Linux Advanced Programming--04.gdb Debug Program (Getting Started overview)

GDB OverviewGDB is a powerful UNIX program debugging tool released by the GNU Open source organization. Perhaps, you prefer that graphical interface, such as VC, BCB and other IDE debugging, but if you are in the UNIX platform to do software, you

Basic analysis of Linux operating system (v)--grep command Family and regular expression initial knowledge

grep is known as one of the Three Musketeers of the text processing, although the Three Musketeers is the least functional and the simplest, but still can not be underestimated.The full name of grep is: Global search REgular expression and Print out

Linux Squid Cache Server

First, IntroductionProxy Server English full name is proxy server, its function is proxy network users to obtain network information.Squid is a software that caches Internet data, receives a user's download request, and automatically processes the

Operating system Knowledge (4)--linux User and user group management

Linux system is a multi-user multi-tasking time-sharing system, any user who wants to use system resources must first request an account from the system administrator and then enter the system as this account.On the one hand, the user's account can

Linux DirName, basename instructions

Http://, dirname directive1. Function: Remove the file name from the given file name containing the absolute path (part of the non-directory) and return the remaining path (part of the directory)2.

linux--Terminal, Operation control, and daemon process

I. Concept of process group, job, session1. Process group: is a collection of one or more processes. Typically, associated with the same job, you can receive various signals from the same terminal. Each process has a unique process group ID. Each

Linked list of Linux kernel data structures

1. PrefaceRecently written code needs to be linked to the list structure, just the public library has about the linked list. At first glance, I felt a bit fresh, unlike the list structure I saw before, with only precursors and successors, and no

Pipeline-based Popen and pclose functions for Linux instead of system

using the system under Linux requires caution , so what is the alternative?The standard I/O function library provides the Popen function, which initiates another process to execute a shell command line.Here we call the process calling Popen the

linux-Building CDA Digital certificate

CA IntroductionBuild the CA server (data encryption transfer for Web services)CA Server ( step: Configure the CA signing environmentStep two: Generate the private key for the CA serverStep three: Create a root certificate for the

Swap swap space for Linux systems

has been using Ubuntu for almost 1 years, Recently reload 16.04, every day to around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, will find swap space has hundreds of trillion write, system memory 8G, hard disk is SSD,I5 processor, configuration mid-range, also did

"Linux Command" ps-aux detailed explanation

This article is reproduced from other user-initiated processes (a) View the processes that are part of your system (x) the user who started the process and the time it Started (U)   Use the "

Softlink and Hardlink under Linux

There are two types of links in Linux: Hard links and soft links (soft link), and soft links called Symbolic links (symbolic link)To create a command:Ln-s destfile/directory Softlink #建立软连接ln destfile hardlink #建立硬连接InodeIn a Linux system, the

The difference between exit () and _exit () function (in Linux system)

Note: Exit () is exited, the parameters passed in is the program exit status code, 0 for normal exit, the other means the abnormal exit, generally used-1 or 1, standard C has exit_success and exit_failure two macros, with exit (exit_success) ,

It's the 19th chapter in Linux, Unity is power.

It's the 19th chapter in Linux, Unity is power.The LSB glibc is then encapsulated, An LSB-compliant application is linked to, invoking the API provided by, and is actually the final call to glibc ld-

Linux commands (4)---cp, install, MV, RM commands

CP command: cp-copy files and directories"Function" copy function, commonly used to do service configuration file backupCP means copy, is the copy of the abbreviation, copy the file and the intention to rename the file, when copying multiple files,

Linux command-find {find}

An order to explainCommon example:find Path-option [-print] [-exec-ok command] {} \;The directory path that the Path:find command looks for. For example, use. To represent the current directory, and/to represent the system root

How the Linux kernel loads and launches an executable program

Experiment Seven: How the Linux kernel loads and starts an executable programName: Li DonghuiStudy No.: 20133201Note: Original works reproduced please specify the source + "Linux kernel analysis" MOOC course

Linux Network Programming-socket (socket) Primer

1. basic structure of socketsstruct SOCKADDRThis structure is used to store socket addresses.Data definition:struct SOCKADDR {unsigned short sa_family; /* Address family, AF_XXX */Char sa_data[14]; /* Protocol address for bytes */};Sa_family in

RHEL6 directory Structure of Linux do you post this article? Because a lot of posted articles simply introduced the application of the directory, the deep understanding is not enough-------------------------------------------------

Linux under the at& Getting started with the T syntax (GNU as Assembly Syntax)

Http:// for such a long time, has been in the C language this level of research and fight, cumulative, a lot of C doubts in books and materials are difficult to find the answer. Programmers

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