High-performance Linux Web cluster builds detailed steps up to million requests per second

This tutorial is more detailed, can be said to be hands-on, so if you have the need to do not start, please put some patience to read How do I generate millions other HTTP requests per second?Load Generation tool (Load-generating tools)One

How to open a Initrd file system on a Linux system

Initial RAM Disk The Linux initial RAM disk (INITRD) is a temporary root file system that is mounted during system boot to support two-stage boot processes. The Initrd file contains various executables and drivers that can be used to mount the

Linux crontab command start/restart/stop detailed

The Linux system is controlled by a cron (Crond) system service. The Linux system already has a lot of planned work on it, so this system service is started by default. In addition, because the user can set the scheduled task themselves, the Linux

Implementation of SSH automatic login server with expect script under Linux

Another small trick, using the expect scripting language to implement SSH automatic connection to the server, you can automatically enter the password. Because every time using SSH root@xx.xx.xx.xx connection server, you have to manually enter the

Install ImageMagick and Imagick tutorials under Linux

ImageMagick Installation wget http://www.imagemagick.org/download/ImageMagick.tar.gzTar zxvf ImageMagick.tar.gzCD imagemagick-6.8.9-7./configure--prefix=/usr/local/imagemagick/--enable-lzw--with-modules--with-quantum-depth=8?--enable-shared-

Linux SCP command Remote copy copy large data Web site file Quick Move Command example

If the data file is larger, rely solely on the compression, transfer and other processes are also feasible, in fact, we can use the SCP command to drag between servers, this is our Linux servers in the Web site data file Drag transfer, and do not

Linux UWSGI log rotate-day cutting logs example

Uwsgi and Nginx log are in a file name on the log, can not be rotate by day, so the volume of a single file will become larger and worse, not conducive to log backup. Nginx Method of Log segmentation The Nginx log segmentation method is studied on

Linux directory file permissions to set the command detailed

Under Linux, Web directories and file permissions must consider the security of the system as a whole. In general, for the directory, you need to set R (read) and X (execute) permissions, and some directories also need W (write permission), for

SQUID3 (high hit Ratio) cache server configuration in Linux

Today, my varnish carried out a small pressure test, 40s 8000 concurrency, no failure, an estimate can withstand a greater concurrency, not to mention varnish, I recently found a high percentage of squid profile, of course, squid3.0 configuration

Linux chmod settings directory and file different permissions

Law: chmod [who] [+ |-| =] [mode] filename The meanings of the options in the command are U represents "User", which is the owner of a file or directory.G means "same group of users", that is, all users who have the same group ID as the owner of

Linux under Zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 detailed

Compression, decompression is the daily work of the two common operations, for Windows platform, the most commonly used format is zip and rar, most of the domestic use of RAR, most of the foreign is using zip. For Unix-like platforms, the commonly

Apache error log storage directory and customization on Linux

I want to solve the Linux system on the Apache WEB server error, apache error log files can not find, I would like to put in which directory?The Apache log file provides system administrators with useful information, such as troubleshooting the WEB

LINUX/HP Unix/aix daily Patrol script

The following is LINUX/HP Unix/aix daily patrol script, you can refer to the rewrite, for their own server.#!/usr/bin/kshSyserrdate= ' date + '%m/%d 'Errcount=0status=Hosts= ' hostname 'Script= ' basenameReport= "/tmp/report.txt"#FS

Linux Common commands (6) MV command

The MV command is the abbreviation for move, which can be used to move files or rename files (rename), which is a common command under Linux, often used to back up files or directories.1 command format:MV [option] original file or directory

Linux Yum Command detailed

Yum (full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat and SuSE. Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically download the RPM package from the specified server and install, can

(collect) The solution of garbled characters in Linux environment

****************************When it is removed from the database , it is encoded in a character stream when it is stored in a linux file. The code is as follows:fileoutputstream fos=new FileOutputStream (NewFile (FilePath), true);Writer ut=new

SSH usage under Linux systems (based on personal experience)

For Linux OPS workers, using SSH remote remote server is no longer familiar! Some of the strict settings for SSH also related to server security maintenance, today, I work in the use of SSH experience, do some summary records to the next. (1) After

Selection of partitioning for Linux system installation

Scenario: The partition of Linux system is always fascinated by the boundless, or practice less, the foundation is not solid.Prior to the first knowledge of Linux, the Linux system installation of the choice of partition, a little did not understand,

Kkjcre1p:unable to spawn JOBQ slave process, slot 0, error 1089 (Linux x86_64) patch

When shutdown immediately, alert log appears with the following error message and does not close properlyKkjcre1p:unable to spawn JOBQ slave process, slot 0, error 1089The problem was caused by bug23102157 , looking at MoS, and without a patch for

Linux lndir command details how to use Linux lndir command

Run the lndir command to establish a symbolic connection between all the files and subdirectories under the source directory.SyntaxLndir [-ignorelinks] [-silent] [source directory] [destination directory]Parameters: -Ignorelinks directly

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