Linux su command, sudo command and restrict root telnet

3.7 su command :su Command is used to switch users, for example I want to switch from root user to user2 User: 650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "style=" float : none; "title="

Linux Small White Primer II

Excerpt from Zhu Youpeng Teacher's public lesson video2, Linux basic knowledge and skills2.1. Linux kernel, release versionLinux itself refers to an operating system kernel that cannot be used directly by the kernel. What we need, the operating

Linux directory Structure

Second, the LINUX directory structureBefore you talk about the Linux directory structure, the first thing you need to know is that the difference between the Linux directory and the Windows directory may not be much different from the general

Create and delete soft and hard links under Linux to temporarily handle insufficient space

In a Linux system, the kernel allocates an Inode (index node) for each newly created file, each with a unique inode number. The file attributes are stored in the index node, and the index nodes are copied to the file when they are accessed, enabling

How Linux uses commands to view a few lines of a file (middle lines or last few lines)

How Linux displays a few lines of a file (in the middle of a few lines)"One" starts at line No. 3000 and displays 1000 rows. The 3000~3999 line is displayedCat FileName | Tail-n +3000 | Head-n 1000"Two" displays 1000 rows to 3000 rowsCat FileName |

Using the QT installer framework to make the installation package (not sure if it is suitable for Mac and Linux?) )

First, IntroductionApplications developed using the QT Library are typically published in two ways: (1) static compilation of the publication. This way, the program compiles the QT core library into an executable file at compile time. Its advantages

Comparison of four CHM viewers common under Linux [reprint + Pro Test available]

Reading a CHM-formatted ebook in a Linux system is a hassle. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the CHM viewer in several Linu systems to facilitate readers ' reading.First, ChmseeChmsee is developed by the Chinese, the program is based on

Build a DNS server on Linux 6&7

The entire Hteret family connected to hundreds of billions of server personal hosts, most of the sites, parts and other servers have used the domain name form of address, such as It is clear that this form of address is

Optimization of Linux system and kernel parameters under high concurrency

It is well known that Linux support for high concurrency is not good in the case of default parameters, mainly limited by the maximum number of open files in a single process, kernel TCP parameters and IO event allocation mechanism. The following

Linux sort uniq cut WC command detailed

SortThe sort command sorts the rows in the files specified by the file parameter and writes the results to standard output. If the file parameter specifies multiple files, the sort command connects the files and sorts them as a file.Sort

Turn a Linux command every day (7): MV command

1. Command format:MV [option] source file or directory destination file or directory2. Command function:Depending on the second parameter type in the MV command (either the destination file or the destination directory), the MV command renames the

Linux: File and folder management user's informationpika:~$ID Pikauid=1000 (Pika) gid=1000 (Pika) groups=1000 (Pika), 4 (ADM), (CDROM), (sudo), (DIP), (Plugdev), 108 (lpadmin), 124 ( Sambashare), (Docker)folders and PathsCD:

Bash under Linux

Basic syntax for BASH The simplest example of--hello world! About input, output, and error outputs Rules for variables in BASH (similarities and differences with C language) Basic Process Control syntax in BASH Use of

Linux user space and kernel space (kernel high-end memory) _ Turn

turn from:Linux user space and kernel space (understanding high-end memory) Reference: 1. process kernel stack, user stack2. -linux kernel space 3.Linux Kernel Learning notes-5 memory managementLinux operating system and drivers run in kernel space,

Linux 7 runlevel (0: Shutdown, shutdown mode, 1: Single user mode, 2: Multi-user mode, 3: Full multi-user text mode, 4: System unused, reserved for general use, 5: Graphical mode, 6: Restart mode), reset root password method

Init is one of the most indispensable programs in Linux system operation. Init process, which is a user-level process initiated by the kernel. The kernel will find it in several places in the past that used Init, and its correct location (for Linux

2017-7-18-Daily blog-About soft links and hard links under Linux. doc

lnCommandThis command creates a link between the files. This kind of operation is actually to give a file that already exists in the system to specify another name that can be used to access it. For this new file name, we can specify different

Linux system logs

System log Default classification/var/log/messages system services and logs, including service information, error, etc./var/log/secure System Certification Information log/var/log/maillog System Mail Service information/var/log/cron System Timing

Linux EVENTFD Analysis

2017-07-20Eventfd in Linux is a relatively new process of communication, and the semaphore is different than the event can not only be used for inter-process communication, but also the user to send signals to the user layer of the process. EVENTFD

Linux terminal shutdown background process also ends cause analysis and use of nohup

The Windows and Linux remote connections (called remote connections) are different:1) After Windows Remote connection, assume that a program is executed on a remote machine, it is completely possible to exit the connection after a period of time

Kali Linux + WINDOWS10 dual system Installation Tutorial

0x01 preparatory workPrepare Tools:1.kali2.0 image file-: Soft Disc Pass (UltraISO) -: Partition helper-This is to partition an installed disk for the Kali, if the partition

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