Socket for Linux network Programming (vii) a process initiates multiple joins and gethostbyname functions

One, in the simplest of the most simple back-end client/server programs, a client is a process that only initiates a connection, and a slight modification allows a client to initiate multiple connections and then send data using only one of the

Guard against 4 levels of attack to ensure that Linux servers

The following article describes the prevention of four levels of attack to ensure the security of Linux servers, if you are against four levels of attack to ensure that the Linux server security is curious, the following article will uncover its

File and directory operation in Linux the use of Sharp Weapon MV Command analysis

MV command is a command similar to CP, but it is not a replica/copy of a file or directory. No matter what version of Linux you're using, the MV is installed on your Linux system by default. Usage: MV [options] ... [-t] source file destination file

Installation and configuration of SendMail servers in Linux systems

First we put the DNS server installation OK can be resolved, do not understand the look "> 1. First install the required software SendMail [Root@localhost ~]#

Basic tutorials for Linux system log analysis

First, we'll describe the basics of what Linux logs are, where to find them, and how they are created Linux System Log Many valuable log files are created automatically for you by Linux. You can find them in the/var/log directory. Here's what this

A basic approach to configuring a multilingual environment for Linux systems

Modify the/etc/sysconfig/i18n file, such as Lang= "en_US. UTF-8 ", Xwindow will display the English interface, Lang= "ZH_CN. GB18030 ", Xwindow will display the Chinese interface. There is also a way to cp/etc/sysconfig/i18n $HOME/.i18n modify

How Linux systems Mount external devices

Linux system is a command-line system, this is a well-known thing, regardless of any operation requires the corresponding command to execute, so users want to mount the CD-ROM, u disk or floppy drive, need to find the corresponding command, so the

Screen command basic tutorial for Linux systems

As a Linux server administrator, you often use SSH to log on to a remote Linux machine for some time-consuming operations. Maybe you've encountered a remote login to Linux using telnet or SSH, running some programs. If these programs need to run

Analyzing the average load concept of Linux systems

One, what is the system average load (load average)? In Linux systems, the uptime, W, top commands will have the system average load average output, then what is the system average load? The system average load is defined as the average process

SVN installation, rights Management in Linux systems

SVN installation The SVN server operates in 2 ways: Standalone servers and Apache. Svnserve is lightweight and simpler than Apache, and Svnserve is included in subversion, so as long as subversion is installed it's equivalent to installing a small

The method of obtaining UUID under Linux is shared

Uuidgen can be used to generate on HP and Redhat, Solaris commands: Makeuuid How do I get a UUID from C + + programming? 1. Install Libuuid Library, in E2fsprogs, my system for RedHat7.3, download

Linux timed run commands


Linux timed run commands 1. Introduction to the Order Each user has a different list of scheduled tasks to run after logging in with their respective accounts The code is as follows: Crontab-l You can view the scheduled tasks for each task and

Enhanced BGP routing protocol under Linux

The BGP protocol runs on top of TCP and, as a result, it inherits all vulnerabilities of TCP connections. For example, in a BGP session, an attacker could impersonate a legitimate BGP neighbor, and then persuade the BGP router on the other end to

Linux Network Programming Socket introduction

I. Introduction to the Concept Network programs are divided into server-side programs and client programs. The service side is the one that provides the service, and the client is the party requesting the service. But the reality is that some

The arrangement of various compression packages in Linux

This is the method provided online: . tar.gz Decompression: Tar zxvf FileName.tar.gz Compression: Tar zcvf FileName.tar.gz DirName1 DirName2 Roughly summed up the Linux under the various formats of compression package compression, decompression

How to use CP and SCP commands in Linux

Linux gives us two commands for file copy, one for CP and one for SCP, but they are slightly different. CP---is mainly used to copy files back and forth between different directories on the same computer SCP---Primarily to copy files back and

Linux parsing command line options getopt

Linux parsing command line options Getopt_long usage In the process of inevitable need to use command-line options, you can choose to parse the command-line options, but there are ready-made, why rebuild the wheel. The following is a description

A way to visualize memory usage in Linux

A lack of physical memory affects both the performance of Linux desktop systems and server systems. The first thing to do when your computer slows down is to free up memory. In particular, in a multiuser environment and in a mission-critical server

Linux-based packet filtering firewalls (2)

2nd chapter, using User Space command iptables implement packet filtering 2.1 Related knowledge of TCP/IP 2.1.1 Establish a TCP connection (implemented with 3 handshake) If server A and client B communicate. (1) b->; A. When b wants to communicate

The deployment theory of NTP server under Linux

On the basis of the Linux system after installation--based on CentOS (5.8/6.4)--we mentioned how to automatically update the server time at timed intervals. Also mentioned, when the number of intranet machines, if all go to the public network NTP

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