the novice a better practice opportunity, Daniel do not

Linux wget implementation breakpoint download entire file directory

wget Introduction Wget can track links on HTML pages to download to create a local version of the remote server, completely rebuilding the original site's directory structure. This is often referred to as a "recursive download." In the recursive

The use of lsattr and CHATTR commands in Linux

The Chattr command is powerful, some of which are supported by the Linux kernel version, and many of the features are not implemented if the Linux kernel version is below 2.2. Also-d to check for errors in the compressed file, requires more than 2.5.

Linux uses mail to send external SMTP mail

DescriptionLinux's own mail can implement external SMTP mail. There is no need to configure the Postfix,sendmail mail server locally, it does take a bit of time to configure the package. Realize:1. Turn off the SendMail service or postfix service

A summary of the relevant commands for Linux time settings

In a networked environment, it's a good practice to keep your Linux system time accurate. There are many services in the Linux system that require the right time to work properly under networking conditions. Let's take a look at the commands you

Linux uses Socktop to detect socket communication status

All socket communication is through the socket interface, any family communication including UNIX domain sockets to go, so as long as the intercept socket read and write a few syscall can understand the UNIX domain socket sent and received.The

Methods of viewing and converting file encoding under Linux system

If you need to operate a file under Windows in Linux, you may often experience file encoding conversion problems. The default file format in Windows is GBK (gb2312), and Linux is generally UTF-8. Here's how to view the encoding of a file in Linux

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