New Local Storage example in Linux XenServer

[Root@xenserver-ds-monitor02 ~]# Smartctl--all/dev/sdbSMARTCTL 6.2 2013-07-26 r3841 [x86_64-linux-3.10.0+10] (local build)Copyright (C) 2002-13, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke, = = START of Information section = = =Model family:

Analysis of snapshots in Linux and Blockcommit,blockpull

Basic knowledgeA virtual machine snapshot can be viewed as a view of a virtual machine at a given time (including his operating system and all programs). As a result, one can revert to a previous complete state, or make a backup while the guest is

Cobbler Automatic bulk Installation Deployment Linux system

Description Cobbler Server System: CentOS 5.10 64-bit IP Address: You need to install a deployed Linux system: Eth0 (first network card, for extranet) IP address segment:

Linux gnuplot Drawing Performance Monitor chart use

First, installation The current version is 4.6.5, where the source package is no longer listed, because the package is available from the most common Linux system sources: The code is as follows Copy Code Centos/redhat

Linux Site One-button backup script

Summarize the characteristics of 1, support the MYSQL/MARIADB database full volume backup;2, support the designated directory or file backup;3, supporting the encrypted backup files;4, support one key to upload to Google Drive (need to

BT Pagoda Linux Server Management assistant set up free VPS panel installation and initial setup tutorial

Old left first See Pagoda server Management Assistant software information should be last week in the Little Night blog to see ads, from this software introduction should be in the past two years gradually in the update, upgrade, currently has Linux

Find recently modified file commands in Linux

If there are any problems with the website or the server, you will first think about whether the file on the server has been modified, and search will use the Find command as follows: Finds files in the current directory. php file that have been

Linux installation Apache environment and problems encountered in solving

Recently work to take some projects, are Linux under the Apache environment, originally wanted to run directly nginx, helpless, have used a lot of rewrite,apache and nginx in rewrite some grammar is not the same, do not want to change these rules,

Linux lsof Command Usage Summary

Lsof (list open files) is a tool that lists the current system open file. In a Linux environment, everything exists as a file, and access to network connections and hardware can be accessed through files as well as regular data. So, such as

Linux system PHP7.0 compile installation upgrade and WordPress problem solving and sharing

The new features given by the authorities are as follows: PHP 7.0.0 comes with new version of the Zend Engine with features such as (incomplete list):Improved performance:php 7 is up to twice as fast as PHP 5.6Consistent 64-bit SupportMany fatal

Linux Modify password report PAM authentication failed error resolution

Recently received an operation and development task, need to develop an account management system, on the 3,000 + Linux server root account for the batch system management, to achieve the regular modification of root as a random password and

Use Linux expect command example skillfully


Preface A period of time before the work of the machine replaced by Ubuntu + 128G SSD + 8G memory desktop, and finally embarked on the use of Linux Office Road, in general, Ubuntu is still more smoothly than I imagined, its "apt-get-style" package

SH script case Conditional statement usage in Linux

Case statements are useful for applications where multiple branches are required.The case Branch statement is formatted as follows:Case variable name inMode 1)Command sequence 1;;Mode 2)Command Sequence 2;;*)Sequence of commands executed by

A brief analysis of the programming method of Linux Daemon Course

Daemon, which is usually called the daemon process, is the background service process in Linux. It is a long-running process that is usually independent of the control terminal and periodically performs a task or waits to handle certain occurrences.

Linux OpenSSL upgrade to openssl1.0.1g version

Below, the blacksmith uses a pure version of the system to give everyone a simple upgrade tutorial. Because it is pure version, so some gcc, wget have to be downloaded again. This also gives the novice a better practice opportunity, Daniel do not

Example of VSFTP setting user default FTP directory in Linux

Modify VSFTP The default user access directory is in the vsftpd.conf file under/etc/vsftpd/of the configuration file directory. Locate and open the/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf, and set the following code to add: The code is as follows

Linux date format output time and date

Date command Arguments -d,–date=string Displays the time specified by STRING-f,–file=datefile A similar –date parameter to display the time per line in a Datefile file-itimespec,–iso-8601[=timespec] Displays the date/time in ISO 8601 format.

Linux Delete files and directories and restore details

You've learned to use the Touch command to create a file, and to use the mkdir command to create a directory Tigger. Now, you need to learn how to delete files and directories. Using the RM command to delete files and directories is a

Linux modify file and directory permissions method

Syntax: chown [options] User or group file Description: Chown changes the owner of the specified file to the specified user or group. The user can be a user name or a user ID. A group can be either a group name or a group ID. The file is a

Compile and install the wxWidgets framework in Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint

WxWidgets is a C ++ development framework/library that supports cross-platform development using the same code in Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is mainly written in C ++, but can also be bound with other languages such as Python, Perl, and Ruby. In

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