What is the difference between Linux yum upgrade, yum update?

On the internet to see someone like the following summary Yum-y Update Upgrade all packages, change software settings and system settings, upgrade the system version kernel Yum-y Upgrade Upgrades all packages, does not change software settings

The parameter and return result of LS command in Linux is completely resolved

The LS command is primarily used to display the details of a directory. By default, the file information in the current directory is listed (files, folders that do not contain a. Start), and the entries are sorted alphabetically. The syntax is

Example to explain the use of CD command switching directory in Linux

The CD commands are familiar, and the bash shell is often used to switch directory commands. Next we get to know the CD command directly through the almighty man. The Direct man CD is not going to work, and will show no manual entry for CD. The CD

Linux switches network Manager from NetworkManager to Systemd-network

In the Linux world, the use of SYSTEMD has been the subject of intense debate, and the fighting between its supporters and opponents is still burning. Today, most mainstream Linux distributions have adopted SYSTEMD as the default initialization init

Summary of ways to bulk delete multiple files in a Linux system

Using RM-RF * When we want to delete tens of thousands of or hundreds of thousands of or even millions of of files in a Linux system is not very useful because it takes a long time to wait. In this case, we can use the Linux system command rsync to

How to log and send executed commands to the server in Linux

At work, we need to record every command that the user executes and send it to the log server, and I have done a simple solution. This scheme sends every command executed by the user to the log daemon rsyslogd every time the user exits the login,

How to use BZIP2 to compress files in Linux systems

Install BZIP2The order is as follows: The code is as follows: Make-f Makefile-libbz2_so && Make && Make install && CP Bzip2-shared/bin/bzip2 && Ln-s libbz2.so.1.0 libbz2.so && Cp-a libbz2.so*/lib && Rm/lib/libbz2.so &&

A detailed explanation of USR directory in Linux system

Linux file structure, there is a very magical directory--/usr. has not been how to pay attention to it before, anyway, the program is installed in the inside, and there is nothing to be traced to things. Until one day, fedora to simplify the entire

Linux multithreading creates the lifecycle of new thread threads

Creating New ThreadsFirst, the ID of the thread PTHREAD_T: Structure (FreeBSD5.2, Mac OS10.3)/unsigned long int (Linux)/usr/include/bits/pthreadtypes.hGet Thread id:pthread_self ()One instance: Get the main thread ID#include "apue.h"int main (){pid_

Linux System Configuration Install SVN environment step

SVN server-side installation Yum-y Install Subversion # mkdir/data/svndata # cd/data/svndata # svnadmin Create itopic use Branc Hes/tags/trunk directory Structure # mkdir-p Code/{branches,tags,trunk} # SVN import Code file:///data/svndata/itopic-m

Installing pcre and configuring shared libraries under Linux systems tutorial

PCRE (Perl compatible Regular Expressions) is a lightweight Perl library of functions, including Perl-compatible regular expression libraries. It is much smaller than regular expression libraries such as boost. Pcre is very easy to use and powerful,

Linux Mail command send mailbox directly method

Mail Configuration Configure new MAILX to use external mailboxes to send mail: Edit/etc/nail.rc (Note that is not an older version of/etc/mail.rc): vi/etc/nail.rcAdd two lines:Set from=myname@qq.com smtp=smtp.qq.comSet Smtp-auth-user=myname

Backup files in Linux with the tar compression command of SSH

Now most of the virtual host has automatic backup function, but sometimes can not rely on the host is not, if the host is black, even backup files can not be restored, then cry miserably, so that people are inferior to rely on their own. Today 111cn.

Linux VPS Server Security Settings Tutorial

We need to do some basic security when we have a VPS or server that has a Linux system open. First, turn off the SSH password login First, you need to have your own SSH Key, if you use the Windows system, you can use the Putty under the Puttygen.

Load average in Linux to determine server workload

Top command: TopThe display is as follows:The three values after the load average are 1 minutes, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes of load. The data is checked for an active number of processes every 5 seconds and then calculated from that number. If this

Using Unixbench for performance testing in Linux

Unixbench is a Unix-like system (UNIX,BSD,LINUX) Performance testing tool, an open source tool, is widely used to test the performance of Linux system host. The main test projects of Unixbench are: System call, read-write, process, graphical test,

Linux free command to display idle and used memory in the system

The system administrator must maintain the healthy operation of their servers. One important part of this is memory. When server memory usage is too high, it degrades server performance. Linux has a tool called free to monitor memory usage. What's

Linux replicates all files in the specified directory to another directory

Copy commandThe function of this command is to copy the given file or directory to another file or directory, which is as powerful as the copy command under MSDOS. Syntax: CP [option] source file or directory destination file or directory

mysql5.5.x in Linux CMake compile installation detailed

I. Installation of CMake The code is as follows Copy Code # if it's pure system to do the following some preparation# Debian SystemApt-get-y Install GCC Libxml2-dev Curl screenLibpng12-dev autoconf Libpcre3-dev make CMake

Linux Configuration svn and SVN service configuration method

To install the SVN method in compile mode 1. Compile and install with source files. A total of two source files are: subversion-1.6.1.tar.gz (Subversion source file)Subversion-deps-1.6.1.tar.gz (Subversion dependent file) Note that the file

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