Screen command basic tutorial for Linux systems

As a Linux server administrator, you often use SSH to log on to a remote Linux machine for some time-consuming operations. Maybe you've encountered a remote login to Linux using telnet or SSH, running some programs. If these programs need to run

Analyzing the average load concept of Linux systems

One, what is the system average load (load average)? In Linux systems, the uptime, W, top commands will have the system average load average output, then what is the system average load? The system average load is defined as the average process

SVN installation, rights Management in Linux systems

SVN installation The SVN server operates in 2 ways: Standalone servers and Apache. Svnserve is lightweight and simpler than Apache, and Svnserve is included in subversion, so as long as subversion is installed it's equivalent to installing a small

Linux timed run commands


Linux timed run commands 1. Introduction to the Order Each user has a different list of scheduled tasks to run after logging in with their respective accounts The code is as follows: Crontab-l You can view the scheduled tasks for each task and

Enhanced BGP routing protocol under Linux

The BGP protocol runs on top of TCP and, as a result, it inherits all vulnerabilities of TCP connections. For example, in a BGP session, an attacker could impersonate a legitimate BGP neighbor, and then persuade the BGP router on the other end to

Linux Network Programming Socket introduction

I. Introduction to the Concept Network programs are divided into server-side programs and client programs. The service side is the one that provides the service, and the client is the party requesting the service. But the reality is that some

The arrangement of various compression packages in Linux

This is the method provided online: . tar.gz Decompression: Tar zxvf FileName.tar.gz Compression: Tar zcvf FileName.tar.gz DirName1 DirName2 Roughly summed up the Linux under the various formats of compression package compression, decompression

How to use CP and SCP commands in Linux

Linux gives us two commands for file copy, one for CP and one for SCP, but they are slightly different. CP---is mainly used to copy files back and forth between different directories on the same computer SCP---Primarily to copy files back and

Linux parsing command line options getopt

Linux parsing command line options Getopt_long usage In the process of inevitable need to use command-line options, you can choose to parse the command-line options, but there are ready-made, why rebuild the wheel. The following is a description

A way to visualize memory usage in Linux

A lack of physical memory affects both the performance of Linux desktop systems and server systems. The first thing to do when your computer slows down is to free up memory. In particular, in a multiuser environment and in a mission-critical server

Linux File system basic structure

File system architecture for Linux Linux file system for an inverted single root tree structure The root of the file system is "/" File systems are strictly case-sensitive The path uses "/" to split, in Windows using the Current

How to install Gentoo Linux

Install Gentoo Linux steps: 1. Engraved plate. 2. Start, press ENTER directly. Enter the System DOS interface and start typing commands ... 3. Change the password of the existing root user passwd 4. Open SSHD service to facilitate Remote

Instructions for using the Linux system Sleep command

Sleep, which means sleeping, is used primarily to delay the time of a shell script in a Linux system, or to use it in a Windows system where the following small series describes the usage of the Read command in a Linux system, and distinguishes

RedHat 7.1 Installation of Zabbix monitoring program (suitable for Linux novice users)

RedHat 7.1 Installing the ZABBIX Monitoring program in detail (for Linux novice users) 2017-05-02Installation steps:1.zabbix need to install lamp architecture2. Installing the Zabbix Service3. Initializing the Zabbix system1. Installation

What does the top command,%CPU and CPS (s) under Linux mean?

What does the CPU information in the top command of Linux mean? Cpu (s): 62.1% us, 15.9% sy, 0.1% ni, 19.4% ID, 2.0% wa, 0.1% Hi, 0.4% simem:8247956k Total, 8232004k used, 15952k free, 205240k buffersswap:8191992k Total, 48k used, 8191944k free, 7156

Linux Device Models (Kobject, Kset, and Subsystem) (ii)

Description of the problem: in the previous article we know that/sys is the implementation information that includes the kernel and the driver, and the user is able to/sys this interface. This interface allows the user to list the full picture of

Installing Kali Linux

1.4.1 mounting to the hard driveInstalling to a hard disk is one of the most basic operations. The implementation of this work allows users to run Kali Linux without using DVDs. Before you install this new operating system, you need to do some

On the syslog daemon under Linux

Syslog is the default log daemon under Linux. Any program that wants to generate log information can do so through a syslog interface.At the same time, almost all network devices can pass the SYSLOG protocol to the remote server by transmitting the

Linux Learning Note 6--command MV

The MV command is the abbreviation for move, which can be used to move files or rename files (rename), which is a common command under Linux, often used to back up files or directories.The MV command is used to rename a file or directory, or to move

hi3531 cross-compilation environment Arm-hisiv100nptl-linux building process on Ubuntu

Installing the SDK1. Hi3531 SDK Package Locationin the "Hi3531_v100r001***/" directory, you can see a hi3531_sdk_vx.x.x.x.tgz file,This file is the Software Development kit for Hi3531. 2. Unzip the SDK packageOn a Linux server (or

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