25 ways to make your Linux server as safe as a bucket

1. Security of physical systems Configure BIOS, disable boot from CD/DVD, external device, floppy drive. Next, enable the BIOS password and enable Grub password protection, which limits physical access to the system. 2. Disk partitioning It is

Installation and usage of Supportconfig in Linux

As a result of work, usually need SUSE engineers do second-line technical support, in addition to often submit kdump analysis results to SUSE engineers positioning root cause. In the absence of kdump generation, the often used instruction is

Using Logwatch to analyze monitoring log files on Linux

1. Introduce When maintaining a Linux server, it is often necessary to look at the logs of the various services in the system to check the running state of the server. such as login history, mail, software installation and other logs. It's very

Linux background task "Nohup/setsid/&/disown/screen"

In our daily development process, we may often manually do some scripts to organize data or perform some statistical tasks. While executing the script, we usually connect to the Linux server through an SSH terminal, and we can also execute the

IPCS and Linux Shared memory example

Shared memory-related knowledge Shared memory is the common use of the same piece of physical memory space between multiple processes, and it is achieved by mapping the same piece of physical memory to the virtual space of different processes.

Linux SSH root login configuration/No password and certificate login

First, password-free login method Environment: This machine: Ubuntu 9.04, Server centos5.x series.Recently, in order to work, power-on startup will mount the server's files to its own workspace.At the beginning, the Smbmount is used to mount the

uname command usage in Linux

Function Description: Uname is used to obtain information about the computer and operating system.Syntax: uname [-amnrsvpio][--help][--version]Supplemental Note: uname can display basic information such as the version of the operating system used by

[Illustrated] 28 unix/linux command-line artifacts

Below is a collection of 28 unix/linux under the 28 command line tools, some are familiar with, some are very useful, some are not known. These tools are very good, I hope everyone knows. In order to facilitate the study, I have a picture, but also

Linux rpm command parameters to use the detailed

RPM Execution Installation package Binary package (Binary) as well as source code package (sources) two. The binary package can be installed directly on the computer, and the source code package will be automatically compiled and installed by RPM.

Aliyun Linux Server Configuration installation Nginx

1. First download the latest stable version of pcre-8.32.tar.gz and nginx-1.4.7.tar.gz2. Install pcre let nginx support rewritepcre-8.32.tar.gz uploaded to the/home directory below1) Decompression PcreAfter performing #tar-zxvf pcre-8.32.tar.gz

Linux Dictionary Generation tool crunch

Installation Tar zxvf crunch-3.6.tgz CD crunch-3.6 gcc-wall-lm-pthread-std=c99-m64-d_largefile_source-d_file_offset_bits=64 Crunch.c-o CRUNCH-LM Make install Use Crunch 1 8 #生成最小1位, maximum 8 bits, all combinations of

Linux Installation Tutorials

1. RequirementsBuild Mysql+php+nginx Environment2 processDivided into 5 steps, disk partition, install VSFTPD, install Nginx, install PHP-FPM, install MySQL3. Disk PartitioningHttp://www.cnblogs.com/dudu/archive/2012/12/07/aliyun-linux-fdisk.html4.

The most popular message transfer agent (MTA) in Linux

MTA (Mail transfer Agent)-For server administrators, the message transfer agent is the most important tool. The main task of the MTA is to send e-mail messages from one host to another host. The MTA uses SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to

[Linux] Several ways to keep processes running reliably in the background

Want the process to remain running after disconnecting? If the process is already running, how can it be remedied? If there are a large number of such requirements how to simplify the operation?We often encounter such problems, log on to the remote

Linux awk command detailed 2

awk is a row processor: Compared to the advantages of screen processing, there is no memory overflow or slow processing when processing large files, usually used to format text informationThe awk processing process:Each row is processed in turn, and

Summarize the usage of the printf command under Linux

printf--Format and print date formatted output data with printf optionsReference: http://www.computerhope.com/unix/uprintf.htmBasic English LearningBinary: Binanry numberOctal: otcal numberDecimal: Decimal numberHex: Hexadecimal number1 Basic

DNS of Linux services (i)

DNS and BindSockets:C:Client: The program that initiated the application request;Server: A program that responds to a request (providing a service);Listen:socketTransport Layer Protocol: TCP, UDP, SCTPTcp:transmission Control

Linux nginx log split by day instance

Linux nginx log split by day instanceNginx Log has a small disadvantage, the log file has always been one, will not be automatically cut, if the traffic is very large, will cause the log file is very large, not easy to manageThat's what we need to

Linux Basics Introduction "eighth chapter"

Linux Network Base Cable568A568BLine order: Orange white orange green white blue blue white green brown white brownSwitches, routersSwitches: DLINK, H3C, CISCOA switch is a network device used for the forwarding of electrical signals. It provides a

User groups, file permissions in Linux under the detailed

Each user in Linux must belong to a group and cannot be independent of the group. Each file in Linux has the concept of owner, group, other group-Owner-Group-Other groups-Change the group where the user is locatedOwnerTypically the creator of the

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