Linux mount new hard drive to directory, and automatically mount example

Today, as you organize your pictures, found that the root directory hard disk space has been left, and the site and all related files are mainly placed in the root of the data directory (/data), but the/home is there is room, and do not want to put

How to use Configure PREFIX=USR in Linux

When you compile and install software on Linux, you often encounter./configure prefix=usr This command ... what does/configure-prefix mean? Here is a brief introduction to the use of/configure-prefix. The installation of the source code typically

Linux Automatic scheduled backup folder and Backup script instance

Server:AliyunRequirements:For the WWW directory, perform a backup daily 1 o'clock in the morning to name the folder on today's dateCreate Wwwbak directories and files in the Alidata folder as follows:Create a new Wwwbak folder and execute

Nagios Monitor Linux host Memory script instance "operational maintenance"

DescriptionThe work consists of two parts of the monitoring end (123) and the monitored end (iv)One, nrpe.cfg add scriptAdd a command index to the NRPE.CFGCOMMAND[CHECK_USED_MEM]=/USR/LOCAL/NAGIOS/LIBEXEC/CHECK_USED_MEM.SH 80 90Description: Actual

Linux Server configuration (full Web site environment configuration)


The last time I used a Web environment with Aliyun, I always couldn't find the document when I was working, and I put it back here:The total directory is/root/build_site (remember not to delete)1 below the Software directory/root/build_sitehas three

Under Linux svn commit ignores some files, directories (Ignore properties)

In the project, some files are not required to submit local to the SVN warehouse, such as the config.php file, especially the definition of absolute path, or cache directory, image directory, etc., so for convenience, every time you submit SVN, you

Crontab non-effective solution of ENV environment variable caused by Linux

A friend said that he wrote a script to do the scheduled task to back up the database, but the backup is not successful, manual execution of the script is not a problem, and in the/var/log/cron log to see the successful execution, but is not see the

Examples of tinypng image compression in Linux

More generally is the picture, the picture compression ratio is bigger, accesses the page speed to be quicker. WordPress under the relevant such as WP can be used for picture compression, but for compression ratio and fidelity level, as

Linux under Yum apt-get install Subversion 1.8 Tutorial

have been looking for a source can use Yum or apt-get to quickly install subversion, looking for a long time, finally found, is the source of, the following installation settings. Centos 6: Create a source file

Linux Interactive and non-interactive Two examples of modifying user password methods

Recently managed a number of machines, there is a need to unify the change of an account username password, such as the QA account password changed to 1234, and later for scripting, very convenient implementation, but also used to modify the user's

Introduction to the method of deleting a file for a time period under Linux

Find to delete files For example, to find all files ending with. txt from the current directory and display them on the screen, command behavior: Find. -name ' *.txt '-print To find the two-suffix file, change to the following usage: Find.

Example of re-mount VAR partition in Linux

We sometimes find that the Var partition uses Du and DF to see that the usage is inconsistent, typically because some files are deleted, but the file is also occupied by the program, causing the space to not be released. Sometimes, you know which

Analysis of the problem of deleting files in LS and RM in Linux

Normally the LS-listed files that want to be directly piped through the RM-RF delete are not valid. At this point, we need to cooperate with the command Xargs use: For example:Ls-t|tail-10|xargs RM-RF//sorted by time, delete the last 10 files Of

Linux Suite Fedora 21 install LAMP Server Graphics tutorial

This tutorial is in accordance with the original website translation, if not successful, you can refer to the original. Not long ago Fedora 21 released, the version has three, which has a server version, the original hint is the

Using RRDtool for Vmstat output drawing in Linux

1, view the output of Vmstat [Root@361way ~]# Vmstat 1 2procs-----------Memory-------------Swap-------io------System-------CPU-----R b swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in CS us sy ID WA St0 0 0 1479452 420588 5600548 0 0 0 3 0 5 0 0 100 0-00 0 0 147

Linux system Driven Development Debugging Technology Guide Tutorial

first, the use of PRINTK This is the most unadorned, and most commonly used, and effective means of driving development. The scull-driven main.c No. 338 line Below is the example of using PRINTK for debugging, and this example is believed to be

Tutorials for Docker to use HTTPS in Linux

Docker starts the listening port, uses HTTP, and can remotely manage the Docker host.Such a scenario has drawbacks, the API level is not provide user authentication, Token, such as authentication, anyone can use the address plus port to control

Linux system CTime, mtime and Atime commands detailed

Atime:access time when the file (read or executed) or directory was last accessedMtime:modofy time when the file (content) or directory (content) was last modifiedCtime:change time when the file (property) or directory (property) was last changed

Linux system resource monitoring tools glances use detailed

Glances is a Linux, BSD open Source command-line system monitoring tool, which uses the Python language development, uses the Psutil library to collect the system data, can monitor the CPU, the load, the memory, the disk I/O, the network traffic,

SecureCRT upload files via sftp to Linux and download methods

SecureCRT Open Sftp method is very simple, directly in the interface at the same time "alt+p" can open the interface, of course, the command line, there is no interface, similar to the following. Before you open the interface, it's a good idea

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